‘Activist Wanted’

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You’d think they already had enough of these without having to hire another one.

The economy really must be booming. Now there’s hope for a job even for hitherto unemployable college graduates.

University of California, Santa Cruz, has been advertising for an “activist-in-residence,” who’ll be paid a $4,000 stipend per academic quarter, for nine or ten hours’ work per week (https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=11353). Applicants must have experience as some kind of social justice willy–an “artist”… or (good grief) “a community change maker.” They don’t specify whether the changes you’ve made in the “community” have to be for the better or the worse.

What, exactly, the “activist-in-residence” will do has not been made clear. Annoy people? Serve as a role model for other idiots?

Meanwhile, that’s another $4,000 up in smoke.

Defund the colleges now. Before they finish rotting out our country from the inside.

6 comments on “‘Activist Wanted’

  1. When these leftist loonies shake their heads, do you suppose the sound they hear is a bee-bee rattling around all alone in the emptiness? As I see it, the half a brain that may be there would be incredibly lonesome.

  2. I can see now what the only people are interested in applying for “college” are the people who have been arrested multiple times for public nuisance and smoking or snorting dope in public places. Talk about “deplorables”?

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