This Has to Stop

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A thing now in Washington is for a mob of Far Left Crazy protesters to assault a Republican when he shows up for dinner at a restaurant. The most recent example of this was on Monday, when U.S. Senator Ted Cruz was chased out of a swanky restaurant by a group of brownshirts founded by a wacko college prof who says police officers and politicians he doesn’t like should be assassinated (

Can’t threaten his college with a loss of federal funds, though… because they’ve had this oaf on “administrative leave” for a year.

Cruz was set up, flash-mob style. Someone tipped off the brownshirts that Senator Cruz had a reservation at this restaurant, so the yobs got there first and posed as customers. Then, after the senator and his wife were seated, they started in on him. “Fascist! Racist! Anti-gay! We believe survivors!” And so on. “He’s disrupting our lives!” By supporting Brett Kavanagh’s appointment to the Supreme Court. That disrupts their lives.

Meanwhile, this morning at the Senate, Democrats continue their slow-motion lynching of Kavanagh. In between giving high fives to Far Left Crazy hooligans, they work to destroy the life and character of a man whose only “crime” is that he’s not a liberal. But if you get between Dems and what they want, you’re in for a world of hurt.

This has to stop. Plutarch has descriptions of the last days of the Roman Republic. Read them: armed gangs roaming the streets by night, looking to kill or maim the other party’s voters, normal people not daring to go out at night. It was not pretty. But that’s where Democrats are taking us.

So far it’s only Republicans being assaulted by leftists. We would like to see what would happen if some Democrat senator got run out of a restaurant.

We would also like to see what would happen if riot police showed up, smacked these gangsters upside the head, and threw them into jail. Like, is Soros paying them enough for that? Suddenly being a “protestor” might not seem like such a hot idea.

By standing aside and allowing this business to continue, or even encouraging it, the civil authorities are playing with fire–which, if it gets seriously out of control, might burn down everything.


6 comments on “This Has to Stop

  1. Unbelievable! This much hate from losers that has been allowed to go this far is mind-boggling. We have become a disgusting spectacle before the whole world. It is humiliating, to say the least.

    1. Apparently it’s A-OK with Democrat senators that their colleagues are getting assaulted, as long as it’s only Republican senators. They obviously and flagrantly don’t care about their country or its institutions.

  2. Satan has been at this a very long time – since the Garden, and we know Nimrod’s plan having its roots in Shinar, which, of course, are all one and the same, having worked their plans up to where we are now. Satan has already been defeated. Had he known, he surely would never have crucified our Savior.

    These things happening with more frequency and intensity, it seems to me, are merely the path to Christ’s return and the unveiling of His already won victory. I’m certainly not saying we should just sit back and quietly accept it. Heaven forbid! But God’s Will be done!

  3. Amen. God’s will most certainly be done, in HIS time and in HIS way. I do hope it culminates soon. I long to see the Lord.

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