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Did Hillary and Obama Cover Up a State Dept. Pedophilia Sex Scandal?

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Never again!

I missed this story in 2013, as did a lot of people. But the nooze media did make mention of it, and here’s the video.


NBC News reported that a U.S. ambassador “routinely ditched” his security personnel so he could pursue sexual liaisons with prostitutes and minor children–and that the investigation into this was “quashed” by orders from the highest levels of government.

And then the story went away.

What do you think would’ve happened to it if it had been about an ambassador appointed by Donald Trump and a cover-up ordered by someone in his administration? Do you think that story would’ve gone away?

The problem with Democrats is that they are altogether lawless, they never obey the law if they can break it, and the media always runs interference for them. True, NBC did report the story–but they didn’t exactly stick with it and dig up all the details, did they? And now that Obama has been canonized, the only “reporting” they’re going to do on his administration will be more in the nature of interior decorating.

Why wasn’t this ambassador removed from his office and charged with a crime? They could have at least sacked him, even if there was insufficient evidence to prove a criminal case.

Usually for leftids, the accusation is the evidence. Ask Brett Kavanagh: he knows all about that.

Some Justice (at least)

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One of the symptoms is crime…

(Thanks to Susan for the news tip)

A former aide to a Democrat U.S. senator has been sentenced to four years in prison for “mass doxxing of Republicans,” “the largest data breach in Senate history” (https://thepoliticalinsider.com/former-senate-aide-gets-four-years-in-prison-for-mass-doxxing-of-republicans/).

“Doxxing” means the online broadcast of personal information for the purpose of intimidation–in this case, an effort to intimidate Republican senators from voting to confirm Judge Brett Kavanagh to the Supreme Court last year. The judge called it “a rather vicious offense.” For some inscrutable reason, the social media giants don’t ban it. At least, not when a leftid does it.

Jackson Cosko, who was an aide to Sen. Maggie Hassan (D-NH), will get four years in prison plus three years’ probation. His accomplice has been charged with tampering with evidence in a criminal case.

The judge cited a Democrat’s 2017 attempt to assassinate Republican members of Congress as they were enjoying a baseball practice. Congressman Steve Scalise was shot and almost killed.

Democrats have this idea that their political positions are so ineffably right that it’s permissible to terrorize anyone who disagrees with them: mobbing them on the street, chasing them out of restaurants–and using the social media to encourage more “activists” to do the same. This, said the judge, has to be stopped.

We applaud Republican senators for not giving in to this. Had Kavanagh’s appointment been defeated by such tactics, it would have set a precedent very dangerous to the survival of our constitutional republic.

Read Plutarch’s descriptions of the last days of the Roman Republic–gangs supporting rival politicians hunting each other through the streets as the rule of law dissolved in violence. The end result was the replacement of elected representatives by an emperor who had to be worshiped as a god–or else.

I think Democrats would like that–don’t you?

‘We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Laws’ (2014)

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You don’t need to break a law to be punished anymore. Yes, here’s another thing that’s gotten worse since I wrote about it four years ago.


The things you can be punished for nowadays are legion–punished by being fired from your job, kept from finding a job, publicly denounced, sentenced to “sensitivity training” or “rehabilitation”–the list goes on and on.

The easy answer is, this is our fault for allowing the Far Left Crazy to take over our colleges and universities, teachers’ unions, TV networks, movie studios, and nooze media–all institutions where a numerically tiny minority can wield influence out of all proportion to its numbers. They did it by working tirelessly at it while the rest of us carried on our normal lives.

If we want to keep our lives normal, we’ll have to work hard to take back those institutions.

This Has to Stop

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A thing now in Washington is for a mob of Far Left Crazy protesters to assault a Republican when he shows up for dinner at a restaurant. The most recent example of this was on Monday, when U.S. Senator Ted Cruz was chased out of a swanky restaurant by a group of brownshirts founded by a wacko college prof who says police officers and politicians he doesn’t like should be assassinated (https://www.wnd.com/2018/09/group-that-attacked-cruz-founded-by-professor/).

Can’t threaten his college with a loss of federal funds, though… because they’ve had this oaf on “administrative leave” for a year.

Cruz was set up, flash-mob style. Someone tipped off the brownshirts that Senator Cruz had a reservation at this restaurant, so the yobs got there first and posed as customers. Then, after the senator and his wife were seated, they started in on him. “Fascist! Racist! Anti-gay! We believe survivors!” And so on. “He’s disrupting our lives!” By supporting Brett Kavanagh’s appointment to the Supreme Court. That disrupts their lives.

Meanwhile, this morning at the Senate, Democrats continue their slow-motion lynching of Kavanagh. In between giving high fives to Far Left Crazy hooligans, they work to destroy the life and character of a man whose only “crime” is that he’s not a liberal. But if you get between Dems and what they want, you’re in for a world of hurt.

This has to stop. Plutarch has descriptions of the last days of the Roman Republic. Read them: armed gangs roaming the streets by night, looking to kill or maim the other party’s voters, normal people not daring to go out at night. It was not pretty. But that’s where Democrats are taking us.

So far it’s only Republicans being assaulted by leftists. We would like to see what would happen if some Democrat senator got run out of a restaurant.

We would also like to see what would happen if riot police showed up, smacked these gangsters upside the head, and threw them into jail. Like, is Soros paying them enough for that? Suddenly being a “protestor” might not seem like such a hot idea.

By standing aside and allowing this business to continue, or even encouraging it, the civil authorities are playing with fire–which, if it gets seriously out of control, might burn down everything.


They’re Playing with Fire

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How leftids make law

Remember how you were taught, in school, how laws are made? “How a bill becomes a law,” and all that.

I don’t remember anything in those lessons about threatening and harassing government officials.

A few days ago, cranked-up leftids chased our Homeland Security chief out of the restaurant where she was having a working lunch (https://www.thewrap.com/kirstjen-nielsen-chased-out-of-mexican-restaurant-by-democratic-socialists-fascist-pigs-video/). It was the usual sublime Democrat rhetoric: “Fascist pigs!” Everyone who’s not them is a fascist. “No borders, no walls!” Yeah, let’s have a country without borders. Of course, it wouldn’t be a country then, but let’s not let that stop us.

They also followed her home at night and chanted “No justice, no sleep!” (https://www.commondreams.org/news/2018/06/22/no-justice-no-sleep-protesters-blare-audio-crying-detained-children-outside-dhs) And they played loud audio of children crying–which never bothered them for a minute during the eight years of President *Batteries Not Included.

I didn’t know it was okay, legally, to do this.

So is this the new rule–whoever stages the biggest, noisiest riot gets to make the laws?

If Christians were as fanatical about their faith as leftids are about their ideology, that would be terrifying. Trust me, you don’t want to be in that world.

This tantrum has been going on since Election Night of 2016. Now it’s getting out of hand. Unable to accept the American people’s rejection of their Open Borders & Transgender Fun Pack, the Left turns now to lawlessness. Or rather, even more lawlessness: they were already flouting our immigration laws.

We’ve got the nooze media, the looniversities, movie stars, and Democrat politicians whipping into a frenzy a lot of leftids who are already a dozen fries short of a happy meal… and this is dangerous. This is how republics die. This is how First World countries turn into Third World hellholes.

Tell me they’re not prepared to bring this country down, if that’s what it takes to get them into power.

Not that I’ll believe you.


Blue Wave, Eh? Ya Mean Like This?

Attorney Sarah Swain (left) apologized after she was criticized heavily by law enforcement groups who argued that the image promoted violence against police officers.

The Democrat running for attorney general of the state of Kansas–that is, the top law enforcement official in the state–is in hot water over a post she has hanging in her law office. It shows Wonder Woman lassoing a police officer (http://www.kctv5.com/story/38460272/candidates-poster-of-wonder-woman-lassoing-cop-criticized).

Gee, a lot of people think this isn’t quite the ticket for a state attorney general. Even some Democrats think she should drop out of the race. But she says people have “misconstrued” the meaning of the poster. She says she’s “pro-cop.” It should be obvious to everyone that that poster displays only the highest regard for police personnel. If you don’t think so, you must be a Racist.

So is this part of the Big Blue Wave that’s gonna flood the country in November, and sweep the Democrats back into power? “Vote for us! No more law enforcement! No more national borders! No more Climbit Change denial! We’ll finish the job Obama started!”

Yeah. Vote for them and put a stake through the heart of America.

We Has Got To Control what peeple Like!!

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We hadd a spacial meating of the Stodent Soviet “last nihght” to deemand A new Traning Work Shoppe to make Sure “alll” stodents thay like Illeagle Imbagrints!! We gotted the Idear fromb Rutgers but Rutgers thay “Didnt” make it Mandetorry but we wil!!! (https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=10882)

We aslo we whant to Check waht evry boddy saying on Socile Meadia so that noboddy saying nothing Bad abote Undoctamented Imbagrints!!and any boddy that does we wil Beet them Up “and” aslo put Them inta Sensativvity Traning till thare Minds thay are Rihght!!!

Yiu see thare wil Nevver ” be” Ture Socile Jutstus untill thare arent No more boarders aruond nacians And contrys and noboddy thay shuldnt  Be “aloud” not to like Things that Socile Jutstus sayes thay shuld bettter Like Or Else!!! and that dont go jist for Illeagle Imbagrints butt for evry Thing tooo!! Like how we Going “to” has a Perfict Whirld if peeple are Jist going “to” Not Like what us Interllecturals we tells them Thay has got “To” like??? No it dosnt make No sents!!

Rutgers thay has a Good Idear but It dosnt go Far Enuohgh! but hear At Our collidge “we” wil go As Far As “it” Takes!!

Oh, Boy! NJ to be Super Sanctuary State!

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Step right up, illegal aliens! No immigration laws here! You’re in New Jersey now, and the ex-Goldman Sachs Obama crony who is now our governor, Phil Murphy, is going to set up a special office to “defend” you from the law… and “from Trump” (http://therightscoop.com/wow-new-jersey-will-become-a-super-sanctuary-state-for-illegals/).

Murphy defeated a “moderate Republican” who believes in Global Warming and sounds just like another Democrat.

The last Goldman Sachs guy we had as governor somehow made several billion dollars of public money disappear. We never learn. We voted for Hillary, too.

So, sure, why not? C’mon down to Jersey! Oh–and the new gov thinks that word “sanctuary” has become a sort of tainted buzzword that gets normal people riled, so from now on they’re gonna say “welcoming.” He’s a bit behind the times: libs have already tainted “welcoming” pretty thoroughly. But they think if they call themselves “progressives,” no one will ever figure out they’re liberals.

Funny, isn’t it? There’s no actual legislation that says you have to jump when a sodomite says jump, and take part in a lesbian pseudo-wedding when they demand it of you; but if you say you can’t do it because it would be a serious sin, they’ll come crashing down on you like the missing half of El Capitan. Destroy your business, write you up as an enemy of the people, and shove you into Sensitivity Training. And you haven’t even broken any written laws.

But the immigration laws are real laws–passed by our elected representatives, signed by assorted presidents, all proper and above-board. These laws, these real laws, Democrats and other leftids insist be violated with impunity.

Gov. Murphy, if I were president, I’d sling your sorry ass into jail so fast, your shadow wouldn’t know where to find you.

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