Non-Kissy Cats

Some cats just hate being kissed. Ours get kissed about a hundred times a day, and they don’t mind. But some of the cats in this video seem convinced their humans have got cooties.

Then again, maybe they have. A cat would know.

5 comments on “Non-Kissy Cats

  1. The three cats that have moved in with us (into the yard and dog house and deck) love kissing the dog, but they are too skitterish to come near us yet.

  2. My cats never minded getting or giving kisses. A couple of them would even whirl themselves around in my arms so they faced me. Then they would put their little arms around my neck and back and forth, back and forth, from this ear to that ear, kissing all the while 🙂 And they sure loved getting kisses back!

  3. I once had a car like the one Linda describes. I don’t think I’ve ever loved an animal so dearly.

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