California Does It Again

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Never, never think that California has gotten as wacky as it’s gonna get.

This weekend Gov. Jerry Brown signed a new, uh, law that requires companies to have women on their boards of directors ( At least one, this year; and by 2021, at least two if there are five members on the board, and at least three if there are six.

Signing the bill into law, His Daffiness admitted that the legislation might contain “potential flaws that may prove fatal to its implementation.” Ya think? But that’s okay, he added, ’cause we’re sending them a message.

This is what happens when you hold to the doctrine that the government owns everything and can do just as it pleases with it–including telling a privately-owned company who may or may not be on its board of directors. But who cares about the Constitution, or even basic sanity, when you’re sendin’ ’em a message?

The great majority of corporations in America already do have women on their boards of directors, without being coerced by the devouring state. But when you’re in the business of throwing unconstitutional sops to the #MeToo crowd, you can ignore stuff like that.

If Democrats are ever allowed back into power, think about their plans for our country’s future. And then wonder if we’ll even have a future.

10 comments on “California Does It Again

  1. Wow, it gets crazier by the minute. They are behaving as if this is a Muslim country, where it is difficult for women to get anything that might be considered a benefit, but so far, this is not a muslim country- or do they think it is?

    1. I don’t think too many Saudi Arabian companies have women on their boards of directors.

      But it’s the same old liberal schtick: “minorities” can do absolutely nothing on their own, and have to be coddled and led by the hand by Democrats.

    2. Just add this to his new suicide law. He’s bonkers and so are many Californians. Can’t we just give them the whole state walled off for ‘sanctuary’. That would spare the rest of us who are not the least bit interested in his idiocy

    3. I’m sure Brown means democrat party women. Always democrat, always partying.

  2. Don’t see too much about this story on the MSM or Fox. I guess it isn’t sexy enough. The next “progressive” step will be forcing an even number of people of a certain age – and don’t forget having a member from each minority. Looks like company boards will have to have at least 10 seats no matter how small the company. All this makes perfect sense if you live in Wonderland and get your leadership from the Mad Hatter.

  3. It’s almost like a disease, where you more water you drink the thirstier you get. When they taste a little power they want more and more, and they are never satisfied with how much they have, and they always need more power. Which mean, more regulations, and tyrannical government.

  4. “Nobody does it betta..” I think it’s Tennille’s foreplay song to Captain. California screws them every which way.

  5. Look at Brown’s thumb and forefinger. It looks like a finger puppet and he’s mouthing its words.

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