Candid Critters

Patty showed me this video earlier today, and I just had to use it. Dig the bear and the dumpster: moving it to a more convenient location.

P.S.–Suddenly with every single post I’m getting these “Saving of draft failed” messages. This is WordPress’s way of distressing me. I don’t know what the message means.

6 comments on “Candid Critters

  1. I loved the little snake.

    The “saving of draft message” can probably be safely ignored. Apparently, WordPress saves your work automatically, as a “draft”, so that if something interrupts your session before you save your post, your work won’t be forever lost. The genius developers at WordPress seem to have made an “improvement” which has broken this process, so you are getting errors. If it weren’t for fixing problems that don’t actually exist, half of these developers would end up in the soup line. 🙂

  2. Hilarious! And Unknowable, I would have had no clue what WordPress had done – although I would’ve been sure it was them 🙂

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