Antifa (Translation: Democrat Storm Troopers) Shuts Down Portland

Image result for images of antifa in masks

So this thug shoots two people, approaches police officers with the gun still in his hand, and the cops shoot him. Protest! Protest!

“Antifa protesters” (translation: Far Left Crazy bullies) blocked traffic into and around Portland, Oregon, a few days ago, cursing and threatening drivers and pedestrians who must have been “white supremacists” because they were white ( Antifa’s position is well-known: everyone who’s not them is a “fascist” and must be terrorized.

Video shows the goons chasing an elderly white-haired man to his car and claiming a First Amendment right to shut down the city and shriek curses at anyone whose car had license plates from a southern state–’cause if you come from anywhere in the South, you must be a fascist and Antifa has a right to assault you.

The Democrat mayor of Portland is very Antifa-friendly and never tries to rein them in. The Daily Caller article doesn’t tell us whether any arrests were made. Going  by recent past history, probably not. The Party uses Antifa as its brownshirts.

The only way to make this stop is to crush the Democrat Party in next month’s midterm elections.

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