Bath-Time for Bowser

Isn’t it funny that the same dog who gleefully throws himself into a pond or a swimming pool freaks out when you want to give him a bath?

This video reminds me of the time my sister had to give my iguana a bath. He decided to explore the false ceiling and got lost up there–took him two days to get out, and he came out black instead of green. Alice had to give him a very thorough bath. But he was a good sport about it, she said.

9 comments on “Bath-Time for Bowser

  1. Hilarious! A couple of them were actually looking forward to their baths and were not only cooperative, but hopped right in on their own! 🙂

    (I’m going to try removing that ‘ac’ from my name. I have no idea what it means or how it got there except that WordPress made it appear after one of my comments some time ago was summarily relegated to the spam folder until you fished it out)

  2. They did it again – put my comment in ‘awaiting moderation’ because I removed some crazy initials that don’t belong to me. Hopefully, you can just approve it and it will go away.

  3. Some of these critters looked down right vicious, snarling, growling and showing their teeth, then the little dachshunds jumping in on their own.
    Anyone who thinks animals don’t have their own unique personalities just
    haven’t watched them.

  4. No, neither do I. I really prefer a nice calm, serene loving cat. Dogs are a bit more active than I really like, but my son has the Aussie, and she is the most hyper animal I have ever been around. However, the three stray cats that came to live with us just love her to pieces. Go figure.

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