I’m Bushed!

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So lemme tell you about my day, before I conk out on my perch.

Blog posts, then some more of Aunt Joan’s paperwork, requiring me to make trips to the accountant, the bank, the store, and the post office. Then it stopped raining for an hour or so, allowing me to write a couple of pages of my book. Then back to the bank–and everyone but Judge Crater and his brother was there, so I was stuck for a while. Then to the laundromat to pick up our laundry. Clean up hairball on the bedroom floor. More blogging.

And suddenly I’m all in. Maybe it had something to do with all the news “reports” I saw and heard today predicting an unstoppable Democrat sweep in the elections next month, and then they’ll impeach Justice Kavanagh–for what, they don’t care–and then President Trump, and we’ll all be back on course to becoming good little citizens of the world with a sex-change clinic on every street corner and no more Bill of Rights, blah-blah.

Until cat video time after supper, over and out…

5 comments on “I’m Bushed!

  1. Oh, wow. I hope tomorrow is a lot better. Details, trivia, distractions — there is way too much of that these days.

  2. The Dem’s blue wave brought to you by the same people who gave us the Hillary 2016 wave – thanks, but no thanks. I don’t care much for losers – you know, like the devil and his minions.

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