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Dem Candidate Admits, ‘I Hate This Country’

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Is this guy the actual embodiment of the Democrat Party, or what?

Steven Lamar, running for Congress in Georgia, was convicted last week of drunken driving. The police dashboard camera showed–for everyone in Georgia to see–the embarrassing details of his arrest (https://thepoliticalinsider.com/drunk-driving-democrat-hates-county/?utm_source=conservativedirect&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=tpi).

“I hate this country!” snarled this man who wishes to serve in its Congress. “I prayed to God that he would curse it…” Okay, he was drunk when he said these things. But as the old saying goes, “In vino veritas.” Some folks really have to be soused before they can say what they really think.

But wait, there’s more!

Mr. Foster currently owns an “adults only, clothing-optional lifestyle retreat.” Hot dog. Police in Honduras have charged four employees of his, uh, charity with trafficking cocaine. He has been investigated by the Army for allegedly stealing military supplies. What a peach.

In his police video he brags about having served jail time in six different counties.

In short, this guy has it all–everything it takes to be the ideal Democrat. True, he doesn’t run an abortion mill, but you gotta give him a big thumbs-up for having a lifestyle retreat. Where clothing is optional.

He’s got everything but donkey’s ears.

Lest We Forget: ‘Can Sheer Idiocy Stop a Hurricane?’ (2016)

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Those midterm elections will be here before you know it, and Democrats are counting on two years of tantrums to either swing you around to their way or else be just too disgusted to bother going to the polls.

But the Democrat Party must be destroyed, put out of business forever. And lest we forget why, sniff this little bouquet from the closing chapter of the Obama regime… and tell me how it smells to you.


Vote for us, and we’ll stop the hurricanes.

Let’s promise ourselves and each other not to stop until every last Democrat is driven out of public office, never, never, never to return.

Green Party Wacko Sinks Ohio Dems

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This is why we sing louder, pray harder, and work! And if the following isn’t an example of God using the weak to defeat the strong (I Corinthians 1:27), I don’t know what is.

In a special Congressional election in Ohio, into which Democrats poured tons of money, a Green Party kook who says he’s descended from space aliens from the Pleiades got 1,100 votes–enough to swing the election to the Republican candidate and retain the seat for the GOP (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6039535/Ohio-Green-Party-spoiler-candidate-remember-campaign-website.html).

Greenie Joe Manchik claimed to speak 17 “languages,” most of them fictitious, and endorsed his party’s position that “every American should be required to grow hemp.” Welcome to Pot-head Nation.

Now, we don’t want to see somebody suddenly turn up with several thousand ballots in the trunk of his car, every one of which is for the Democrat. Been there, done that, and the result was Al Franken in the Senate until he self-destructed by having his picture taken groping a woman on a plane.

But unless something like that happens again, Democrats have lost the seat and Republicans have kept it.


More Blue Wave Shinola

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So here’s how the Democrats plan to take back Congress in November.

It’s not enough just to have a tantrum every day for two years. No–you gotta have a plan. And Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts), who says she’s an Indian but isn’t, she’s got a plan.

Roll back your tax cuts! (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/07/fake-indian-elizabeth-warren-suggests-50-democrat-tax-rates-calls-trump-tax-bonuses-crumbs-video/) Ain’t it a shame you have to wait all the way to November to vote for these people?

Warren, who pretends to be a Native American when she isn’t, told some noozie on CNBC that the tax cuts have got to go, and it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to replace them with, oh, maybe a 50% tax rate.

Hot dog! That’s almost as appealing as open borders! There’s just no stopping these Democrats. They know what we, the people, want! And we don’t want our freakin’ money.

Besides all this, Sen. Warren is a bona fide intellectual who used to be a college professor–prime presidential timber! But that’ll have to wait till 2020. The business at hand is to take over Congress and roll back those pesky tax cuts.


You Can’t Satirize This: ‘Chelsea’ Manning for Senate

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I cannot bring myself to post a picture of Mr. Manning, so here’s a marine iguana, instead.

So it’s come to this: a Democrat U.S. Senate primary, in Maryland, featuring a transgender loon who’s been convicted of (and served seven years in prison for) leaking confidential government documents: Brad “Chelsea” Manning (https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2018/jan/19/chelsea-manning-interview-wikileaks-senate-maryland).

Mr. Manning, who is not, in fact, a woman, had his “sex changed” in prison. The American people paid for it.

He runs on a platform of open borders, closing all prisons, and releasing all the inmates. Yeah, that’ll work. He’d also like to disarm the police, if not abolish police altogether.

You’d think this was something made up by a madcap satirist, but it isn’t.  Mr. Manning, says The Guardian, has “positioned herself [sic] to the left of Bernie Sanders.” We are surprised to hear there is a left of Bernie Sanders.

Please don’t say we deserve this.

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