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The Face of the Democrat Party

Watch this guy: everything he says, everything he does. He is the Democrat Party personified. He is where that party is now. Okay, he’s just a nut somewhere in Texas–or is he? Don’t them have many just like him in all the other states?

These are the people who want to rule your country.

Please don’t let them.


One of Our Idiots Is Missing

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Has anybody seen David Hogg lately? The Democrats’ teen idol, at the start of this summer, was all over the place like fruit flies.

It was a prediction you didn’t need a crystal ball to make. Elevated to national prominence with dazzling speed, the teenage nasty became the Dems’ anti-Second Amendment poster boy. And no one, but no one, was allowed to criticize him… ’cause that would make you a bully. Never mind that he mocked and cursed his own parents in front of TV cameras. He was a survivor of the Parkland Shooting! And we all know by now, don’t we, that Anointed Survivors–anointed by liberals, that is–are sacrosanct.

But then, in August, Little Mr. Nastyface started to bite the hand that fed him. He called for age limits on politicians, mocked Grande Dame Nancy Pelosi for being “old,” and lamented that “Older Dems just won’t move the f*** off the plate” (always very hard for him to construct a sentence without the f-bomb: one of his endearing traits) (https://leeduigon.com/2018/08/28/dems-teen-wiz-kid-bashes-old-folks/).

In September, sharing a podium with veteran gasbag Michael Moore, the idiot Hogg called upon Canadian citizens to vote for Democrats in America’s elections next month. When it was whispered into his shell-like ear that Canadians can’t vote in our elections, he hit upon the idea of asking Canadians to donate to Democrat candidates. That, too, is illegal. Moore had to take over the microphone before Hogg dug their hole any deeper.

Well, let’s see. Other than being a boorish, ignorant little gitt, for a little while there David Hogg was solid gold. But then he did a Cindy Sheehan–remember Mother Sheehan? When she snapped at the Clintons’ ankles, she, too, became invisible–and that, it seems, was the end of him. Sigh: he coulda been a contender.

Amazing how fast some of these media mahdis come and go…

P.S.–I have been unable to confirm rumors that Groundhog Day is going to be replaced by Hogg-Hog Day: David Hogg comes out from wherever he is and if he drops an f-bomb, we get two more weeks of winter.

Rand Paul: Tone Down the Crazy Rhetoric

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Senator Rand Paul has warned that today’s increasingly heated rhetoric, the vast majority of it provided by Democrats, could lead to violence–maybe even assassinations.

Ya think?

“I really worry that someone is going to be killed,” Paul said, in a recent radio broadcast (https://thehill.com/homenews/senate/410610-rand-paul-on-political-climate-i-really-worry-that-someone-is-going-to-be). By “ratcheting up the conversation,” he said, “unstable people” may be incited to commit murder.

In 2017 a manic liberal tried to shoot down a whole group of Republican legislators at a baseball practice, and very nearly killed Congressman Steve Scalise of Louisiana. “This is for health care!” explained the shooter.

Think of the throng of enraged Democrats pounding and clawing at the Supreme Court’s door while Justice Brett Kavanagh was being sworn in this weekend. What would have happened, had they been able to break down the door?

But that’s how the Democrat Party wants our country to be run from now on.

If you have to dig a tunnel to the polls this year, so you can vote against every Democrat on the ballot… do it.

Hillary Urges More Un-Civility

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Let’s see, now… Democrats shoot Republicans when they’re playing baseball, chase them out of restaurants, publish their personal information so any domestic terrorist can get at them at home, demand that all America instantly believe any and all unsupported allegations made against Republicans–

And Hillary Clinton counsels them, “Hey, no more Mr. Nice Guy!”

And “civility” can only be practiced, she says, after Democrats regain control of the government (https://www.cnn.com/2018/10/09/politics/hillary-clinton-civility-congress-cnntv/index.html).

Well, gee, at least one Democrat tried to kill Republicans. And who knows what they would have done to Brett Kavangh, had they been able to break down the Supreme Court’s doors: which they tried to do.

Would wholesale murder of Republicans satisfy Hillary? Or would Dems have to burn their victims’ bones as well?

This monster was almost president. And don’t be too surprised if she tries again in 2020. All she has to do is rack up 20 or 30 points against a scrambling mob of lilliputian Democrat presidential wannabes, none of whom will get more than 5 to 10 percent of the vote.

But wow, you could’ve fooled me. I thought the Dems got rid of civility sometime in the 1980s and haven’t touched it since.

I’m Bushed!

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So lemme tell you about my day, before I conk out on my perch.

Blog posts, then some more of Aunt Joan’s paperwork, requiring me to make trips to the accountant, the bank, the store, and the post office. Then it stopped raining for an hour or so, allowing me to write a couple of pages of my book. Then back to the bank–and everyone but Judge Crater and his brother was there, so I was stuck for a while. Then to the laundromat to pick up our laundry. Clean up hairball on the bedroom floor. More blogging.

And suddenly I’m all in. Maybe it had something to do with all the news “reports” I saw and heard today predicting an unstoppable Democrat sweep in the elections next month, and then they’ll impeach Justice Kavanagh–for what, they don’t care–and then President Trump, and we’ll all be back on course to becoming good little citizens of the world with a sex-change clinic on every street corner and no more Bill of Rights, blah-blah.

Until cat video time after supper, over and out…

‘Hillary Warns: No Criticism Allowed’ (2015)

Image result for images of angry hillary

Let’s look back a mere three years, shall we?

Hillary Clinton, running for president, makes it crystal clear, what kind of tinpot tyrant she intends to be:


Could we all wake up, please, and try to appreciate what a bullet–no, what a cannonball!–we dodged in that 2016 election? We should all get down on our knees every day and thank God for sparing us that Clinton presidency. And then get up and resolve to go to the polls next month and make sure her Democrat Party loses again.

There’s life in this old serpent yet, and she will bite us if she can.

Vote by Phone? Really?

Image result for images of smart phones

Nope, no voter fraud here!

If you’re worried about voter fraud–a Democrat staple for many years–in the coming midterm elections, here’s something that might make you worry more.

West Virginia, in 24 counties, plans to allow absentee voting via “smart” phones (https://pjmedia.com/election/w-virginia-announces-smartphone-voting-for-midterms-raising-serious-security-concerns/). We have learned to be on the lookout for skullduggery whenever anything is pitched to us as “smart.”

The technology will be provided by a company in Massachusetts called “Voatz.” Doesn’t that name just fill you with confidence? The idea is to make it easier for absentee voters–for instance, military personnel stationed overseas–to cast a ballot when there may not be a voting station handy.

Well, all right, we certainly want our military people to have their vote. And we are assured that this newfangled procedure “requires a heightened standard of identity verification for users than traditional absentee ballot processes.” We like that… provided it’s true.

We are up against a Democrat Party that has shown, times without number, that it will do just about anything you can think of to acquire votes. They’ve already got the dead vote, the multiple-voter vote, the illegal alien vote, and the fictitious person vote. So we would like to see proof that this high-tech innovation is not just another way of facilitating voter fraud.

If the military vote goes Democrat, I think that’d be proof right there that it was rigged.

But by then it’d be too late to learn that.

Hillary: Abolish Electoral College

Image result for images of hillary clinton angry

Still in full tantrum mode

The Greek historian Polybius praised the Roman Republic for its system of checks and balances. As a Greek, he had personal experience of “democracy” self-destructing into hysteria and mob rule.

Today presidential wannabe Hillary Clinton, still unable to come to terms with her defeat by Donald Trump and the American people, continues to push for the abolition of one of our country’s firmest and most successful checks and balances–the electoral college (https://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2018/09/17/hillary-clinton-abolish-electoral-college-because-donald-trump-is-destroying-america/).

Why? Because Donald Trump won, and he’s “a racist.” And he’s destroying an “American democracy” that does not exist and never did: our Constitution guarantees us a republican form of government, not a democracy. Our founders read Polybius.

Of course, it would require a constitutional amendment to replace the electoral college with a straight popular vote. You don’t “just do it.” But I don’t think Democrats know that.

Without the electoral college, every presidential election would be dominated by Far Left crazy states California and New York; and a regular injection of illegal alien votes would ensure a perpetual Democrat presidency. Can’t have any of those voter ID laws, etc. That would be racist.

The electoral college protects America from being hijacked by a handful of states with big populations. It has always protected us from that. “Democracy,” Polybius wrote, never fails to degenerate, first into mob rule, finally into dictatorship. Sort of like what happened in Venezuela.

If you love your country, don’t even think about voting for a Democrat.

‘Those Who Can’t Do, and Don’t Know How, Govern’ (2014)

Image result for images of economic stagnation

Remember when President *Batteries Not Included declared it was impossible to bring manufacturing jobs back to America, and accused Donald Trump of spinning fantasies? And we have seen, with Mr. Trump in the White House, hundreds of thousands of jobs come back and unemployment rates go way down. So it wasn’t impossible, after all–

It was just impossible that any politician from our ruling class could ever make it happen. Because somehow, during the course of 200 years of history, we stumbled into this dreadful position of being governed by ignorant fools.


Do you really, truly believe any real-world problems can be solved by career politicians who have never stood in a checkout line, never had to get to work on time, never attempted to run a business, never had to spend within a strict budget because there was no more freakin’ money where that came from?

How did we ever wind up there?

And we will be marching straight back into Fort Ignorance, if we’re fool enough to elect any Democrats this November.

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