Cuddly Cows

It’s beginning to look like I missed a lot by living in the suburbs all my life. But I should have remembered about cows! Once, when I was only five years old or so, my parents went on some sort of getaway in upstate New York. We stayed at a farm, and each day, I would go out to the stone wall in the back yard and hang out with the cows on the next-door farmer’s field. I remember showing those cows my toys, petting them, talking to them, getting licked by them (“cow kisses”), and just plain loving it. There weren’t any other kids around to play with, but who needs other kids when you’ve got cows?

We really ought to love them.

3 comments on “Cuddly Cows

  1. Once owned a 560 acre cattle ranch, and learned that cows, like most other animals have very different personalities. some were pretty funny. I still like cows.

  2. I’ve had limited exposure to cows, but remember them as being pleasant enough creatures. Almost any animal can be interesting if you treat it with kindness and gain its trust.

    Their affection is quite endearing. I guess everyone appreciates a nice hug, now and then.

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