Kitties’ First Snow

The cats and kittens in this video are all having a blast with their first snow.

My cat, Henry, though–when I opened the door to let him out so he could enjoy his first experience with snow, he took just a step or two, then turned around and gave me a look that would have shriveled an asp; and I was glad I couldn’t translate that particular meow.

4 comments on “Kitties’ First Snow

  1. My parents had a cat that would go to the front door and, if he got a face full of wind and snow, would retreat to the back door and ask to be let out. My father always said that the cat was looking for the door to summer.

    1. I’ve heard of several cats who thought the weather might differ from door to door–and one who used to bite his owner if it wasn’t.

  2. I’ve been around cats long enough that it all makes sense, somehow. They are charming little hedonists. 🙂

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