Elizabeth Warren, Wow! 1/1,024th Indian!

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Is she really cross-eyed, too? Or has this picture been photo-shopped?

See? See? See! She was right all along! Senator Elizabeth Warren is a member of a Cherished Minority, entitled to all sorts of special rights and privileges. She really, really is a Native American… Well, all right: the DNA test shows she is 1/1,024th-part Native American (https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/boston-globe-botches-math-in-big-elizabeth-warren-scoop-on-native-american-ancestry). That would be 0.097%.

The Boston Globe got the math way off at first and, er, “reported” that Warren really has “proved” she’s an Indian. They had to correct their report. That must’ve hurt!

According to a 2014 study, the average European-American is .18% “Indian.” That would make most white people about twice as “Indian” as Fauxcahontas Warren.

Rush Limbaugh called her announcement “mannah from heaven.” She calls it “proof” that she really, truly is a genuine Native American and President Trump is a racist for making fun of her and you’re all racists for not believing her. Imagine, just imagine, even suggesting that Warren lied about her ancestry to get heap big favors from Massachusetts’ assorted Affirmative Action policies!

In Warren we see a combination of stupidity and wickedness rarely encountered even in politics. But it surely occurs in more than 0.097% of Democrats. We would have to move the decimal point three places to the right.

At which point the math wizards at the Boston Globe stare at one another in a wild surmise…

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11 responses to “Elizabeth Warren, Wow! 1/1,024th Indian!

  • marlene

    “That would make most white people about twice as “Indian” as Fauxcahontas Warren.” We’re all Indian now. Time to open the gates to OUR reservations! Gambling, drugs, etc. and no oversight. Lots of land and a stronger voice when it comes to: SPECIAL PRIVILEGES. Of course, we’d have to violate our Constitution to accept them…

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  • thewhiterabbit2016

    Let’s see, that would be 97% stupid and wicked- sounds about right. And Fauxcahontas claims to be a Cherokee, but if anyone has a marriage of a white person in their lineage they aren’t allowed in the tribe.



    The Globe, Warren and Leftists are drinking too deeply from the well of Common Core Math


  • Unknowable

    If you go back, not too far into the past, we all start to share some ancestry. I have forebears whom arrived on the Mayflower, but so does almost everyone else whose family has been here for more than a few generations. I would venture to say that the side of the family which has been here for a long time probably includes all sorts of ethnic contributions, because that’s how things work.

    As was pointed out in a book with which Lee is quite familiar, Rushdoony’s “The American Indian”, there were any number of native people whom intermarried with the European settlers and all sorts of people have ancestors that were here before Columbus.

    What I find much more important it the character of people, as individuals. I am certain that my family heritage includes all sorts of people, some good, some bad, and quite possibly some that were varmints. So the heck what?!?! I still have to live every day the best I can and try to please my Creator.


    • leeduigon

      Yeah, but Harvard affirmative action doesn’t award you points for your character: that’s why Warren lied, to win favors reserved for Cherished Minorities.


      • Unknowable

        That’s really sickening. Such false claims are not a sign of good character. As I understand it, there is a threshold percentage, or at least there has been, to claim Native American status, and to make one eligible to enroll as a tribal member. I believe that it’s 1/8, at a minimum. If this person showed up and tried to enroll, absent her fame, she’d probably be laughed out of the place.


  • Joshua M. Swanson

    Like I said before, there are quite a few idiots these days… 😒


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