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Introducing a New Constitutional Amendment… for ‘Fair Elections’

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Democrat Senators Elizabeth Warren (Massachusetts) and Bernie Sanders (Vermont) have proposed a new Constitutional amendment “to guarantee fair elections.”

The draft of the amendment says: “If there is a consensus among prominent news media personalities, academics, and Hollywood celebrities that the American electorate made an error in their choice for president, the election shall be ruled void, the elected candidate shall be removed from office, and the losing candidate shall be installed in his or her or xer place.”

“They’re calling it ‘the Do-Over Amendment,'” Sanders said, “but that’s wrong because the election won’t be done over: the losing candidate will simply be declared the winner and take office as such. It’s not like the country will turn over and capsize. We just want to ensure that the right people get elected.”

“Wahoo!” added Sen. Warren. “I think I’m gonna get me another beer.”

The official title of the measure is “the Fair and Honest Elections Amendment.” So far, every Democrat in America has endorsed it, along with the editorial staffs of The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Daily Worker. Actor Alec Baldwin has promised “117 percent support from the creative community.” The National Education Assn. is also on board, and first-term Representative and former bartender Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has commented, “Like, wow!”

Funding has been promised by George Soros’ Foundation for Pure Evil.

My Newswithviews Column, Jan. 10 ( ‘A Seer Foretells America’s Future’)

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It’s scary enough just listening to Democrats talk about what they want to do. But what if they actually did it?


“Boy, that’s kind of dark!” my wife said about this column.

But any Democrat can darken any room just by walking into it.

For Cryin’ Out Loud!

Remember when John Kerry, running for president, tried to pass himself off as human by donning an Elmer Fudd suit and asking a store clerk, “Where kin I git me a huntin’ license?”

Well, here’s yet another Massachusetts senator thinking she can win the White House by talking down to normal people and pretending to be one of them: Elizabeth Warren, punctuating her New Year’s Eve announcement of her intended presidential candidacy with the immortal words, “I’m going to get me a beer.” And drinking it straight out of the bottle.

She also seems pleasantly surprised to find her husband under the same roof that night. Well, if I were married to Elizabeth Warren, she’d be surprised to find me there. Are they still taking sign-ups for the Foreign Legion?

Some people, when they catch Potomac Fever, lose all sense of who they are. They behave very oddly. And they’re absolutely sure their little act will fool you. “Golly, Billy Bob! Didju see that? She’s drinkin’ a beer! Why, she’s jist like us’uns!” Oh, please.

This is the bozo who for years passed herself off as a Native American, only to be unmasked by a DNA test that showed she was even less a Native American than Angela Merkel.

Really–is this the best we can do?


Elizabeth Warren, Wow! 1/1,024th Indian!

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Is she really cross-eyed, too? Or has this picture been photo-shopped?

See? See? See! She was right all along! Senator Elizabeth Warren is a member of a Cherished Minority, entitled to all sorts of special rights and privileges. She really, really is a Native American… Well, all right: the DNA test shows she is 1/1,024th-part Native American (https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/boston-globe-botches-math-in-big-elizabeth-warren-scoop-on-native-american-ancestry). That would be 0.097%.

The Boston Globe got the math way off at first and, er, “reported” that Warren really has “proved” she’s an Indian. They had to correct their report. That must’ve hurt!

According to a 2014 study, the average European-American is .18% “Indian.” That would make most white people about twice as “Indian” as Fauxcahontas Warren.

Rush Limbaugh called her announcement “mannah from heaven.” She calls it “proof” that she really, truly is a genuine Native American and President Trump is a racist for making fun of her and you’re all racists for not believing her. Imagine, just imagine, even suggesting that Warren lied about her ancestry to get heap big favors from Massachusetts’ assorted Affirmative Action policies!

In Warren we see a combination of stupidity and wickedness rarely encountered even in politics. But it surely occurs in more than 0.097% of Democrats. We would have to move the decimal point three places to the right.

At which point the math wizards at the Boston Globe stare at one another in a wild surmise…

Why Can’t They Leave Us Alone?

So you’re watching this nice video of cats trying to avoid going to the vet, it’s a cat video, you watch cat videos to relax–

And right smack in the middle of it, up pops this:

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Yes, right there in the middle of the nice cat video, you get a political commercial from Elizabeth “You Didn’t Build That!” Warren, aka “Faux-cahontas” for her fraudulent claim to be some kind of Native American princess. Yep, you’re trying to relax, and here she is to nag you.

Because she’s a Democrat, and Democrats cannot leave you alone. Liberals have an uncontrollable lust to control other people’s lives. And because they all think they’re the brightest bulb on the tree, they all feel entitled to break in on you at any time, whatever else you happen to be doing. You should thank them for finding time for you!

Get your filthy hands off my cat video!

More Blue Wave Shinola

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So here’s how the Democrats plan to take back Congress in November.

It’s not enough just to have a tantrum every day for two years. No–you gotta have a plan. And Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts), who says she’s an Indian but isn’t, she’s got a plan.

Roll back your tax cuts! (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/07/fake-indian-elizabeth-warren-suggests-50-democrat-tax-rates-calls-trump-tax-bonuses-crumbs-video/) Ain’t it a shame you have to wait all the way to November to vote for these people?

Warren, who pretends to be a Native American when she isn’t, told some noozie on CNBC that the tax cuts have got to go, and it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to replace them with, oh, maybe a 50% tax rate.

Hot dog! That’s almost as appealing as open borders! There’s just no stopping these Democrats. They know what we, the people, want! And we don’t want our freakin’ money.

Besides all this, Sen. Warren is a bona fide intellectual who used to be a college professor–prime presidential timber! But that’ll have to wait till 2020. The business at hand is to take over Congress and roll back those pesky tax cuts.


Your Ticket to Ride

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Tired of everybody hating you because you’re white? Tired of everything you do being chalked up to “white privilege”? And when you self-identify as an Oppressed Minority, nobody believes you?

Well, we’re here to help! For a trifling fee of $2,800, and a few hair and saliva samples, DNA ‘R’ Us will find that Oppressed Minority that’s long been hidden in your family tree. But don’t take our word for it! Senator and likely presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren, whose “You didn’t build that!” quote you’ve probably heard a lot, can vouch for us:

“My career was going nowhere fast, until DNA ‘R’ Us found that Cherokee chief among my ancestors! It just took off from there! No way they’re gonna hold back an Oppressed Minority, when they can score big Diversity Points by hiring me and giving me tenure. My ancestor said ‘How’–but I say ‘And how!'”

Yes, this is your ticket to ride! This is how you shed White Privilege! Acquire instant respect and sympathy from all liberals everywhere, and all sorts of perks and goodies that would have been withheld from you forever if you’d just stayed white. Never find yourself on the short end of any argument again!

A final word from the author of this blog:

“Imagine my delight when DNA ‘R’ Us discovered that my great-great-great-great-great-whatever-grandfather was a Jebusite! Hum, baby, does the world owe me! And just watch me collect!”


Scanning the News (Plus a Hymn)

I’m feeling kind of out of sorts today, and I scanned a couple of news sites to see if there was anything I ought to write about.

But there was nothing there–just more of the same old fallen world stuff. Democrat tantrums. The Swamp resists being drained. Spain on the brink of civil war. Elizabeth Warren, taking a break from her ongoing pretense of being some kind of Cherokee princess, accuses one of her law school professors of sexually assaulting her, way back when. The man died 20 years ago.

And lots of really dirty, porny stuff floating around in the culture: all-new Virtual Reality porn! We do take pride in our inventiveness.

So I thought I’d post another hymn instead, because these days, if you really want good news, you’re only going to find it in Jesus Christ Our Savior.

My Jesus, I Love Thee: written in 1846, sung by the Sharon Singers of the Sharon Mennonite Bible Institute.

…But They Are a Lot Meaner Than You

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Another way liberals and other leftids intimidate regular people is by scaring them with their wild behavior. They like to give the impression that violence could break out at any minute, if you dare to disagree with them; and often enough, it does.

I can’t cover specific examples of this today: there are too many of them. And it’s not only the actual physical threat; they augment that with violent, intemperate language. Again, the expectation is that they just might fly off the handle and do something regrettable, if they don’t get their way. I have in mind Sen. Elizabeth “Faux-cahontas” Warren’s insane diatribe against her fellow senator, Jeff Sessions, during his confirmation hearings this past week. But again, there are tens of thousands of examples. You can literally find them everywhere you look.

Our government, setting a daily example of lawlessness throughout all eight years of the Obama regime, has encouraged this. Losing the 2016 election seems to have driven them mad.

But before they succeed in scaring you into silence, remember that Obama’s gone and his lawless attorneys general, Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, are out of office and won’t be able to protect the thugs and loonies anymore. Hopefully Attorney General Sessions and President Trump will take firm action to restore the rule of law. They won’t be able to restore sanity, let alone civility; but at least they might be able to protect us from the worst of the kooks.

See, if they can’t snow you with their pretense to intellectual superiority, they quickly resort to yelling, name-calling, threats, and sometimes violence.

Remember, though: there are a lot more of us than there are of them. And we cannot be expected to put up with their tactics forever.

In Case Hillery Cant Be Presedent

My prefesser he let me out of collidge today jist so I coud do this blog, that other guy he aint here.

We are all uppset becose the vast rihjtwing conspricy trying to put Hillery in jail. Whot is al this stuff about her emale server and whattever? Like who cares? They say she sold classafide infomation to forrin countries jist for money. Well so whatt?? What she suposed to do, give it away?

My prefesser he says we got to be reedy to elect somone else in case Hillery dont make it, wich wuld be a tradegy. Ther are so many goood ones out ther its hard to make up yuor mind. Gore and Kerry and Byden and Rosy Odonnel.

But the one I lik best is Elizzabeth Waren. She is a women and it is time we had a wimman presedent. She is also directly distended from Pokemon. Now they tel me its not Pokemon but Pokerhauntus becose they didnt have no video games in them days. I dont know, Pokemon is a old game, they miht of had it then. But anyhow Elizzabeth Waren is not just a wyman, she also is a Naitive American, thy called them Injuns in thos days.

This prode distendant of Pokemon was the first to say You Dint Build That, and now everbody who is a interllectural we al say that. Its too bad Presedent Obomma cant jist keeep on being presedent, but he can onlye have three terms so now it got to be someon else. Elizzabeth Waren she wil be jost great!!!

Well now I got to get back to collidge and studdy for the next Gender Studies quizz. I got exter credit for goin by a churtch and leting air out of them peple’s tires, but I stil need to get at leste a D on this here quiz. Yuo cant be a interllectural if you going to flunk al yuor corses.

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