‘Why Can’t They Leave Us Alone?’ (2018)

Elizabeth Warren Reacts to Supreme Court Roe v. Wade Leak

“You and your little dog! Yaa-ha-hah!” [Cackles insanely]

In 2018 you couldn’t watch a cat video on YouTube without some political ad breaking in on you, most of them, maybe even all of them, by Democrats.

Why Can’t They Leave Us Alone?

This year, every day our email gets filled by a dump truck’s worth of political ads, almost all of them from out of state, all schnorring for money; it’s always there waiting for us in the morning.

Hey! Does anybody out there still watch television? What’s it like on TV, this year?

Oh, No! Illegals Flown to Martha’s Vineyard!

Elizabeth Warren Reacts to Supreme Court Roe v. Wade Leak

Senator Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren (D-Loonyland) is screaming bloody murder because Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has flown 50 illegal aliens to the posh Democrat casbah, Martha’s Vineyard (https://justthenews.com/politics-policy/warren-furious-desantis-new-low-shipping-migrants-marthas-vineyard).

Warren said it was “cruel”–cruel, mind you!–and “a new low” to transport illegals to a Democrat resort island. One is reminded of Monty Python’s Spanish Inquisition skit, in which a man is threatened with “the comfy chair.”

Hey, they’d better behave themselves on Martha’s Vineyard–or the next stop will be Club  Med.

Is it even necessary to point out that all these Democrats who call for sanctuary cities and sanctuary states screech like scalded cats the moment it’s their turn to provide the sanctuary? Yo, Pokey! You asked for sanctuary cities, and now you’ve got one. Enjoy it while you contemplate your double standard.

Warren: ‘If I Had a P****, I’d Be President’

For “hammer,” read “p****.”

Who let the nuts out?

Elizabeth Warren, who parleyed a fraudulent claim of Native American ancestry into a lucrative academic career, a seat in the U.S. Senate, face time galore, and even a run for president–well, let’s let her say it in her own words.

“Everyone [Everyone?] comes up to me and says, ‘I’d vote for you if you had a penis'” (https://freebeacon.com/democrats/elizabeth-warren-penis-scandal/). She has been so quoted in a forthcoming book.

Yup. Those Democrat voters refuse to vote for her because she hasn’t got a penis. Damn! She coulda gone all the way to the top… as a fake Indian.

How rife is mental illness in our ruling elites? You can’t even call this “lying,” because a liar generally has some expectation of being believed. What do you want to bet that not one person, not a single one, has ever said that to Elizabeth Warren?

Dems are scrambling around, looking for a 2024 replacement for SloJo (and Kamala won’t do, she’s brainless), trying to find a candidate who’s got 52 cards in xer deck, even if they’re all jokers.

Will this be Pocahontas Warren’s moment? Heck, one of those nuts out there is bound to land on the ballot.


Leftids Go Ballistic Over SCOTUS Abortion Ruling

Sen Elizabeth Warren (D-Tartarus) was only one of very many libs who went into orbit when it was leaked that the Supreme Court had ruled against Roe v. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court ruling that “legalized” abortion… without any legislation.

Warren’s outburst was typical,. “I am angry! I am angry that an extremist Supreme Court thinks they can impose–”

Whoa! How many times have Democrats run to the courts to impose something on the country that didn’t have a ghost of a chance of getting passed as legislation? But if these people weren’t allowed to do projection, they wouldn’t be able to talk at all.

This much passion ginned up for… well, for killing babies! To spend so much passion for an evil thing compounds the evil. Are these people quite all there? Some of them sound like they might be possessed. Fauxcahontas certainly does.

Remember–we are talking about an overpaid jidrool who got by for years pretending she was a native American, until a DNA test proved that that was crap. She’s no more an Indian than Angela Merkel. So she’s going to levitate and spin her head around while waving her fists in the air–all for abortion?

And do they honestly think that if they turn this into THE ISSUE, that everybody else is going to forget about gas prices, inflation, Afghanistan, our ruptured border, sky-high crime rates, lockdowns–just forget about it all and vote for Democrats because we’re all totally committed to abortion it’s the biggest thing in our lives and if they take it away from us we’re gonna burn this country down–[pant, pant]! This is going to endear them to the voters?

I admit it: these people scare me. They’d clap a 1930s Stalin regime onto us at the drop of a hat, if they could. They hate us, hate our country, and even hate our God. And they’re the ones who want to outlaw hate. Ah, projection!

May God deliver us out of their hands.

‘Faux-Cahontas’ Sued for Trying to Get Book Suppressed

Indian Teepee Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

When she’s not carousing in the Senate…

When a U.S. Senator writes to the head honcho of a major book distributor to get them to stop promoting a book, censorship is standing on the doorstep.

Sen Elizabeth Warren charged that the book, The Truth About Covid-19, is chock-full of “misinformation.” Sen. Warren is famous for having long claimed to be a Native American–a claim that was dramatically refuted by DNA evidence when she ran for president last year.

The suit against her has been filed by the publisher, Chelsea Green Publishing, the co-authors, Dr. Joseph Mercola and Robin Cummins, and the author of the forward, Sen. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. The plaintiffs say Warren–who falsely claimed to be a Native American–is trying to deprive them of their First Amendment rights.

What legal theory is she trying to push on us? [Note: Warren has falsely claimed to be a Native American–and cashed in on it.] Supposedly this book has to be suppressed because it contains “misinformation.” What does that mean? Has it got its facts wrong? Did the authors include a lot of B.S. that they made up? Are some things confused with others?

Because if “misinformation” means what most of us think it means, then no one’s safe from censorship–and possible criminal penalties!–because anyone can be… wrong. Crikey, CNN and MSNBC wouldn’t last ten minutes without misinformation. And what would happen to political campaigns? And advertising?

Or does “misinformation” merely denote something that deviates from the party line as laid out by prominent Democrats, at least one of whom pretends to be an Indian?

When a U.S. Senator suggests that maybe you’d better stop promoting a book, if you know what’s good for you–well, it would take someone bolder than the CEO at Amazon Books to tell her to go pack up her teepee.

Amazon promised to stop promoting the book, and stopped offering the e-book for sale.

‘Your Ticket to Ride’ (2017)

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Tired of having to earn your way to the top, and maybe never getting there?

DNA ‘R’ Us to the rescue!

Your Ticket to Ride

We will guarantee to find an Oppressed Minority somewhere in your family tree, or your money back! Does everybody hate you ’cause you’re white? That all comes to a dead stop when you flash ’em the papers that prove you’re a Parthian or something.

Don’t be held back by racism! Be boosted by it!

No More Columbus, Ohio

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Ms. Authentic, Makes Hiawatha Look Like a Greek

Goodbye, Columbus! No, no, not the movie–I mean, really, goodbye, Columbus, Ohio.

To appease assorted Far Left weirdos, the city of Columbus has voted to change its name to Clan Mother Elizabeth Warren Community, in recognition of the Massachusetts Senator’s fantastic claim to be a Native American. The DNA test says she’s wrong, but you know how they lie. The DNA test says world chess champ Magnus Carlsen, born and bred in Norway, has more Native American blood than Elizabeth Warren. Just goes to show you how racist those tests are.

The Columbus City Council has also voted to change the names of all the streets in the city, followed by a mandatory name change for each resident. Every new name must somehow “convey praise for Native Americans,” explained City Manager Native Americans Invented The Internet (formally Hiram Plotnick).

All monuments in the city will be removed, he added, and replaced by states of Elizabeth Warren. The City Council has hailed her as “Ms. Authentic, the Real Deal, makes Hiawatha look like a Greek.”

The Columbus Clippers Triple-A baseball team will now be the Clan Mother Elizabeth Warren Community Clippers. “It has a certain ring to it,” said third base coach Smokey Malone, just before shooting himself.

Noozies’ Lament: ‘Sexism’ Sank Warren

Image result for images of elizabeth warren pocahontas

[Editor’s note: It’s my intention that this will be the only post I make about politics today. I don’t want to chase away my readers.]

Gee, what’s not to like about Elizabeth Warren? Compulsive liar who always gets caught. Fraud and race hustler: “hire me because I’m a Native American!” Supports open borders, transgender, Green New Deal, and all the other lunatic public policies sponsored by Democrats and feared and hated by normal people. And a world-class waffler: was her “Medicare for All” project ever the same for two days in a row?

But according to the alleged nooze network CNN, none of that mattered, not one little bit. Warren only lost in the Democrat primaries because… of sexism! People didn’t vote for her because she’s a woman! (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LiyMqikMdU4). You heard it on the TV nooze!

As if this weren’t bizarre enough, the nits at CNN waited till 3:30 in the morning (!) to launch into their denunciation of sexist Democrat voters who refused to vote for Pocahontas Warren. Who did they think was watching CNN at 3:30 in the morning?

Again: do these people, these identity politics idiots, have any idea of what a president is, or what a president is supposed to do? Do they think a presidential election is only held to provide some kind of validation for their whiny, entitled, self-important group–like every bunch of whiners gets a turn to own the White House?

You put the wrong person in the White House, and millions of people suffer. Maybe they die, or maybe they just lose everything. Maybe it’s another country that the incompetent president trashes. Or maybe he trashes America, following this or that psychotic public policy dreamed up by liberals. Even a good person, with better than average wits, experienced advisers, and all the good intentions in the world, can make a hash of the presidency. That’s how hard a job it is. So you don’t turn it over to some chipmunk just because she looks like you.

But these are noozies, these are liberals, and they hate America and want to “transform” it into God forbid we ever find out what.


What a Krop O’ Kooks!

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Pretty soon it’s gonna be time to start voting.

After this week’s food fight–oops, I mean “debate”–which one of these do you want to see become our president?

The loopy vice president, as crooked as they come, who says things that make you question his very sanity. Like, the other night: “150 million people in the U.S. have been killed by gun violence since 2007.” Dude, you were in office for eight of those 13 years. Didn’t you notice it then? This guy is about two legs short of a three-legged stool.

Then there’s the compulsive liar who always gets caught in her lies–you know, the phony Native American, who lied about her father being a janitor, lied about being fired because she was pregnant. Never tells the truth.

And the socialist upchuck who went to the Soviet Union for his honeymoon and has stocked his campaign team with hooligans. He’s the front runner, so far.

Don’t forget the revolting little sodomite who was a mayor once: who says there’s no place for you in his Democrat party unless you’re gung-ho for abortion, says religious liberty ends where “gay rights” begins, and has the chutzpah to wave a Bible around and pretend that he’s read it.

And the billionaire who says the Party owes him something–owes him a presidential nomination, by thunder–after he spent $100 million in 2018 to elect enough Democrats to capture control of the House of Representatives. “I bought those seats!” he started to say; but he caught himself and changed it to, “I got those seats.” Mr. Tact. Then he brags about his perfect understanding of virtually everything, and talks about how most people are just plain too dumb to run their lives without his direction.

Which of these do you want to be president?

Can you believe a major political party has actually generated this gaggle of candidates?

It looks like the old commie’s going to have enough delegates, going into the convention, to nail down the nomination. Unless something…er… happens (heh-heh). I’m sure they can buy him off; but the thugs and wackos who support him might react a little violently to that. “I am, regrettably, dropping out for reasons of health…”

And in the wings, like a spider, waits… Hillary.

Well, some of us have prayed the Lord to put the Democrat Party out of business, forever.

Maybe this is his way of doing just that.

Are You Getting Angry Yet?

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How about it, America? Are you getting mad yet? Mad at the Washington establishment, I mean–the Deep State. The Swamp.

They’ve been trying to overturn the 2016 presidential election since Election Night. Our votes don’t count, it seems. We were supposed to elect their candidate, Crooked Hillary. We didn’t, and so it’s been one damned thing after another–the Russian Collusion hoax, the Ukraine hoax, the impeachment that’s not an impeachment: not one day has passed without them trying to nullify our vote.

They refuse to enforce our borders.

They treat our money, that we worked for, like it was their money, which they didn’t.

While they shop around for bigger, better mansions, they want to Save The Planet by taking away the amenities we have.

They purposely foment racial strife, just to serve their own political ends.

They want to, and work to, “transform America” into God knows what–and pray we never find out.

And not one of them has been carted off to jail! Not one. They’re all strutting around as free as the wind. As free as Hunter Biden.

Elizabeth Warren thinks we need to pay “reparations.” Strike off more of that money that you worked for, but she didn’t. They’re so good at giving away other people’s money.

I don’t know about you, but it makes me mad to see them partying 24/7 at our expense. I don’t like to be governed by crooks and mountebanks.

They’re having a great time, and we’re paying for it. That really ought to make us mad.