‘Save Our Democracy’

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In their search for a catchier campaign slogan than “Do as we say or we’ll beat you up,” Democrats have hit upon “Save our democracy.” That they’re the ones that America needs saving from has not occurred to them. Anyway, I’ve begun to see these signs cropping up around town.

Judging by their recent actions, and ignoring the fact that the Constitution guarantees each state of the union a republican form of government, not a “democracy,” how do Democrats propose to save it?

By mobs in black masks threatening and assaulting people, and destroying public and private property.

By attempting to censor everyone who isn’t them.

By pounding and clawing at the Supreme Court’s door.

By throwing around unsupported accusations like confetti.

By owning the nooze media and using it to attack our duly elected president every day and every night.

By screaming at their political rivals and driving them out of public places.

And so on.

Please look very closely at the Democrat Mob Rule Party’s vision for a new America, one where whoever stages the biggest riot controls public policy.

This can only be avoided if the American people vote overwhelmingly against all Democrats in next month’s elections.

If you’re as sick of the news of their daily hooliganisms as I am, cast your vote for a defeat that will put them out of business once and for all.

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    1. Not if they’ve been attending the current travesties that call themselves schools.

  1. I concur – do not vote for anyone with a D after their name, even if they are running for dog catcher. The anti-American Dems need to be given a sign – we reject your mob mentality.

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