‘Libs and “the Unjust Lottery of Life”‘ (2015)

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Secular liberalism is a really weird religion. You start out with a Godless universe that began for no reason, is governed by pure chance, and, again by pure chance, has generated the genius minds of Far Left Crazy rulers and philosopher-kings… who will then impose a just and rational order on the whole shebang.


Do you believe there are lots and lots of folks who really do believe this crap? And they say Christians are credulous!

But don’t take my word for it: visit San Francisco.

Be sure to wear galoshes.

2 comments on “‘Libs and “the Unjust Lottery of Life”‘ (2015)

  1. Immigration, historically, was no lottery. My grandfather moved here and took a huge step down, but worked his way back up because he wanted to be an American. His children did better than he did, but they worked to make that happen. There’s nothing unique in this, it’s true of countless families.

    This is a land of opportunity, but opportunity has to be actively pursued. It’s not a lottery.

    1. No, no, you don’t understand! “You didn’t build that!” Only government can make things happen. That’s liberal religious dogma.

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