Bonus Video: Fli-Back!

Wow! Remember these? Wooden paddle (usually with a picture of a cowboy on a bucking bronco), rubber ball, and rubber band–the classic Fli-Back toy. How many times could you hit the ball up and down before you lost control?

My Grandma bought me many a Fli-Back when I was a boy, but I never got the hang of it until much later in life. Maybe the lady in this video can say the same. I still have a Fli-Back in one of the kitchen drawers somewhere, although I think the cats batted the ball out to that place from which no little rubber ball returns.

7 comments on “Bonus Video: Fli-Back!

  1. “I think the cats batted the ball out to that place from which no little rubber ball returns.”

    Sad words indeed. I’ve never been good with one of those.

  2. Wow, I’d almost forgotten those — although we didn’t call them “Fli-Back.” I think we (mis)used the term “paddleball.” Anyway, I was really good at keeping the ball going. I could even change hands, do an occasional sideways bat, and even (as I recall) change speeds slightly. It was one of the few sports I excelled at. (One of the others was pick-up sticks.)

    1. Change hands? Wow! You know, I always wondered about that picture of the cowboy on the bucking bronco, doing a fli-back while the horse is trying to throw him. But changing hands… you coulda been a star on Youtube.

  3. I remember these VERY well. My mother used the paddle to spank me. I think that’s where the expression comes from, “I’m going to paddle your behind!” 😮

    1. OK, found it!
      You’ve struck a chord with me. The lovely small town I’ve lived in all my life, the politicians and developers won’t be happy till they’ve totally destroyed it. And they’re halfway there by now.

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