Hiding on Your Dog

Watching these dogs “go find so-and-so,” and doing it, reminded me of a cat incident which still amazes me when I think about it.

I said to Buster once, while he was sitting by the living room window, “Y’know, your sister [Missy] is looking like she’s put on too much weight. Why don’t you chase her up the stairs, to burn off some calories?” And would you believe it? That’s just what he did, right then and there.

You’d swear these critters understand English, even if they don’t speak it very well.

7 comments on “Hiding on Your Dog

  1. Wow! That really is amazing. I have heard similar stories from time to time, but it is still surprising.

  2. The cat story is amazing, but I’ve seen some amazing things involving animals in the past, so I’m not surprised.

    1. All our cats have been very responsive to verbal commands, although one does better with suggestions or requests. Not that we spend time trying to train them. But both of us talk to our cats a lot, just as if they were human children, and I think it gives them something of a grasp of human speech.

  3. Based on some of the videos you’ve posted, it sure looks like they do try hard to speak English!

    My two new kittens are coming today!

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