Do You Believe This S***?

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What? You don’t like George Soros? Government better keep an eye on you!

We are now asked, by our so-called nooze media, to believe that it’s President Donald Trump’s fault that pipe bombs have been sent to several prominent Democrat gasbags, to CNN headquarters (your source for the fakest fake news), and to Hollywood fathead Robert DeNiro ( Seems his cwazy whetowic incites cwazy conservatives to act out.

Sorry, but I don’t believe this for a minute. Reasons:

1) You can’t even count the times liberals have been caught sending hate mail to themselves, vandalizing their own property, and trying to get non-liberals blamed for it (’cause everyone’s a **fascist** who’s not them). In light of that, I ask for proof that the Democrats didn’t provide these bombs themselves. Not one of them exploded.

2) Democrats have already, and often, called for and also committed acts of violence and intimidation against Republicans. Hundreds of them. That no one has been killed so far is not for lack of trying. There’s more to it than just screaming at Republicans and chasing them out of restaurants. Shooting up a baseball practice, for instance: a Democrat did that.

Not one Democrat in Congress has condemned any of this behavior.

3) Democrats may be starting to fear that their own crazed behavior may permanently brand them as the mob rule party, and sort of put off voters. So they have to quickly show Republicans getting up to the same sort of hooliganism–which, in light of history, is preposterous.

In all likelihood, this bunch of non-exploding bombs is a big fat put-up job, unworthy of belief–anyone’s belief. Given their rap sheet of the past two years, it ought to be up to Democrats to prove they didn’t do this.

11 comments on “Do You Believe This S***?

  1. Only one side has called for civil unrest, and they have been given a free pass in doing so. I’m glad nobody has gotten hurt yet, and I hope they catch this person soon.

    1. Yeah, but it’s always worth a good laugh. The only time democrats are not funny is when they signing something.

  2. Right on, Lee. All the major acts of political violence in America have been done by Lefties (I think one President was assassinated by a crazy person). The reason for these fake bombs right before the all-important Nov. 6 elections is to get the “caravan” out of the news. And guess what? They succeeded – the bombs are all they are talking about and how Trump’s rhetoric is to blame (look in the mirror, you hypocrites). The FBI should have no trouble in finding out the source of this PR stunt – that is, unless they turn it over to the Mueller investigation where it can be strung out for years.

    1. It’s gonna bite them in the tuchas when it turns out all the “bombs” were fake, and they had them sent to themselves by party goons…
      Although even they couldn’t have been stupid enough not to provide themselves with a fall guy.

    2. I think so too. The conduct of the Far Left has been, at the very least, childish. Flimsy lies that a third grader could see through seem to be the order of the day.

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