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Pardon My Circumlocution

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I want to write about a smear campaign, but I don’t want to say who’s being smeared or what particular lies are being told about this person. For one thing, it’s a sin to repeat stuff like that. For another–it’s what the smear artists want us to do. Because even if we’re tearing into them and their lies, it’s giving them more publicity–more people who just might wind up believing them.

But something has to be said. Do you see the kind of America the Far Left Crazy is trying to build? This is Democrats at work, with their toadies in the nooze media. They want to cage us in an America where they can destroy anyone, instantly, with unsubstantiated lies: anyone who poses any kind of obstacle to any of their plans.

They want the lie to stick to you even if it’s been exposed as a lie; their tame noozies will see that it does. Sort of like those “racist” labels they stick on four-year-olds in British schools: you’re stuck with it forever.

And it can be any kind of lie they want. The object is not to prove it, but simply to create it and glue it onto the victim’s name. Noozies will then repeat it every time the victim’s name comes up. Eventually some people, maybe a lot of people, will forget it was a lie.

Democrats are refining this into an exact science.

If America can survive as a free republic, under so much attack from within, that will be proof that God is watching over us.

Genuine Certified 100% Fake News

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I don’t feel like covering any of the nooze that seeped out of Mordor this morning. I know they want me to cover it, because they want everyone to hear about it–in hopes that some will believe them. But I ain’t bitin’ on that hook.

Instead, I offer these few items of totally made-up nooze. As the person who made them up, I certify there isn’t a word of truth to them.

*No one can find any of the Democrat candidates for president. As of 6 a.m. this morning they were all reported as missing. No one seems to mind.

*A freak snowstorm this weekend buried a Climate Change march in Stockholm, Sweden.

*A new sex robot designed by Okashiio Baka Industries, in Japan, doubles as a toaster-oven when not being used for the more obvious purpose.

*Another Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to former President *Batteries Not Included “on general principles.” The entire Nobel committee was reportedly drunk at the time.

*The new Michael Moore movie opened to completely empty theaters all around the country, earning absolutely no money. Moore has offered a prize to anyone who can prove he or she saw it.

Gee, this is a lot easier than actual reporting. No wonder the nooze media like it so much.

Another New Low for the New York Times

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All the nooze that’s fit to line the bottom of your bird cage

The journalistic dumpster fire that is the New York Times topped itself again yesterday, with this gem posted on Twitter, on the anniversary of 9/11:

“Eighteen years have passed since airplanes took aim and brought down the World Trade Center.” (https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2019/sep/11/new-york-times-now-deleted-tweet-marking-911-claim/)

The airplanes? The airplanes “took aim”?

Can you imagine how little respect the Times has for its readers, that it would ever publish such a thing, even on Twitter?

They also got the death toll wrong, saying it was “2,000” when in fact it was very nearly 3,000.  But heck, who’s counting? They were only useless Americans wiped out by two rogue airplanes.

Readers didn’t much care for this insult to their intelligence, so the Times deleted the stupid tweet and put up one that was somewhat less stupid. This time the culprit was not killer airplanes but “terrorist attacks”–apparently by persons unknown, or by no one in particular: the Times didn’t see fit to identify the enemy. The accurate term is “Muslim terrorists from Arab countries.”

Do you find it a bit grim that the American people, increasingly, are having to do without reliable sources of news? As citizens of a republic, exercising sovereignty at the polls, we need reliable information. Our mainstream nooze media refuse to give us any.

Here’s praying they get replaced by news outlets that will do their level best to give us honest news. I used to work for a newspaper like that, so I know it can be done. The New York Times doesn’t want to do it, that’s all.

Why Do I Cover This Cow-Flop?

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Name that liberal!

All right, NBC Nooze has gone on record saying heterosexuality is bad and women should abandon it. This is a profoundly stupid thing to say. If it weren’t so gigantically stupid, we might also perceive that it’s an evil thing to say.

So why write about it? After all, it’s not like I have to convince most of my blog audience that off-the-wall leftism is totally without merit. Still, I do have a few reasons for writing about it.

For one thing, liberals used to be a great deal more circumspect and subtle in what they said, and in the things that they proposed as policy–and they aren’t anymore. No matter how ridiculous it is, they just come right out and say it. Open borders, Green New Deal, jail for climate change deniers–they aren’t even trying to to appear reasonable.


Has God simply laid on them a delusion that will destroy the Democrat Party in the next election? Or have they–for some reason we don’t know about, but which really ought to scare us but good–become so confident of their future success that they have lost any need they ever felt to disguise their plans behind a mask of moderation? What would make them so confident that they don’t even try to fool us anymore?

I think we really need to find the answer to that question.

For another thing: I wonder how many people who vote for Democrats, or say, “Yeah, sure, I like socialism!” have actually done any thinking, at all, about what those things mean. Do they truly understand what happens under socialism, or do they think it’s just a festival of freebies for lazy and immoral nitwits? To what degree do they understand what they are aiding and abetting?

So I write in hopes that I might somehow make a dent in their world-view, however rare an event that might prove to be. Somewhere there must be someone who hears the truth, the light bulb turns itself on with a flash, and he says, “Gee, I didn’t know that!” And having heard the truth, he changes his mind and turns away from error…

I can dream, can’t I?

NY Times Reveals Its Anti-Trump Mission

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Plan A, “Russian Collusion,” went totally belly-up, so Democrats have moved on to Plan B–“Call Everybody Racists Especially Trump.” But don’t take my word for it.

In a speech to New York Times employees, a speech that got leaked out when it wasn’t supposed to, executive editor Dan Baquet called for a “coverage shift” from Russian Collusion to Trump Racism (https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/columnists/new-york-times-chief-outlines-coverage-shift-from-trump-russia-to-trump-racism). “We built our newsroom to cover one story (Collusion),” the editor prattled. “Now we have to regroup… to take on a different story”–and the “new story” will be “race.”

It’s so flamin’ obvious.

Nobody wants to be a “racist.” Ooh! But if you voted for President Donald Trump, or support him in any way… well, then you are a racist! Gee, that’s awful… What can I do?

Instant absolution is at hand! All you have to do is vote for Democrats, and you are instantaneously cleansed of the sin of racism. Who knew it could be so easy?

It’s beginning to sound like some of that stuff that Martin Luther had to deal with. Indulgences for sale. Price, one vote.

These people make me ashamed I ever was a journalist.

‘Noozies Wonder, “Why Don’t They Love Us Anymore?”‘ (2016)

Image result for images of walter cronkite

It was never the way he said it was.

Liberal politicians get nostalgic for the old days when there was only the network nooze on three or four stations and they all said the same thing–and Walter Cronkite told us, “That’s the way it is.”

Only that wasn’t the way it was. It was just the way he said it was.

And now the noozies are whining that we don’t love them anymore.


Why is it so hard for them to understand that we find it very hard, if not impossible, to love stuffed shirts who sneer at us, mock our religion, call us biggits and Nazis when we fail to elect their favorite liberals, and whenever they’re confronted over trying to slip us fake news, they double down on it? They can’t see that those things really bug us?

They long to go back to the days when they owned “the way it is” and nobody ever knew any different.

The free and independent press that sold itself into slavery.

Libs: Don’t Celebrate ‘Racist’ Moon Landing

Image result for images of apollo moon landing

They’re liberals. They hate the flag, too.

This is one of the noozy bits that found me under the bed this weekend. You just can’t hide from this stuff.

Wapo And NYT Team Up To Declare Apollo Moon Landing Racist And Sexist

Yes, the big, big stupid nooze media, the Washington Post and the New York Times, joined together in deploring the 50th anniversary of the Apollo moon landing, suggesting that it… well, it doesn’t count! Three white men on the spacecraft, no trannies, no gays, no disabled persons, no women of color (how much room do they think there was in that landing module?)–so it doesn’t count.

Washington Post: “The culture that put men on the moon was intense, fun, family-unfriendly, and mostly white and male.”

New York Times: “The Apollo program was designed by men, for men.”

Whoa, back up? “Family-unfriendly”? This from the same people who want to abort babies as they’re being born? Who want to turn all the girls into fake boys and all the boys into fake girls?

And I could’ve sworn that when those three guys landed on the moon and walked on it, not only did all America stand up and cheer, but a pretty good chunk of the world cheered with us.

“No! You can’t cheer because the astronauts are white and you’re not!”

What kind of wicked nonsense is that?

In that it tirelessly labors to divide people into groups based on external characteristics, and to stir up these groups to hate and fear each other, liberalism is an altogether satanic enterprise and must be defeated and destroyed. Forever.

If only so we can go back to celebrating the three guys who landed on the moon.

‘This Just In (Some Very Hot News Flashes)’ (2015)

Image result for images of lying news anchor

When I wrote this, I was still coming to grips with the idea that it’s The Narrative that matters in Journalism, not the facts. As you will see from the following examples, I came very close to mastering The New Journalism.


“How did you do that, Lee?”

I just made it all up!

I’ll be getting job offers from the networks any day now.

Beware! Robot Can Generate Fake News

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Their next invention: a robot that lets the air our of your tires and runs away

This has got to be the most superfluous invention of them all–an “Artificial Intelligence” (AI) system that can detect fake nooze created by other artificial intelligence systems… and also create fake nooze itself (https://futurism.com/ai-generates-fake-news).

Do they really think CNN needs any help in whipping up fake nooze?

Scientists at the University of Washington have programmed computers to do what so-called “real journalists” are already doing every day–creating and airing stories that simply aren’t true. Trump’s a Russian agent. Jussie Smollet was attacked by white supremacists. Covington High School kids picked on some poor old Native American war hero. Those stories were all fake nooze, not a word of truth in them: but each in its turn dominated the nooze cycle.

If there was ever anything that didn’t need inventing, it’s got to be a machine that tells lies.

’60 Minutes’ Caught Cheating

I heard about this on the radio this morning, on Mark Simone’s show on WOR–our free and independent press, 60 Minutes in this example, tampered with the video to make Steve Bannon, then an adviser to President Donald Trump, look bad.

In the words of whistleblower Peter Duke, “By subtly tweaking the color of the video, they made him look like a bleary-eyed drunk.” And here’s the whole thing:

By way of demonstration, Duke does the same thing to a video of Charlie Rose–and gets the same result.

Can we believe anything we see or hear from the nooze media anymore? Do they never not cheat?

And this was 60 Minutes, supposedly the gold standard of TV investigative journalism. Just imagine what CNN and MSNBC get up to.

On the same show, Bill O’Reilly said the nooze business–newspapers, magazines, and cable TV nooze shows–is imploding economically and looking down the barrel of extinction: they’re being put out of business by the Internet and social media. Not that the social media have displayed any great regard for truth and fair dealing. O’Reilly says the noozies have decided that, with their livelihoods endangered by the imminent collapse of their business, the only way they can keep working is to take sides in the political wars. Out the window goes anything that would traditionally be recognized as journalism, to be replaced by unrestrained partisanship. And cheating. And lies.

A free and believable press is indispensable to America as a free republic. How are citizens supposed to make informed and rational choices if they have no reliable source of information on public affairs?

Someone really has to see to this.

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