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Oh, No! ‘Journalists’ Labeled ‘Non-Essential’!

Tucker Carlson: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is an Awful, Idiotic ...

Hundreds of, er, “journalists” have been labeled non-essential and either laid off or forced to take a pay cut, laments CNN (https://nationalfile.com/hundreds-of-journalists-are-being-labelled-non-essential-laid-off-or-given-reduced-salaries/). [Wailing and gnashing of teeth]

And this, CNN adds, “right when the public needs them most!”

Break out the violins.

Yeah–what would we ever do without our daily ration of Trump-bashing, scare stories, and celebrity worship?

Today’s alleged journalists, we might well say, are the quintessence of the non-essential. They are almost–almost!–as useless as career politicians. And who’s more obnoxious–our free and independent press that acts as a traveling brothel for the Democrat army, or–well, I can’t finish that sentence. I can’t think of anyone more obnoxious than our free and independent press.

If they actually provided us with accurate and reliable information, that’d be wonderful. But they don’t do that anymore. There are still a handful of good reporters out there, but those are fast becoming an endangered species.

They refuse to do their duty, and that makes them worse than non-essential. In attempting to address any problem in America, the left-wing boot-licking press is always an obstacle to have to overcome.

CBS Fake News: Caught Again!

 The victims in Lombardy, northern Italy, are being treated by doctors wearing hazmat suits

Ooh-ooh! Beds all over the place, never mind the wards! Doctors and nurses with more work than they could ever hope to do!

This, said CBS News last week–they had a video to go with it–is a New York City hospital overworked by the coronavirus plague. This, said CBS News, is America’s virus “epicenter.” Sounds scary, doesn’t it?

Except it wasn’t a hospital in New York City, it was a hospital in Bergamo, Italy, described as the hospital “hardest hit” by the pandemic–and the exact same video footage had already been shown three days earlier on the British news network, Sky News (https://summit.news/2020/03/30/cbs-news-uses-footage-of-worst-hit-hospital-in-italy-while-describing-new-york-coronavirus-outbreak/).

Oops. BTW, check the link above if you want to see and compare the footage.

CBS admits to showing video from Italy and saying it was from New York. For the record, Italy is the country that has suffered most from the virus. The death rate in Italy is many times the rate here in America.

But the whole cock-up was just an “editing mistake,” says CBS. Of course they weren’t trying to scare us into a state of such desperate fear as to panic us into voting for Democrats in November.

And I have a very nice bridge to sell you.


A New York Times Hissy Fit

The New York Times Blames Christians for the Wuhan Virus

Not that we actually care what this superannuated travesty of a newspaper says, but I think we need to understand how leftids think, the better to defeat them.

So some Far Left Crazy at the Times has written, “The Religious Right’s Hostility to Science Is Crippling Our Coronavirus Response” (https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/27/opinion/coronavirus-trump-evangelicals.html). Well, gee, almost everything’s closed down, they’re working day and night to find a cure, and they just ponied up $2 trillion to tide us over–does that seem “crippled” to you? Does that really look like the Trump administration is just lah-dee-dahing it?

Yeahbut, yeahbut! The “science denialism”–what?–“of his [Trump’s] ultraconservative religious allies” is holding us back from the triumphs we’d surely have if only there weren’t any Christians in America. Or something. It’s very hard to make out what leftids are trying to say sometimes. But let’s try. Near as I can figure:

Being anti-abortion makes you “anti-science.”

Not believing in Man-Made Climbit Change makes you “anti-science.”

Not buying into Evolution makes you “anti-science.”

Failing to confess the existence of several dozen “genders” makes you “anti-science.”

Not being a hypnotized zombie leftid makes you “anti-science.”

Not taking the New York Times seriously makes you “anti-science.”

And if you didn’t vote for Hillary, you are way “anti-science.” Shame on you.

The White House squirted out of their hands in 2016, they can’t face life without power over other people, and liberals are just plain irrational and nasty in the first place, and puffed up almost to bursting with self-importance.

Don’t try to understand them. Just defeat them.



The Supermarket Report

Eastern Green Lizard, European green lizard, Emerald lizard ...

I’m tired of running pictures of empty shelves. Here’s a nice emerald lizard instead.

I have some hot stuff to post for you today, but I’ve just come back from grocery shopping and I need my cigar break.

The shortages were less pronounced than they’ve been, but still no toilet paper, no paper towels, and no quarts of milk. I can’t buy a half gallon and use it up before it goes bad.

But boy, oh, boy! Going by the canned news we were hearing on the radio on the way to the supermarket, America is doomed, kaput, finished, we’re all gonna die–I mean, they were carrying on like there were piles of dead bodies on every street corner.

Why are they doing this? It’s true that disaster always gets good ratings; but I think the Democrat/media/Hollywood axis is trying their hardest to hurt President Donald Trump and torpedo his re-election. And they don’t care what happens to the country, as long as they get their way. If they have to destroy it in order to rule it, then so be it.

The virus will be over and done with someday, but leftids will still be here.

Vote them out of business in November. Democrat Party, gone forever: amen.

‘Is It Ever Right to Bear False Witness?’ (2016)

Image result for images of crazy nancy pelosi

Sorry! Not allowed to make up bad things… even about bad people

We’re still getting those emails, “The Bombshell” (it’s always a bombshell) “That Will Destroy So-and-So.” This post was inspired by one of those chain emails, this one featuring Nancy Pelosi.


That we should ever need to make up lies about Democrats boggles the mind. But we have a commandment from God Himself not to bear false witness. It doesn’t come with an “except.”

We’re not Climate Scientists, fer cryin’ out loud.

It’s the Worst Scandal Ever! Honest!

See the source image

This thing is so big, even I don’t know what it is yet. It makes Russian Collusion look like cheating at slapjack, I hear.

But we are not going to trot out a perfectly good top-secret whistleblower while there’s hardly anybody here! What sense would that make? The whistleblower is getting a little tired of hiding in the coal bin, but that’s the breaks. If a tree falls in the forest and no one sees or hears it, well, that’s not Journalism!

So… give us an audience, and we’ll give you the story. Is that one of those squid pro quo things you hear about?

This Time Trump Is Cooked, for Sure

Image result for images of whistleblower with paper bag over his head

A new whistleblower has emerged from the whistleblower factory and this time it looks like Donald Trump is toast, no two ways about it.

But if you think I’m going to waste a perfectly good scandal now, when there’s hardly anybody here to read it, and not even one comment so far–well, gee, they’d laugh me right out of the nooze business.

“We’ve got him now!” exulted an unidentified Democrat shoemaker.

But we can’t play this swan song until there are more swans in the audience.

Themb %$#$@ Russhins Aggen!!!

Image result for images of boris and natasha

Wel i amb reely Up-set!!! Wood yiu “beleave” “It”?? Themb Russhins thay riggeded “the” Last Elecktoin and nhow thay riggeded the Twentytwenty 2020 Elecktoin neckst yeer and we hasnt evin hadded It yett!!!!!! i hered it on TV!!!

Thay has all-reddy ficksed It “so” Donold Trumpt he getts Elecktid aggen!!! its in the news!! This hear it “is” jist Tearable!!!!!

I has a theery that themb Russhins thay “are” alll Ovar “the” Plaice and thay Intrafear whith Evry Thing!!!!!Mite as welll not evin has The Elecktoin!! And aslo thoze Russhins thay busst it “up” Evry Time i Assk somb Czick four a Dayt!!!!!and aslo thay intrafeared whith “my” Examb and maid me Flunck!!!!!!!!

I dont undrastanned it!!! The Russhins thay wher Goood wen thay usedta be Combunits but as sooon as thay gote Ridd “of” the Hamer And Siccle thay wented Bad!!! It “is” jist like In Restling wen al Of “a” suddan a good gye Restler he gose Bad!!!! Yiu cann lern “a lott” bye Waching Restling!!!

Wel “the” Ownle Thing wee Can “do”,, this hear it “is” watt we de-sided tooday “in” the Stodent Soviet,, wee whil jist Has to Has the Twennytwenny 2020 Elecktoin NHOW, this yeer instedd “of” Neckst yeer and then maby themb Russhins thay woont “be” Reddy to Stop Hillery oar Burny oar “the” Otther Goood  Candydaits,, wee cood “Reely” sapprize themb iff we has “the” Elecktoin twomarrow!!!!!! Jist get “up” in the mourning and Has It!!! And aslo let ownle peple whoo is “in” Collidge voat!!!!!!

and iff That dont whork wee shood Nook themb!!!!!!!!!!

‘Vintage Fake News: the Ford Pinto Scandal’ (2016)

Image result for images of ford pinto in flames"

Manufactured nooze

A lot of you are too young to remember this–the exploding Ford Pinto scandal of the 1970s. Fake nooze with a capital F.


The Ford Pinto was supposedly a death-trap: the least little bump, and it would burst into the flames. So said the noozies, and they had the video to prove it.

Eventually it came out that they were faking–planting bombs in the car, drilling holes in the fuel and brake lines, and other little tricks that they never learned in journalism school. To this day I wonder why the whole mob of them weren’t packed off to jail.

Next up: Dan Rather visits Afghanistan–NOT.

Climbit Change Threatens Stupor Bowl!

See the source image

Total doom!

(Heard offstage: “If this don’t bring ’em on board for Climate Change, nothin’ will!”)

“Experts” consulted by our free and independent nooze media–in this case, ABC–CNN was busy with impeachment–predict that in another ten years or so, Climate Change will make it impossible to hold the Stupor Bowl in Miami anymore (https://abcnews.go.com/Sports/wireStory/climate-change-poses-threat-future-super-bowls-miami-68673480).

Oh, no! Quick–where do we go to sign away our liberties? They were right! We shoulda paid more taxes, shoulda had a bigger government–but oh, no, no! Not our Super Bowl! Is it really too late for us to hand ourselves over into serfdom?

Sorry, folks. The experts say it’s, like, total doom.

Maybe–just a little bitty maybe!–absolute slavery to a global government, and Science, can save us. Worth a try, right?

Give serfdom a chance! It’s the Super Bowl at stake.

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