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‘Climate Change Made Me Do It!’

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And all because we didn’t pay a carbon tax! We’re doomed!

Among the more sickening aspects of our age is the way lying liberals and their Climate Change Doomsday-preaching has preyed on young minds rendered defenseless by what we laughingly call our education system.

And so we have this nooze report of “young people” not bothering to save money because they’ve been taught the world is gonna end because of Climate Change so what’s the point of saving for a future that isn’t going to happen? (https://www.marketwatch.com/story/how-to-get-young-people-to-save-for-the-future-when-they-think-the-planet-is-doomed-2019-05-23) Hey, Ocasio-Cortez gives us only 12 more years till The End Of The World. And 88 percent of millenials, according to a Pew poll, believe it.

Not surprisingly, “major depression has increased 52 percent from 2005 to 2017” among young people–but not among older adults, who have already heard so many tall tales about The End Of The World that they just tune them out.

Gee, thanks, Climate Cult! Thanks, teachers and professors and noozies! Thank you so much, Democrats! First you dumb them down in school and college, and then you bum them out with all your scare tactics–all for the sole purpose of sucking up our hard-earned money and acquiring more arbitrary political power over defenseless people’s lives. That’s your noble cause! I’d say you really ought to be ashamed of yourselves, but I don’t think leftids can feel shame.

Kids, wake up. They’re lying to you. They want you dumb and they want you glum. They’re doing you, but good.

Snap out of it!

Note to Dr. Credulous: You’re Fired

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Sorry, Doc, but you are cut from the team. Vamoose! And don’t let the door hit you in the kiester as you leave.

I thought it might be nice to give some space on this blog to someone who believes what he hears from the nooze media and Hollywood; but heck, we’ve already got Joe Collidge for that. And there are still millions of nooze-eaters out there who think Hillary shoulda been president only darn old Donald Trump did Collusion With The Russians.

They’ve already got a voice, and more of a voice than is good for America. Dr. Credulous, you’ll just have to go back to teaching Intersectional Gender Fluid Superhero Self-Stimulation at Harvard.

‘Cause we don’t need you here.

Journalism: a Travesty

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I’m ashamed that I was once a “journalist,” a newspaper reporter and editor, back in the day. To be sure, in the 1970s it was still an honorable profession in which we who practiced it took pride. Things that are routinely done today, and called “journalism,” would have once moved real reporters to contempt. We would have laughed off the press table anybody who behaved like that. But nobody did.

Well, that’s all changed.

Poynter, an “institute” funded by the Dark Lord, George Soros, supposedly for “training writers and reporters,” has listed 29 top conservative news providers as “unreliable” and “un-news” (https://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/techwatch/corinne-weaver/2019/05/02/journalism-institute-poynter-tries-blacklist-29). The list was compiled by some commie who works for the Far Left hate group, Southern Poverty Law Center. One might almost think the whole thing was a joke.

But of course the newest thing in journalism, the newest technique, is to write up the story before you do the interviews, before you see the video, before you have any of the information–because as long as the story fits the “narrative”–modern-day nooze-talk for big fat lie–you’ve done your job.

This is what happened in two notoriously shameful examples of narrative journalism–the Covington High School kids and the Jussie Smollett case. In both, the alleged journalists in the nooze media–along with Democrat politicians and assorted Hollywood losers–dove in headfirst: only to discover, quite soon afterward, that the story didn’t happen like the way they were reporting it. They didn’t care.

Once upon a time, even reporters who were total wastes of space in their personal lives still tried to live up to standards–standards like accuracy, thoroughness, truth-telling, fair play, that simply don’t exist anymore.

The result is a mainstream nooze media that’s unworthy of our trust: we know they’re lying to us. I call it the Walter Duranty school of journalism, after the New York Times reporter who won a Pulitzer for being Josef Stalin’s cheerleader and public relations agent.

Remember Dan Rather and his “fake but accurate” story of George W. Bush and the National Guard? Even as late as 2004, a big nooze gasbag like Rather could (and did!) actually lose his job for bamboozling the public and getting caught. That was only 15 years ago!

The speed with which our mainstream “journalism” has deteriorated is a frightening thing to contemplate.

Noozies’ Lament: ‘They Hate Us!’

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According to the Euro-drips at Reporters Without Borders–I think I’d rather keep my borders, thank you–people all over the world, whipped up by “populist and authoritarian leaders,” increasingly hate journalists (https://news.yahoo.com/hatred-journalists-turning-violence-watchdog-warns-040627489.html). And it’s really bad right here in the USA, and it’s Donald Trump’s fault, and… and… [hyperventilates, has to be carried off in a stretcher].

Now why in the world would Americans ever hate “journalists”? Could it possibly have anything at all to do with the whole Big Media diving headfirst into every fake news story that comes along, and pounding us over the head with it by the hour until–one might almost say “inevitably”–it turns out the story was completely and utterly false?

Y’know–like the “Trump colluded with The Russians” story. But you can name as many of those fake news extravaganzas as I can. And it’s not even an election year. Imagine the stuff they’ll come up with in 2020. “Bigfoot in MAGA hat strangles defenseless Woman Of Color! Melania Trump runs a rape ring! Trump murdered his babysitter when he was only 6 months old!” All nooze, all the time.

Could it have anything to do with “journalists,” almost bloody unanimously, pushing a collectivist ideology that normal people find revolting, and mocking and vilifying anyone who dares to question it? Go ahead–say one discouraging word about “gender fluid,” and see how the noozies treat you.

Could it be because they, in their smug convictions of superiority, treat us with disdain and contempt, despise everything that we hold sacred, and are never too bashful to say how much they hate us?

Could it be because, you name it, they’re always on the other side, always siding against us with the bad guys? Because they have voluntarily sold themselves as slaves and shills for the Democrat Party?

Hey, journalists! Go Gussie Smollett yourselves!

Here Comes the Internet Censor!

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But in Britain they don’t have a First Amendment…

Well, the UK is preparing to anoint an “internet czar” to rein in the social media, promote “internet safety,” whatever that is, and prevent “online harms,” whatever they are (https://www.cnet.com/news/uk-to-keep-social-networks-in-check-with-internet-safety-regulator/).

Yessir, they’re gonna set up a “regulator” who will have the power to shut down any sites on the internet where they find any of the following: 1) inciting violence and spreading violent content; 2) encouraging self-harm or suicide (Are you listening, Netflix?); 3) spread of “disinformation and fake news,” whatever that may be; 4)cyber-bullying; 5) children accessing “inappropriate material” (eye-of-the-beholder alert); and 6) child exploitation and abuse content.

To some, “violence” is defined as any failure to agree with their Far Left delusions. To governments, and especially to Democrats, “fake news” is anything they don’t want you to know about, or anything that makes them look bad: but if it’s aimed at Donald Trump, no problem. As for “inappropriate material,” grade school libraries are full of fornication-celebrating “young readers” books.

Do you trust politicians to decide what you can or can’t say on the Internet?

I’d love to hear Brett Kavanaugh’s take on some of this.


What’s the Nooze Today?

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Most of the news today is just too putrid for me to report to you–I mean, I’d have to write it up, etc.–so I thought I’d make up some of my own and report that.

In today’s made-up news, the last professional court jester has been appointed an honorary Democrat presidential candidate. “It comes as a complete surprise to me!” said Ambrose “Jocko the Jester” Williams. “Believe me, I was shocked when they told me. Hey! Did you hear the one about the three eggs? No? Two bad!” And he went off laughing hysterically.

A movie about termites has emerged as the odds-on favorite to sweep the Oscars next time they hold them, if they hold them at all. Down with the House! stars a bunch of ants got up to look like termites. They have been made hyperactive by Climate Change and heteronormativity. That makes them chew a house to the ground in record time.  Narration by some Scottish guy who stutters.

A courageous scientist looks to be a shoo-in for a Nobel Prize, after proving beyond any reasonable doubt that there are no Clintons. “The whole thing was a mistake,” he explains. “It was a delusion. In reality, neither Bill nor Hillary exist or ever have existed. The delusion was caused by a microscopic fungus that tainted the global food supply. Now it’s wearing off.”

Finally–the scourge of Dutch Strip Mall Disease is wreaking havoc on the world’s strip malls, mysteriously reducing them to fertile soil virtually overnight. Buildings most at risk are nail salons and trendy restaurants. “There’s nothing anyone can do to save them!” wailed investor Seymour Shyster. “Where my lovely Sexy Nails used to be is a field of lousy wild tulips!”

Is it still fake news if I’ve told you that I made it up?

‘The News Media Explain It Just Fine!’

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Hi there! Mr. Nature is out there watching ants or something, so I thought I might as well take his place today–I, Dr. Credulous! Sit down and have a drink of Kool-Aid!

You know, a lot of people are saying our free and independent press has lost a lot of its credibility lately, especially in light of some really big stories, just recently, that they totally got wrong. To which I answer, “Pshaw!”

I choose rather to believe the editors, publishers, and news anchors at The New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, and all the rest of them. They said, “We don’t investigate the stories; we just report the news.” Well! Does that say it all, or what?

Besides, who says they got any of those stories wrong?

The “Covington kids” really did seek out a poor old defenseless Native American and smirk at him. I seen the picture!

Jussie Smollett really was attacked by white supremacists pretending to be these two guys from Nigeria, or whatever it was. Didn’t the DA in Chicago give him a total free pass?

Donald Trump really did tell that Cohen guy to lie, we all know Mr. Cohen would never tell a lie unless the president ordered him to; and for Special Prosecutor Mueller to say the story wasn’t true was just his way of being a nice guy.

And also Russiagate was real. I don’t care what they say. Obviously the Mueller team was paid off by Trump to cover it all up.

And how, you ask, do I know that all those things are true?

Because the news media said they were, that’s how!

I’m Dr. Credulous, setting the record straight.

Putin, Russia Outlaw Fake News

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“Are you showing disrespect to me??”

As America’s politicians gnash their teeth for envy, Vladimir Putin’s compliant Russian legislature this month has outlawed “disrespect” and “fake news” (https://www.usnews.com/news/best-countries/articles/2019-03-19/putin-passes-law-punishing-fake-news-and-content-insulting-or-disrespectful-to-russia).

The Russian government–that is, Mr. Putin–will decide what is fake news. And if they bust you for it, you’ll face fines and/or a prison sentence.

As for “disrespect,” that’ll be punished pretty harshly, too. Just to keep people on their toes, they haven’t defined “disrespect” or declared which public figures are to be immune from it. Here in America, that would be all Democrats and their clients.

We are unable to confirm reports that the Democrat National Committee has sought Putin’s advice in drafting the party’s 2020 platform.


Covington Kids Sue Media

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Good news!

The Covington Catholic High School kids who were smeared by Far Left nooze media are suing The Washington Post for a whopping $250 million, with more lawsuits to come (https://www.theblaze.com/news/breaking-family-of-covington-teen-nails-washington-post-with-a-massive-lawsuit?utm_content=buffer2261c&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=theblaze). The suit says the Washington Post “ignored basic journalistic standards.” Ya think?

The students, peaceably waiting for their bus after taking part in a massive pro-life demonstration in Washington, D.C., were first heckled and taunted with racist insults by some doofuses calling themselves “Black Hebrew Israelites,” and then accosted by a “Native American activist” who marched up and banged his stupid drum in their faces. For this the media rushed to label them racists-biggits-haters picking on a poor old Cherished Minority man.

On WOR radio this morning Mark Simone pointed out that the full 30-minute video of the incident, which clearly showed that the students were the ones under unprovoked attack, had always been available on Youtube for everyone to see–but our free and independent press either didn’t bother to watch it or else just ignored everything that didn’t fit their “narrative” [English translation: “bulls*** fake news].

It’s about time! As long as our nooze media recklessly ignores the truth in its rush to turn America into a socialist hell-hole, they need to be held accountable for stirring up racial and cultural animosity.

Sue their freakin’ pants off!

‘Journalists’ Fall for Another Hoax

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Not exactly a “news anchor,” but he’ll do

Speaking of noozies totally falling for hoaxes and rushing to “report” false information as “news”…

Last week The New York Times, Washington Post, and Bloomberg News all shouted from the housetops the “news” that a new “study” had revealed massive discrimination against women in the high-tech industry (https://www.breitbart.com/tech/2019/02/18/journalists-fall-for-completely-fake-stats-about-sexism-in-tech/). According to the hoax, when women applied for tech jobs without revealing their sex, 54% of them were offered interviews; but when they did reveal that they were women–thousands of ’em, by the way–only 5% were invited to an interview.

Oops. The source of this “study” is no longer available, no one can find its supposed authors, it wasn’t published anywhere–and it may not actually exist in any form at all!

That didn’t stop the noozies from leaping aboard the bandwagon and using each other as their sources. When I was a newspaperman, they used to call that “rewrite”: lift the story from another paper and change a few of the words.

Now they’ve got egg on their faces and are quietly whispering their mea culpas.

It never occurred to anyone in the noozerooms that the story was preposterous on its face. Like, only 5% of computer jockeys are women? You mean people who get paid real money for being reporters… believed that? Even for a minute?

Of course they did. It fits their “narrative” that America is a sexist hell-hole and needs to be ruled by liberals with Hillary Clinton in the White House. Only leftids can clean up this mess! So they ran with the story. Like they always do.

In writing the First Amendment, complete with its guarantee of freedom of the press, our country’s founders never anticipated that practically the whole freakin’ news industry would make itself worthless as a source of information. Live and learn.

Meanwhile, we can’t be confident that any of the nooze we hear is true.

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