My Newswithviews Column, Oct. 23 (‘Is Journalism Bottoming Out?’)

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Here it is! The Newswithviews column you’ve been waiting for. Or not.

Is ‘Journalism’ Bottoming Out?

The question is, just how bad can “journalism” get? I’ve been a reporter and an editor–back when it was a hard job, hard work, and we took pride in doing it right. Now it’s just cheerleading for assorted Far Left Crazy projects, from establishing transgenderism to putting doddering Joe Biden in the White House. If it’s bad for America, the noozies are all for it.

It’s embarrassing to see what my former profession has done to itself.

Tie Journalists’ Pay to the Number of Clicks They Get?

The Most Ridiculous Tabloid Headlines Of All Time (PHOTOS) | Funny headlines,  Funny news, Funny news headlines

Gee! They’ve thought of another way to bring down the quality of what we laughingly call “journalism.”

The Sacramento Bee News Guild is up in arms about their new CEO’s plan to tie journalists’ pay to the number of clicks their stories get ( This, says the guild, “encourages controversy and quantity over clarity and quality.” Ya think? It’ll teach reporters to create “click bait,” says the guild, and “cheapens our work.”

Yeah, probably.

As it is, America’s journalism is plumbing hitherto unguessed-at depths of media bias, sensationalism, sloppy research, no research, and phony-baloney made-up research–all in the service of getting Democrats elected to turn our country into a socialist joke. You wouldn’t have thought it could get any worse: but fake news is a growth industry.

At least Walter Cronkite and Co. pretended to have ethics. Today’s noozies don’t even try. They’re in the bag for wokeness and they don’t care who knows it.

We used to make fun of zany tabloid headlines like “Mad Dentist Rips Out Patient’s Tongue” and “Girl Too Ugly to Go to School.” Betcha they would’ve gotten a lot of clicks, though, if clicks had existed back then.

Guys, you brought this on yourselves.

And I don’t feel your pain.

Trump: More Than Just a Candidate–He’s a Movement

Trump tweets photo of American flag just before US claims Iran strike -  Business Insider

With President Trump in the hospital this weekend with a touch of the Chinese Communist Doomsday-Plus Virus, spontaneous expressions of support broke out for him throughout America.

Show me a Biden rally you couldn’t hold in a tool shed.

Mr. Trump did come out in a closed car and wave to his supporters outside the hospital in Washington, D.C.–a move which has Democrats and their pet nooze media screaming bloody murder–but most of these impromptu rallies were just that.

Is it just me, or are Trump’s supporters more fired-up than they were in 2016? I know I am. And why not? This president has earned our support. He sides with the American people against the fat-cat globalist elites. Whether it’s lopsided trade deals with China that abuse American workers, stupid Climate Change treaties that funnel power into the hands of lawyers and bureaucrats, or putting judges on the bench who actually follow the law instead of their own peculiar visions of how things oughtta be, Donald Trump has been there for us. Now it’s our turn to be there for him.

But a lot of this is the Democrats’ own fault. Every single day for four years they’ve been out for this president’s scalp. No lie is too large, no lie is too small, for them to use against him. Their hatred of him is so thick, you could slice it with a sharp knife. They have made it crystal clear that they will do whatever it takes to get themselves back into power. Even if they have to wreck our republic to do it.

They are totally unable to understand that normal people don’t like riots, Antifa, transgender, gigantic tyrannical government, flag-burning, separate national anthems for oppressed millionaires, cancel culture, open borders, and all the rest of the De Lux Democrat Fun-Pack. Noozies don’t get this, either. That’s why you see “polls” that tell us Joe Biden is Double-Digits Ahead Of Trump!

As the election looms, the Far Left Crazy’s only hope is voter fraud. Meanwhile, their pet noozies do everything in their power to swing the election Biden’s way.

You know they’ve got dirty tricks up their sleeves, and plenty of them.

Don’t let them win.

Good News Bustin’ Out All Over!

President Trump and Our Post-Secular Future: How the 2016 Election Signals  the Dawning of a Conservative Nationalist Age: Turley, Dr. Steve:  9781981807154: Books

The bad news is that secular globalism is the religion of the world’s ruling class and they’re trying to shove it down our throats.

The good news is that it isn’t working! In fact, all over the world, people and whole nations are rising up against it.

That’s the message of Stephen Turley’s little book, President Trump and Our Post-Secular Future. You can read it in the time it takes to watch a movie.

Most of us still get most of our news from the nooze media–which is why we won’t have heard of a lot of the events Dr. Turley talks about, because our totally dishonest noozies have chosen not to report them. Like, if a tree falls in the forest and some jidrool from CNN doesn’t report it, then it didn’t fall? Sorry, guys, but that one’s wearing thin.

Says Dr. Turley, Donald Trump knows which way the wind is blowing and sets his course accordingly. He is on our side. Not a puppet of the Deep State. Not a shill for the global elite. Our president.

I don’t want to write a review that’s almost as long as the book, so suffice it to say that Turley does a stellar job identifying who the secular globalist elite are and what they stand for, revealing to us all those unreported uprisings against it, and predicts victory for religion, traditional values, and nationalism.

Well, the Bible always told us Christ would win.

The bad guys are running out of time to repent.

Where Is Everybody This Week?

Who let the air out of the balloon? – THE SOCIAL CMO Blog

Is this what life in 2020 feels like?

I’ve been puzzled and unhappy over the deep dive taken by my readership numbers this week–right on the heels of getting a lot of problems on this site repaired. I was wondering: was it something that I said?

My editor, Susan, had a thought this morning–I think she might well have hit the target.

“I think there’s a kind of malaise hanging over the country,” she said. Well, yeah! After five months of lockdown, with great heaping dollops of bad nooze to go with it, and normal economic activity still crippled–if that doesn’t bring on a malaise, what does?

She’s right about a lot of things. Have you found yourself losing track of what day of the week it is? I have! Because our weekly routines have been disrupted. And sheesh, we just had the Democrat National Convention all week long, one whining schmendrick after another telling us what a schiffy rotten racist country we have and how much they hate it, blah-blah-blah.

Maybe the air has been let out of a lot of people’s balloons. Maybe they’ve lost interest in things like blogs. Maybe they don’t want to read any more nooze (and here I am, sort of writing more of it–duh!), they’ve had enough. It’s all bad, and we just want it to be over.

Do you put things off because one day feels so much like another–and next thing you know, you haven’t done what you should’ve done? Tired of know-it-all mayors and governors trying to micro-manage your life?

If we don’t have a national malaise, we certainly deserve one.

So, no, I’m not going to write about stupid Cal State Long Branch and its stupid new mascot, “Elbee the Non-binary Shark who uses plural pronouns” because words like “he” and “she” are the new curse words ( You can read about it for yourself, if you’ve got a barf bag handy.

I need a cigar.

The Way They See It (Saints Preserve Us)

Donald Trump could be new Margaret Thatcher says Gingrich | Daily ...

We watch a lot of British comedies, mostly from the 1980s and 90s. And I can’t name a Britcom that didn’t take pot shots at Margaret Thatcher. She was prime minister for 21 years, 1979-90: but to hear the TV writers tell it, no one voted for her, no one liked her, no one had any respect for her–

Wait a minute!

Today in America, to hear our media tell it, no one voted for Donald Trump except for a tiny handful of white supremacists, no one likes him, no one has any respect for him, he’s universally despised and loathed…

Do they really believe that?

Maybe liberals have gotten so accustomed to winning by force that they’ve forgotten how to argue or persuade. Your newsroom has an editor who’s a Republican? Fire him! There’s a conservative in your faculty lounge? Just chase him out!

One night on the phone, some years ago, I was telling a liberal about a certain sex education textbook. He insisted the book did not exist. “But I have it right here on the table, in front of me,” I said. But it didn’t budge him.

As Joe Biden said, “We choose truth over facts!” That’s for sure. They ought to save it to put on his tombstone.

I wonder now: Are there a lot of details in a liberal’s mental landscape that simply aren’t there in real life? That would explain both their ideology and their behavior. Really–how could you possibly swallow the Green New Deal unless you were delusional?

Yeahbut, yeahbut, yeahbut! What about all that stuff we learned in college???

The prosecution rests, your honor.

On the accusation if someone say there’s violence they are “Far Right” — The Domain for Truth

An insight from our friend SlimJim…

Three weeks ago I saw some keep sharing on Social media shared a link from Oregon Live titled “Feds, right-wing media paint Portland as ‘city under siege.’ A tour of town shows otherwise.” Basically this article dismissed those who are concern about the riot in Portland as right wing. I never thought it would happen: […]

via On the accusation if someone say there’s violence they are “Far Right” — The Domain for Truth

Do You Believe This?

Do you believe this is really Gibberin’ Joe Biden on that bicycle? I don’t. Behind the mask and shades, it could be anybody.

For one thing, you really don’t need a face mask while riding your bike outdoors. For another, we know that a lot of our leading politicians have body doubles. And for another, we aren’t flaming idiots.

The scuttlebutt is that Gibberin’ Joe is coming apart at the seams, both mentally and physically. His actual appearances do much to reinforce this belief. And then, out of the blue, he’s scooting along on a bike like its Breaking Away? He goes from at death’s door to Mr. Fitness in the blink of an eye?

I mean, OK, you could try to do it, and good luck to you. Most adults eventually find out how easy it is to get out of shape and how hard it is to get back in. They could’ve shown Biden taking a little walk about the block: that would have been at least borderline believable. But no–they’ve got to go straight to the bike-a-thon.

That people like this can even aspire to be president is a shame to us.


Instant Fake News–Just Add Video

Danny Rahim in Primeval: New World (2012)

In search of mere undemanding relaxation, last night Patty and I watched “Breakthrough,” Episode No. 9 of Primeval New World.

It was very sinister.

Here’s the premise. A dinosaur comes through a glitch in space-time and winds up in Vancouver. The team in charge of containing these incidents doesn’t want a large-scale panic, but this time they may be too late: people at a skateboard park have already caught a glimpse of the Triceratops.

You wouldn’t believe how easily Our Heroes, with the aid of computers, turned this real incident into an amusing hoax quickly unmasked. They convinced the whole city that something that had really happened had been only make-believe. No cause for alarm. Voila! A real thing is made unreal.

And I got to thinking, “I wonder how many times this has already been done to us in real life! How hard would it be to manipulate the nooze so it becomes a fairy tale?” We already know the nooze media tell lies; they’ve been caught doing it times without number. Then there are our “scientists”, and politicians. Lies and more lies.

This is what happens to a civilization that cuts itself off from God.

He will eventually correct the error.


So Tired of the Nooze

Home • MotorMouth Ent.

There are, like, 150 nooze stories confronting me today, each of them chattering a demand to be covered. Which ones do I write about?

What about these items, for instance:

*Joe Biden picks himself as his running mate and calls it “two for the price of one–or one for the price of two.”

*After declaring all the statutes null and void because of systemic racism, the state of New York reports an official crime rate of zero percent.

*A new study shows that eating books is good for you.

*The governor of Michigan has accidentally mandated herself to death.

*Matzi Bustoff’s “Silent Symphony,” in which no musical instruments are played, opens to a packed house at Lincoln Center. It receives silent applause.

I dunno… I just can’t choose.