Instant Fake News–Just Add Video

Danny Rahim in Primeval: New World (2012)

In search of mere undemanding relaxation, last night Patty and I watched “Breakthrough,” Episode No. 9 of Primeval New World.

It was very sinister.

Here’s the premise. A dinosaur comes through a glitch in space-time and winds up in Vancouver. The team in charge of containing these incidents doesn’t want a large-scale panic, but this time they may be too late: people at a skateboard park have already caught a glimpse of the Triceratops.

You wouldn’t believe how easily Our Heroes, with the aid of computers, turned this real incident into an amusing hoax quickly unmasked. They convinced the whole city that something that had really happened had been only make-believe. No cause for alarm. Voila! A real thing is made unreal.

And I got to thinking, “I wonder how many times this has already been done to us in real life! How hard would it be to manipulate the nooze so it becomes a fairy tale?” We already know the nooze media tell lies; they’ve been caught doing it times without number. Then there are our “scientists”, and politicians. Lies and more lies.

This is what happens to a civilization that cuts itself off from God.

He will eventually correct the error.


So Tired of the Nooze

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There are, like, 150 nooze stories confronting me today, each of them chattering a demand to be covered. Which ones do I write about?

What about these items, for instance:

*Joe Biden picks himself as his running mate and calls it “two for the price of one–or one for the price of two.”

*After declaring all the statutes null and void because of systemic racism, the state of New York reports an official crime rate of zero percent.

*A new study shows that eating books is good for you.

*The governor of Michigan has accidentally mandated herself to death.

*Matzi Bustoff’s “Silent Symphony,” in which no musical instruments are played, opens to a packed house at Lincoln Center. It receives silent applause.

I dunno… I just can’t choose.

The Secret Trump Vote!

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Ooooh! Democrats have got the heeby-jeebies over the possibility that there’s a “secret Trump vote” somewhere in the Pennsylvania outback  that’s going to materialize on Election Day and poop their party. (Don’t even think about asking for a link. I can’t stay on line long enough to provide one.)

See, the [trumpet fanfare] Narrative they want us to believe is that creepy, doddering Joe Biden already has it in the bag and Donald Trump might as well not even bother to show up. They get this by having Monmouth “University,” known throughout New Jersey as a real party school, poll “registered voters” instead of likely voters–and that gives the Old Crook a double-digit lead.

Would you believe they’re actually talking about “Belief in the existence of secret Trump voters”? Monmouth says 35% of Democrats are afflicted… and it’s spreading to other states.

Of course, you could always put a Trump sign on your lawn and watch your property get vandalized and your kids get menaced. That’s so much more public-spirited than… then not voting Democrat!

Another Noozie Gets It Wrong

News anchor fail: Brian Williams apologizes for lying about his ...

They never tell the truth if they can help it.

Somebody really ought to tell America’s nooze reporters to load their mouths with facts before shooting them off.

Heard this on my car radio the other day, but had no Internet access so I couldn’t write about it.

Some noozie said that if George Floyd had been white instead of black, he’d be alive today.

Tony Timpa, in Dallas, and Timothy Coffman, South Daytona, are white men who are not alive today because police officers did to them exactly what was done to George Floyd in Minneapolis–knelt on his neck until it killed him ( Exactly the same thing!

What excuse did the, er, “journalist” have for not knowing this? Some might chalk it up to simple ignorance; I call it a reckless disregard of the truth.

But noozies don’t do truth anymore. The truth is not in them. Only “narrative”–a synonym for a story that isn’t true at all but gets told to achieve a political purpose. All they’ve got for us is narrative; and none of it is true.

Hate the Noozies, They Deserve It

How to spot a liar: Seven tips from 'human lie detector' Darren ...

So we’re in the hot-as-hades car this morning, en route to the supermarket, and listening to the canned nooze on the radio.

President Trump gave a speech this weekend in which he said America wasn’t going to stand for rioting, violence, and civil disorder. They played the clip. We heard him say it.

And then the noozie comes on and says the president came out against “peacefully protesting injustice.”

But that was not what he said! And it’s certainly not what’s going on in Democrat cities nationwide. “Peacefully protesting injustice”! Do they think we’re retarded? Do they think we don’t speak English? They show us the video of the rioting and then they call it “peaceful protest”! Honestly, that’s not even sane. We’re getting our news from crackpots.

It won’t be enough just to win this year’s elections.

Annihilate the Democrat Party. Put it and its horde of Far Left playmates out of business forever.

Catching Up?

8 extraordinary video moments from 2019 - CNN

I spent the weekend avoiding the nooze. A friend tells me that’s just sticking my head in the sand. I prefer to think of it as trying to avoid burnout.

Our free & independent nooze media want us to think everybody’s lined up with Only Black Lives Matter, you’re all alone out there, you must be a racist. They want us to think the whole country’s falling apart, so they show endless hours of video from a few Democrat cities that really are falling apart because of their Democrat masters’ insane policies and unlimited corruption.

The guests on my chess page are in full surrender mode: America’s doomed, bad guys win, nothing we can do to stop it, etc., etc. Crikey. We sank the Yamato and wiped out the Hermann Goering Division–and we’re going to get conquered by the New York Times and the American Federation of Teachers?

So I’ve been all morning trying to figure out what to write, my viewership is way down, I don’t want to cover nooze that everybody else has already covered, and I just can’t get it into gear. (I’ll take some hymn requests, if you have any!)

On the plus side, our two computers, having heard my wife order a new modem, have decided to behave. “See? We don’t need a new modem! We weren’t really driving you crazy with one problem after another for a solid week–that was sunspots!”

Oh… And the Surgeon-General sez face masks are “symbols of independence and freedom in America.” Y’mean like, say, fetters? Chains? A number branded on your forehead?

Ahhh…. Never give in. Never, never, never, never give in.

Nooze Media: Least Trusted

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Your… er… hit parade

(Thanks to Susan for the tip)

I want to get out there with my cigar and crossword puzzle magazine before it starts raining, but I thought I’d better report this first.

A new Gallup poll, The National Review Reports, shows “Every single group or individual listed in the poll had a higher approval than disapproval rating, save one: the news media” ( The numbers: 55% disapproval, 44% approval. We are at liberty to be astonished that the noozies managed to score as high as 44%. Rather like a tapeworm scoring 440 on the SATs.

By comparison, President Donald Trump scored 60% approval vs. 38% disapproval (at Gallup headquarters there is wailing and gnashing of teeth). Hospitals had 88% approval. Even Congress, poor wretches that they be, managed 59%.

Only the nooze media flunked. Imagine finishing behind a Congress that has Nancy Pelosi in it. They need to find another line of work. Swabbing out latrines, maybe.

Ex-CNN Noozies Now Work for… China!

China's state broadcaster CCTV rebrands international networks as ...

Honk if you’re the least bit surprised by this.

Several American noozies prominently employed by CNN have moved even farther onto the dark side by taking jobs with the “Chinese Global Television Network,” a propaganda agency managed and funded by the Chinese Communist Party (

Here they are, by name: Sean Callebs, Anand Naidoo, Karina Huber, Asiah Nandas, and Jim Spellman. If you actually recognize these names, you’ve spent way too much time watching TV nooze. Try to forget them.

The Chinese Global Television Network features entertaining nooze clips of forced confessions by Hong Kong protesters. I wonder if they asked them nicely.

For American consumption it’s a steady diet of Trump-bashing, most of it simply fictitious. Now you know why they were so interested in wooing jerks away from CNN: these are the ones who’ve had the most practice selling fake nooze.

Gee… Where are they gonna go after they discover Red China’s not far enough left for them?

Is What We’re Seeing… Real?

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I can’t go to all those places and talk to all those people. What I see of the world, I see mostly through the window of the media. And I already know that the nooze media are 100% invested in some bogus “narrative” and that they lie at the drop of a hat.

So is what we’re seeing through that window real, or is it an illusion created by the media for a political purpose by carefully selecting sound bites and images whose effect is to deceive us into buying into their narrative?

You would surely get the impression, trundling through the nooze today, that virtually everybody now recognizes that America’s a racist hell-hole, police are homicidal monsters, white people are evil and need to be brought down–and what’s more, now they know it, and admit it!–and that the slightest word of any race hustler is tantamount to holy write.

But is that a true impression? Is it what’s really happening, or only what the nooze media want us to believe is happening? Remember, noozies never tell the truth if they can help it. Truth burns their lips.

You’d think our country was right on the brink of being overthrown and replaced by a race-based brass-knuckled socialist ant-hill, with no police but plenty of Antifa–and furthermore, that almost everybody wants this!

Will someone please stand up and tell the truth?

‘Vintage Fake News: The Ford Pinto Scandal’ (2016)

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You can get great video if you put a bomb in the gas tank.

Our free & independent nooze media have had a lot of practice cranking out fake news, going back many years. Here’s one of the classics of fake news: the Ford Pinto scandal.

Vintage Fake News: The Ford Pinto Scandal

Yes, they actually put bombs in the car to make it explode on camera so they could say the Ford Motor Co. was manufacturing four-wheeled deathtraps. I don’t remember any nooze executives going to jail for this.

But if you were a retiree with Ford stock, you were in for a pretty bad time–courtesy of our free & independent media.