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CNN: Who, Me???

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From the Absolutely Zero Self-Awareness Dept.: Believe it or not, CNN is going to partner with HBO to make a documentary on “the rise of fake news” (https://www.investmentwatchblog.com/cnn-to-produce-documentary-about-the-rise-of-fake-news/).

In fairness, who would know more about fake news than CNN? Who produces more of it than CNN? Who feels less shame for doing so, than CNN?

They give you the name of the CNN executive who’ll be in charge of this caper, but I won’t repeat it because a) I don’t think noozies should be famous: it’s way too much of a temptation for them; and b) I keep hoping that if we stop making them famous, they’ll just shut up already.

If you can find a nooze network more biased, more apt to cut and pad stories for political advantage, more fawningly and slavishly committed to the Democrat Party (to the point where the two have become virtually indistinguishable), more downrightly mendacious than CNN–well, you must have access to another universe. Unless MSNBC has somehow achieved its long-held dream of out-CNNing CNN. It could happen.

P.S.–CNN has just settled out of court, paying an undisclosed sum, a lawsuit filed by the Covington High School teen who was the target of one of CNN’s more bodacious productions of fake news. I’d like to know how many millions of dollars they had to cough up to get off the hook for that.

My Newswithviews Column, Dec. 19 (‘Young Conservatives–Baloney!’)

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I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again: the problem with conservatism is too many phony “conservatives” who aren’t conserving anything. But the nooze media are convinced that we don’t know that and will never figure it out.

‘Young Conservatives’—Baloney!

If they’re going to lie to us, could they at least come up with some believable lies? It’s insulting, the pap they expect us to believe.

“Young Conservatives”–hot dog!

My Newswithviews Column, Nov. 14 (‘Lessons Not Learned from WW2’)

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You couldn’t give Hitler what he wanted because he wanted everything…

The dynamics of history remain the same, century after century. There’s always some wacko who wants to conquer and rule the world. Today it’s globalists, trying to do by lies and flattery what Hitler and Tojo couldn’t do with all their fleets and armies.

Lessons Not Learned From WW2

Why was Alexander the Great–who was only kept from this venture by his own death–planning to attack and conquer Carthage? And then Italy?

But any globalist will understand his mind-set.

Fake! Fake! Fake!–ABC ‘News’

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No one got slaughtered and it wasn’t in Syria: other than that, fine.

Ooh! “Slaughter in Syria”! And all Donald Trump’s fault, too!

Only it turns out that the “Slaughter in Syria” video shown–twice!–by ABC News was, in reality, video from a 2017 nighttime demonstration at a shooting range in Kentucky (https://nationalpost.com/news/world/abc-news-mistakes-footage-from-a-kentucky-gun-range-as-turkish-militant-attack-on-syria).

ABC “News” aired the video twice, once on “World News Tonight” (Sunday) and again on “Good Morning, America” (Monday). After it was proved that the video came from Kentucky–and two years ago, at that–ABC Nooze apologized for the “mistake” (heh-heh) and deleted the video from both shows.

They got caught.

This is what happens when what they laughingly call “the narrative” replaces honest reporting of real events. “The narrative” called for President Trump to have heartlessly deserted our faithful Kurdish allies, blah-blah, allowed them to be massacred by Turkey, etc., etc. For “the narrative” read “yet another Democrat lie.” Because the nooze industry is nothing, anymore, but a shill for the Democrat Party.

And then the nooze media actually wonder why more and more Americans are coming to despise them? They actually wonder why we don’t trust them anymore?

They’re gonna lie themselves right out of business, and we won’t miss them.

Help! Nothin’ to Write About!

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Boy, oh, boy–if you’re tired of writing about the stupid pseudopolitics of “impeachment,” and other Far Left Crazy projects, you are out of luck!

Like, suddenly the only story in town is this idle, moronic political grandstanding. Like there can only be one story at a time, and all the different nooze media have to report it.

Meanwhile, teachers’ unions are still turning kids into robots, colleges are still gutting our culture on our dime, and yes, we do indeed have an ongoing effort, led by non-elected critters spread throughout the government, to undo the 2016 election and destroy the American people’s right to be governed by whom they choose.

I guess it’s just me. I’m just so freakin’ tired of writing about it. I’m also tired of writing about “education” that isn’t education at all, but only a never-ending quest for imbecility. I’m tired of writing about the nooze.

Well, there must be something that happened out there that we really ought to know about. I’ll just have to keep looking till I find it.

Is the ‘News’ Just a Lot of Big Fat Lies?

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I’m finding it harder and harder to believe anything I read or hear in the “news.”

For instance, if I did believe what they were telling me, I’d have to believe:

Donald Trump is the most unpopular guy on the planet and nobody but white supremacists would ever vote for him.

It doesn’t matter which of their two dozen clowns the Democrats nominate, any one of them will beat Trump in a landslide.

Socialism for America is a done deal.

Transgender is real.

Trump’s impeachment is a done deal.

If by some miracle Trump survives impeachment, he’ll just get totally blown out in the next election.

Hillary Clinton would have made a great president.

And so on, and so on… The trouble is, I don’t believe any of those things. And when noozies try to pass them off as facts, I don’t believe them, either. (“We choose truth over facts!”  –Joe Biden) All they’re trying to do is upset and demoralize the tens of millions of voters who in 2016 chose not to have their country governed by the most corrupt woman in the Northern Hemisphere.

Our free and independent press is going to lie itself out of business.

And they don’t seem to care.

Noozies’ Lament: ‘Why Is Everybody Always Pickin’ on Me?’

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Another clueless noozie has raised the “alarm about rising hostility to journalists as the Trump administration continues to attack the media as ‘fake news'” (https://www.stamfordadvocate.com/entertainment/article/Journalist-says-a-CBP-officer-withheld-his-14493931.php).

Huh? You mean it isn’t?

A “journalist”–whatever that is, anymore–returning home from a trip to Denmark ran into a snag at Dulles International Airport. A Customs and Border Protection officer asked him, “So you write propaganda, right?”

You mean they don’t?

The intimidated noozie has, of course, filed a “civil rights” complaint. What bunk. We admit the officer was out of line. But the whole confounded “journalism” profession has been way out of line for years. It no longer functions as anything but an appendage of the Democrat Party and a mouthpiece for the Far Left Crazy. You have to be a special kind of stupid to deny it.

If there is “rising hostility” to alleged journalists, it’s not Donald Trump’s fault, but their own. As a class they’ve been sniping at Republicans since the 1960s, growing more flagrantly biased year by year. We have learned that we can’t believe anything they say. Our only option is to rely on alternative media, with all its faults. It’s still more honest than CNN. But then so are pathological liars.

Forget about Trump. Was there even a single day when the nooze media did not attack George W. Bush, or shower praise on Obama?

You bet they write propaganda. Nothing but.


100% Genuine Fake News

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So there’s nothing happening in the world but impeachment politics and Democrat fat-heads flapping their jaws? Nothing but politics to write about?

Well, belay that. If there ain’t no nooze out there worth writing about, I’ll jolly well make up my own. Here goes!

A Congressional committee has earmarked $51 million to investigate claims that pro wrestling isn’t real.

Seven spiders have outscored America’s high school students on the Scholastic Aptitude Tests; but the results have been thrown out because it is alleged the spiders cheated.

A new thrill ride at the Sea Colossus Amusement Pier in California launches riders a quarter-mile out to sea. They are expected to swim back.

Chocolate cake builds spectacular muscles and unbreakable bones, according to scientists employed by the Chocolate Institute.

Prehistoric dinosaurs–is there any other kind?–still exist in Magma Township, New Jersey, where a homeowners’ newly planted lawn was ruined by a Stegosaurus “playing around on it,” according to Police Chief Marshall Tito. “He says he seen it and I believe him.” There have also been reports of gigantic tyrannosaurs drinking out of swimming pools and a frisky Dimetrodon knocking over tool sheds. Pointing out that Dimetrodon is not in fact a dinosaur has failed to comfort property owners.

There you have it–today’s nooze. Your money back if any of it turns out to be true!


Pardon My Circumlocution

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I want to write about a smear campaign, but I don’t want to say who’s being smeared or what particular lies are being told about this person. For one thing, it’s a sin to repeat stuff like that. For another–it’s what the smear artists want us to do. Because even if we’re tearing into them and their lies, it’s giving them more publicity–more people who just might wind up believing them.

But something has to be said. Do you see the kind of America the Far Left Crazy is trying to build? This is Democrats at work, with their toadies in the nooze media. They want to cage us in an America where they can destroy anyone, instantly, with unsubstantiated lies: anyone who poses any kind of obstacle to any of their plans.

They want the lie to stick to you even if it’s been exposed as a lie; their tame noozies will see that it does. Sort of like those “racist” labels they stick on four-year-olds in British schools: you’re stuck with it forever.

And it can be any kind of lie they want. The object is not to prove it, but simply to create it and glue it onto the victim’s name. Noozies will then repeat it every time the victim’s name comes up. Eventually some people, maybe a lot of people, will forget it was a lie.

Democrats are refining this into an exact science.

If America can survive as a free republic, under so much attack from within, that will be proof that God is watching over us.

Genuine Certified 100% Fake News

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I don’t feel like covering any of the nooze that seeped out of Mordor this morning. I know they want me to cover it, because they want everyone to hear about it–in hopes that some will believe them. But I ain’t bitin’ on that hook.

Instead, I offer these few items of totally made-up nooze. As the person who made them up, I certify there isn’t a word of truth to them.

*No one can find any of the Democrat candidates for president. As of 6 a.m. this morning they were all reported as missing. No one seems to mind.

*A freak snowstorm this weekend buried a Climate Change march in Stockholm, Sweden.

*A new sex robot designed by Okashiio Baka Industries, in Japan, doubles as a toaster-oven when not being used for the more obvious purpose.

*Another Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to former President *Batteries Not Included “on general principles.” The entire Nobel committee was reportedly drunk at the time.

*The new Michael Moore movie opened to completely empty theaters all around the country, earning absolutely no money. Moore has offered a prize to anyone who can prove he or she saw it.

Gee, this is a lot easier than actual reporting. No wonder the nooze media like it so much.

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