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The long-lost, quasi-legendary Condescending White Liberals Graveyard has at last been found!

Renowned explorer and paranormal investigator Chick Shamble announced the mind-blowing discovery, but refused to divulge its location. “They’ll all be dug up and put back to work in 15 minutes if word of this gets out,” he said. “Now I wish I’d never found it! The place gives me the creeps. All those ghosts babbling about diversity and social justice! Ugh! And they never shut up.”

Shamble said he got the clues he needed just by watching TV news shows. “Whenever they’re short-handed,” he said, “they go out to the Condescending White Liberals Graveyard and dig one up. Slap on some makeup and they’re ready to rock ‘n’ roll. It’s like they’ve never been away.”

You’d be surprised, he added, “in fact, you’d be amazed, to find how how many of those reporters and commentators you see on TV are actually dead. Dan Rather died four years before they took him off the air.”

But they’re not all in the news media.

“How do you think they staff the teachers’ colleges?” Shamble said.

MSNBC Caught in the Cookie Jar

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See Real Combat Footage of “Russian aircraft getting nailed” by Ukrainian air defense! Analyzed by 4-star General (Retired) Barry McCaffrey! See it now on MSNBC!

Only it turns out that the combat footage is a clip from a video game called ARMA 3 (, and Gen. McCaffrey has either been well and truly hosed or is himself a mountebank.

“Experience true combat gameplay in a massive military sandbox!” That’s the sales pitch.

It’s always been very, very hard to get accurate, reliable news of faraway wars. It seems that MSNBC isn’t even trying: they’ll settle for clips from a video game. And call it “news.”

I guess it’s safe that way. You can’t get shot by a video game.

And you can’t get “informed” by MSNBC.

When Mere Garbage Comes Out of Your Mouth…

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Libs and other Far Left crazies really, really, really don’t like being called “groomers.” They’re furious… because the label has stuck.

So MSNBC invited some doofus who used to be with Bush-Cheney before he got woke, and he trotted out the antique cliche, “If Jesus were alive today…” Yeah. If Jesus were alive today, said Matthew Dowd (never heard of him), “he’d be called a groomer.” And “woke” and “socialist,” too. Last time I heard that, Jesus would’ve been a Red Sox Fan.

It’s a Third Commandment offense, taking the Lord’s name in vain.

Howdy-Dowdy dropped Bush-Cheney in 2007 so he could get nice TV gigs as an ex-Republican who saw the light.

But why do the libs squirm so violently when you call them groomers (as in using the public schools to “groom” young children for sexual activity)? What is it about that label that stings them so deeply?

I’m guessing that it hurts so much because it’s true. What other reason could they possibly have for wanting to teach four-year-olds all about transgender and sexual positions?

The only mystery here is why it ever was allowed at all. Maybe people weren’t watching, weren’t listening. Maybe they were even pretending that it wasn’t happening–“Not in our schools!” at least. But now the cat is out of the bag, they’ve lost their deniability: the teachers’ unions are groomers’ unions..

It’s also baffling that many more kids haven’t been pulled out of public school to protect them from the groomers. Folks, that’s the only protection that they’re gonna get.

CNN Headed for the Glue Factory?

CNN+ vs. CNN: Price, launch date, features

They won’t even be able to pay for the sign.

Mainstream nooze has been in trouble for years now. I remember when “Moesha” re-runs did better in the ratings than Dan Rather’s nightly nooze show.

Back before Christmas Bill O’Reilly predicted CNN would be sold this year and all the Far Left fake nooze artists would be fired as the new owners tried to reconfigure CNN into an actual news network. Well, Discovery is about to close a merger deal that will give them ownership of CNN; and meanwhile CNN’s new streaming service, “CNN+,” has tanked, big-time–an “epic failure,” as some describe it, with less than ten thousand daily viewers. That’s the first part of O’Reilly’s prediction come true.

And the sub-headline: “Big Cuts Loom.” The left-wing chatterboxes are going to wind up pumping gas or sweeping the floor at their local 7-11.

They’ve brought it on themselves–not a dry eye in the house. Their four-year orgy of Trump-bashing, seasoned with heaping spoonfuls of outright lies, has carried them to the brink of extinction. Whether the new owners can successfully set up a network that people will watch remains to be seen. They’ll have to deal with the fact that CNN has lost some 90% of its viewership.

This is not rocket science. If your thing is mocking and berating more than half of your potential customer base, you have no right to expect anything but failure.

We need news outlets that actually give us the news, as accurately and honestly as possible. Our Far Left major nooze networks refuse to do this. So don’t watch them. Ever. Let them join CNN on the great media landfill.

‘More Fake News from CNN: “22 School Shootings” (2018)

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The nooze media have been throwing fables at us for a long time. Here’s a whopper from CNN, vintage 2018:

More Fake News from CNN: ’22 School Shootings’

You’ll find 46 comments attached to this. A liberal came in to lecture us, that day. Why do these people take such pains to convince you, “I’m a Republican,” while going into tantrum mode because Hillary Clinton isn’t president? Rush Limbaugh used to call ’em seminar callers.

Meanwhile, CNN has lost some 90% of its viewership. We can root for the remaining 10% to follow.

CNN Sinking Fast, Fast, Fast!

Here's 5 Ways You Can Spot a Sinking Ship – Finance Monthly | Monthly  Finance News Magazine

Do Svidanya, Comrades!

Last year in the first week of January, CNN had 2.7 million viewers.

This year, in the first week of January… 580,000. Ulp! A loss of 90% of its audience (

And in that all-important 25-54-year-old demographic, CNN’s viewership is down some 86%.

CNN has been sort of the flagship of the Far Left Democrat B.S. Nooze Media. Its precipitous lost of popularity has been attributed to a growing perception that the network is full of perverts. Then again, it is a Far Left network and there just aren’t that many Far Left Crazies among the American people as a whole. CNN’s audience is self-limiting.

Somehow this micro-audience has seized control of our country and its institutions.

Let’s pray the whole bubbling mess follows CNN into oblivion.

‘Entering the Age of Fictional News’ (2014)

Organ Grinder and His Monkey | The threepenny opera, The magicians, Art

Running very, very slowly this morning… but probably blessed to be running at all.

There was a dreadful plane crash in the winter of 2014 that brought to light what practitioners called “shaping the news.”

We would call it “lying.”

Entering the Age of Fictional News

They’ve labored on it ever since; and it is, like Scrooge’s, “a ponderous chain.”

I don’t think noozies appreciate how badly they’ve damaged their profession. They are now content, or rather, deliriously happy to play the monkey to the Democrat Party’s organ grinder. That sort of thing would embarrass anyone who was not a “journalist.”

Well, let’s see if some of them start to fall off their perch in 2022…

No Trump? No Ratings!

When to Bid Notrump (And How to Play It): Adam Parrish: 9781943727087: Books

Play it too often and you’ll go down the tubes.

After four years of daily and nightly Trump-bashing, “mainstream news media” outlets–Our Free & Independent Democrat Nooze Media–find their readership plummeting, in one case by as much as 48% (

The Washington Post’s digital subscriptions are some 300,000 short of last year’s total.

President Donald Trump predicted it. “Without me,” he said last year, “their ratings are going down the tubes.”

Big-name ratings losers include the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, Wall Street Journal, Politico, The Hill, and others.

Couldn’t happen to nicer guys.

Tens of millions of Americans have caught on to the “news” and aren’t listening to noozies anymore. The numbers prove it.

Somehow Far Left Crazy took over our news media, our public schools, our colleges and universities, Hollywood, and even professional sports leagues. It happened right out there in front of us and we let it happen.

Now we have to put it right.images of

The Purpose of the Nooze Media

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Is it really that hard to find a Christmas tree?

“I sure hope we can get a Christmas tree,” my wife said. “They’re talking about this terrible shortage”–“they,” of course, being our ever-lovin’ nooze media. But then we heard that friends of ours had just gone out and bought their tree without a hassle, without having to spend a potload of money, with no shortage anywhere they looked–

And that’s our Free & Independent Democrat Nooze Media in a nutshell.

What is its purpose? To keep us “informed”? Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum! That’ll be the day. I turn on the car radio and all this bad nooze spills out of it. Ah! But that’s the clue.

The purpose of today’s nooze media is to create a state of fear that’s intended to have timorous people clinging to the skirts of the government–and willing to sacrifice their liberty if the government can offer them security. They are there to scare us and demoralize us into slavery.

This is idol worship. “Protect us by thy might, Great God our King,” the old song says. Today’s leftids address their prayers to “Science” and the all-devouring state. Give us all yo’ money, cough up all yo’ freedom–and we’ll protect you!

From what?

Oh… they’ll protect Blacky from Whitey and Whitey from Blacky, and protect us all from Climate Change and King COVID the Conqueror, and systemic racism, heteronormativity, intersectional dianetics, etc., etc.

They will protect us from the boogiemen that they themselves made up, to scare us into the shelter of their prison camps.

Government without God, government that’s not accountable to God, is an unnecessary evil. More and more of the world is falling under its shadow.

God will call those who will lead us out of it.

And I don’t think it’s gonna be the noozies.

‘Should Journalists Be Beheaded?’ (2016)

See the source image

Dizzy and Dopey–yer both out, now.

Granted, the art of headline-writing is sinking into the swamp with the rest of our civilization. Even so, you’d expect an outfit like to do a bit better than Imam Says Journalists Should Be Beheaded During Fox News Interview.

Should Journalists Be Beheaded?

Since the performance of, uh, “journalists” during and after the 2020 elections, the question takes on a kind of urgency. Like, maybe we should behead them?

Well, Chris Cuomo just got fired by CNN–by CNN, by cracky!–for lying like a rug and using his position to advance his brother politically. Now some other liar will take his place, and he (or she), too, will lie. Because that’s what Our Free & Independent Democrat Nooze Media does!

The headline makes more sense now than it did in 2016.

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