Noozie Worships Biden

Joe Biden is a man of faith. That could help him win over some White  evangelicals. - CNNPolitics

What’s wrong with this picture?

Welcome to the Day of Shame!

And who better to celebrate it for us than a member of our beloved Free & Independent Nooze Media Inc., a proud idiot from CNN, who sez the lights on the National Mall’s reflecting pool are “like extensions of Joe Biden’s arms embracing America” (

Yeah, yeah, it’s the voice of a god and not a man, we’ve heard that one before. These atheists are always looking for some corrupt pipsqueak politician to worship. They deserve it.

Lord, we tried to stop these abominations from being heaped upon our country, but we couldn’t.

Now all the bad stuff will come out of the darkness for everyone to see.

‘The Snow Apocalypse of 2018!!!’ (2018)

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As it happens, it’s snowing right now, here in New Jersey, although just now it seems to have stopped suddenly.

As hard as it is to imagine, snow in the winter is… well, normal!–for this part of the country. But noozies find that very hard to imagine. Maybe even impossible.

The Snow Apocalypse of 2018!!!

I think most of us have noticed by now that the chief mission of cable TV nooze is to scare the audience. The purpose of the scares is usually to freak us into supporting Democrats and their insane public policies. Among their all-time favorite drums to beat are Climbit Chainge, COVID-19, and White Supremacists–any one of ’em gonna kill ya dead unless you give the government a lot more power. Man-made Climate Change is wholly imaginary, COVID is grossly exaggerated, and if there are more than two dozen genuine White Supremacists in a country of some 350 million people, that would be a huge surprise.

I hope it starts snowing again. I was just settling into it.

First the Sham, and Now the Shame

Overcoming the Paralysis of Toxic Shame | Psychology Today

You may want to go back and re-read this post, “A Glimpse of Total Moral Chaos.”

A Glimpse of Total Moral Chaos

First we have the sham–this intensely disturbed man who calls himself “Rachel” and insists he is a woman–and then the shame: the state of Pennsylvania appoints this wacko to be their top public health official. And the thing he does, in office, is to shove COVID-19 patients into nursing homes–a policy responsible for thousands of deaths last year–while seeing to his own mother’s safety by removing her from a nursing home. Miraculously, he got away with that.

First we have the sham of a Joe Biden presidency–you don’t really believe 80 million people voted for this jongo and then disappeared, do you? A fake president backed up by fake news. And then we have the shame of him announcing his selection of “Rachel Levine” as his assistant secretary of health.

Adding to the shame, we’ll have a multitude of noozies, in virtual unanimity, calling this he a “she” and never, ever mentioning how he winkled his mother out of a nursing home while letting everybody else’s mother take her chances. And we’ll all be expected to share in the shame by pretending he really is a woman when we know he isn’t. How do you keep your self-respect when bullies force you to say things you know are lies?

First the sham, then the shame. That will be the entire Biden “presidency.”

God help us.

If This Were a Tom Clancy Novel…

White House protests: Military troops raise questions of control in DC

National Guard troops are pouring into Washington, D.C.–more than 25,000 of them so far–with our Free & Independent Nooze Media Inc. hysterically babbling about “pro-Trump extremists” gonna stop the inauguration of our fraudulently elected president (

If this were a Tom Clancy novel (I’m not saying that it is), all of this would be a prelude to a staged “insurrection,” shoot a few people they want dead anyway, and used as an excuse to stamp out what’s left of our freedom. Our fake nooze media will blow it up into a national crisis justifying anything and everything the Democrats want to do to us, our courts will continue to refuse to hear evidence–and what can we do? “When the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?” (Psalm 11:3)

I don’t like to entertain such thoughts, but events have imposed them on me. They have to control our lives “because COVID” etc. I feel a burning shame that this could have been done so easily.

God help us. There’s no one left for us, O Lord, but you.

We pray for truth and sanity to prevail, not knowing if they can.


‘A New Low for CNN’ (2017)

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I guess now we won’t be seeing any “Gotcha!” questions thrown at the president by noozies. I wonder who the Dems are going to send out there as the Mouth of Sauron.

Meanwhile, here’s the kind of high-school charlie horse-schiff we’ve had to put up with four the last four years.

A New Low for CNN

What makes CNN so loathsome?

Yeesh, let me count the ways!

A Prediction: Prepare for Scare

Cats watching scary movies video - YouTube

One thing I think is bound to be a feature of this year is scare stories aimed at us from all directions. Scares and hoaxes and we’re-all-freakin-doomed–from the nooze media, assorted politicians, corrupt government officials who think terrified people are easier to keep in line, “teachers,” academic pinheads, and globalist gasbags, just to name a few.

Just in the last few hours I’ve heard scare stories of global power outage, the dollar’s gonna crash, and Trump’s gonna start a civil war, blah-blah. You can shrug it off when it’s just some nimrods on the Internet. But of course it isn’t. It’s highly-paid, high-prestige, sages and oracles and Experts. Who have access to computer models! And when has a computer model ever steered anybody wrong?

The effect of this–you’d swear it was intended, but it’s probably not–will be a state of sheer confusion as to what the “news” is or isn’t. What’s really happening? Who’s doing what to whom? Thucydides, over 2,000 years ago, admitted those were very hard questions for any historian to answer: and he knew, because he’d tried. But how much harder is it now, with everybody and his brother spouting Genuine Bona Fide Bombshells and cluttering up your email with them? To say nothing of purposeful lies, all designed to help the Democrat Party seize power over us, peddled by the “real” nooze media? “It’s being reported in the nooze, so it must be true!” Ghaaa.

Since the Democrats stole the 2020 election, we regular people have been in a kind of state of shock. We will need courage and endurance. What passes for “news”  just now won’t shore up anybody’s courage or endurance.

Pray unceasingly.

Election Fraud: The Aftermath

If you don't stop lying You'll grow up to be a News reporter - iFunny :)

Heaping up the hubris–the “political director” at ABC Nooze wants a “cleansing” of America from Trump supporters (… because, of course, President Donald Trump is “like Hitler.”

We are watching “The Narrative”–that’s noozie-speak for a B.S. story that isn’t true–be crafted right before our very eyes.

*All the riots in all our cities for nine months were just “mostly peaceful protests,” no matter how much property they destroyed, no matter how many people they killed, injured, or terrorized. This was just real nice people demonstratin’ for Social Justice.

*There was no election fraud, no evidence of fraud, all as clean as a whistle–don’t believe your lying eyes. The fraud is going to disappear. You never saw it. You never heard it. Remember how they scrubbed the historical record clean of the Palestinian street celebrations on September 11, 2001. Millions of us saw them on live TV, but now we’re told they never happened, we never saw it.

*In contrast to the hundreds of riots staged this year by Democrats, the one riot–repeat, one–in Washington DC on Jan. 6, in which some people swarmed up the steps of the Capitol–well! That was completely intolerable! Everyone who was involved in it–whatever “involved” means–must be prosecuted! Six months ago, did you hear even one Democrat calling for prosecution of rioters? Even one?

*Hunter Biden didn’t do anything wrong and neither did The Big Guy, his old man, who got 10% of all the swag.

*The Russia Hoax was true after all. But no Democrat did anything wrong.

And the noozies wonder why we hate them.

Nooze Media: They Never Tell the Truth

What is a blizzard? There are 3 requirements - ABC7 New York

So we’re listening to the canned nooze on the car radio this morning, and the big story is a colossal snowstorm heading our way with ten to 15 inches of the white stuff. Panic time!

But when we get home, we check the National Weather Service and find the official forecast calling for only one to three inches.

Do our Free & Independent News Media ever tell the truth? About anything? (Hint: no.)

Why do they do this? Is it just a habit, always to lie? Are their ratings so dismal that the only way they can stay on the air is to make up scary stories?

They don’t just lie about politics.

They lie about everything.

Stop the Presses! (It’s Kanye!)

Why Kanye West should not be President of the United States - Todayville  Calgary

Hold everything! The nooze has just taken an unexpected turn.

Free American Press (FAP) has called the 2020 presidential election for rapper Kanye West.

I think that means Kim Kardashian gets to be First Lady.

FAP has announced that its computers, upon completion of recent updates, recorded 91.2 million votes for the rapper, including virtually unanimous votes in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Arizona. Guam also came out strong for West.

“He is now President-Elect Kanye West,” FAP reports, “and will have to set up an Office of the President-Elect.”

FAP is also counting votes for William P. McScrod, no political affiliation, who has not yet been informed of his write-in-mail-in candidacy. “We are still trying to locate him,” said a source in FAP. “No one seems to know where he lives; but the record shows he voted this year in both Delaware and New Jersey. So at least he’s real!”


‘Entering the Age of Fictional News’ (2014)

See the source image

Looking back on it, I wonder now when “the news” ever was a reliable source of information and not just a propaganda fountain. When did they start habitually lying to us?

Here’s a whopper from six years ago.

Entering the Age of Fictional News

I also wonder what the noozies think they’re going to get out of being the organ grinders’ monkeys for left-wing politicians. Does the monkey feel important? Does the monkey feel like an insider, in on all the secrets, part of the gang?

But no matter how he feels, he’s still just a monkey.