‘Proof That America is Getting Dumber’ (2015)

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Three years ago, all crossword puzzles except for real easy ones stopped being published in crossword magazine, thus slamming the door shut on a peaceful, pleasant pastime. Sorry, but there’s just no satisfaction in answering “four-letter word for this thing with roots and branches and bark.”


Update: I am happy to report that a crossword puzzle magazine for literate adults is now being published again–“Solver’s Choice,” by Dell–and we’ve got one! Like, it’s so satisfying to solve a really hard puzzle that makes you work at it!

Thank you, Dell, for coming to realize that there are still some people in America who like to earn their satisfaction.

4 comments on “‘Proof That America is Getting Dumber’ (2015)

  1. I subscribe to a number of the PennyPress puzzle magazines, some of which still have a few real crosswords. However, I long ago stopped doing crosswords because they HAD become so routine and/or easy, and now I get the variety puzzle magazines, where I especially like the crostics, syllacrostics, codewords, word games (a kind of crostic with tricky groups of definitions), cross sums, logic puzzles, etc. The crostics are my favorites, and I also get some all-crostics books from Penny Press.

  2. I used to do the NYT crosswords because they were the hardest and it took me nearly a week. Then I stopped because the NYT paper itself became too hot to handle and “fundamentally” tried to “change” me. Thanks for the Dell tip.

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