Cats with Charisma

I like cats in all the colors that they come in. The thing about shiny black cats, though, is, their eyes really stand out. That can be very amusing.

Yield the point–cats are fun to watch. You never quite know what they’re going to do next. And now I have to feed mine their supper.

8 comments on “Cats with Charisma

  1. Great clips! I really liked the girl interacting with her cat. I always enjoy when I see youngsters in these videos, taking an interest in their pets. It’s a lot healthier than video games and texting.

    I have heard that many black cats are part Siamese. I’ve had two black cats and both were lovely animals. Feline Hall of Fame material, in my book, not to mention their extraordinary beauty.

  2. This video made me miss my two black cats. *sniff* The first walked in as a stray with party guests on my 2nd birthday and made himself at home. He was my best buddy from then on and slept with me every night. I’m pretty sure he was a birthday gift from God that year. The second was half Siamese–he was a Christmas gift from my aunt when I was in college. Lots of personality, and extremely affectionate. He used to fetch pen caps, which was hilarious. We were inseperable. I don’t get people who hate cats. I can’t imagine life without them!

    1. The two black cats I’ve had both seemed destined to come my way. Both were dearly loved. The cat I have now is shaping up to be a good one, but the little black cat I lost earlier this year was a huge loss.

    2. I have a friend whom became very cynical about religion, but never gave up his belief in God. He said that it would be impossible to explain the existence of cats without a God. He wasn’t referring to the complexity of creating life, which proves that there was a Master Designer.

      What he was talking about the unique behavioral nature of cats fact that this behavior revealed specific input from God. Nothing would behave like a cat does, unless an imaginative God realized that we needed such a creature in our lives, just to let us know something important about how to approach life.

      And it’s true, cats can teach us a great deal about how to approach life. They are tenacious, know how to achieve their goals, yet they have a sense of humor and don’t take themselves entirely seriously.

      It’s possible that I could live through eternity and never again marry; but when I lost my cat, I lasted three days before I made arrangements to get another cat. To me, a cat is an absolute necessity.

    3. It was unbelievable. The house was very empty.

      My cat makes everything just a bit better.

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