Do Inanimate Objects Think?

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A little while ago, our toilet flapper stopped working properly. That’s the little plastic doohickey that lifts out of its hole when you flush and then pops back in to make the water stop running when the tank is full again. I made several adjustments that seemed to work for a while, but in the end, I would up having to lift the lid and put the flapper back in its hole by hand. So we ordered a new one.

I believe the term “Artificial Intelligence” is a deliberate deception; but I wonder: do certain inanimate objects… think?

Because, the very day we were notified that our new flapper is available, the old one started working again. “See? See? I’m all better now, honest! You don’t need to replace me!”

I guarantee you that within seconds of us canceling the order, the old flapper will return to its evil ways and totally stop working.

We’re not going to fall for that.

9 comments on “Do Inanimate Objects Think?

  1. Yes, I have numerous examples of this kind of thing. I have never come up with an explanation. If you do, please let us know. It is a puzzler.

  2. LOL!! Sure, inanimate objects do think. What do the workers (China?) who produced the darn flapper, American college students, democrats, and the AI people all have in common? Anyway, you made this otherwise frustrating event so funny – thanks for the laugh.

  3. Computers and printers are sneaky that way, too. The minute you call for tech support everything magically starts working right again. You suddenly can’t duplicate the problem and look like an idiot. You swear you can hear the machine snickering in the background… Is it just me? 🙂

  4. I’ve worked on some pretty high tech stuff in my day, aircraft, communications networks, etc. but toilet flappers are way out of my reach. I can rig an airplane, but rigging a toilet flapper is something I’ll call an expert for. 🙂

  5. I always keep a spare flapper on hand. What’s really a hassle is when the device that controls the water flow and shut off acts up and needs to be replaced.

    An automobile is an inanimate object that has a mind of its own. It may be making a weird noise or maybe the idiot light is going on and off, but when you take it to the mechanic it purrs like a kitten.

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