‘The People’s Climate March (Can I Wake Up Now, Please?)’ (2014)

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If you could ever overlook their penchant for killing and jailing and terrorizing people millions at a time, communists would be hilarious. I mean, read some of this bilge, count the cliches, and just try not to laugh.


Sure, this was four years ago: but leftids will never give up Global Warming/Climbit Change. They still think it’s a persuasive argument, “Give us all your money and fantastic arbitrary powers, or you’re all gonna die!” And then when nothing freakin’ happens, they can say, “See? It worked! We saved you! Nothin’ freakin’ happened!”

Thank God a lot of people got a lot smarter in 2016.

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4 responses to “‘The People’s Climate March (Can I Wake Up Now, Please?)’ (2014)

  • Erlene Talbott

    We who are awake can just blow them off, knowing how pathetic they really are, as we quote Psalm 2 to all who are in their “camp of stupid”


  • Unknowable

    Wonderful application of scripture, Erlene. I had not contemplated that Psalm in this context, but I’ll be burned if it doesn’t fit: perfectly.


  • marlene

    “Thank God a lot of people got a lot smarter in 2016.” Exactly. But the ladder is so high that I worry about what will happen in 2024 when we learn we’ve still been outfoxed and need to be even smarter – right now? The door for intelligent thinkers is narrower than the door to salvation.


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