Yet Another New Low for Netflix

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This year alone, the perves at Netflix have given us a “Star-Spangled Salute to Abortion,” and then a glamorization and exploitation of teen suicide. But they still haven’t hit bottom.

Now they’re trotting out a new season of a show called “Big Mouth,” described as “animated kiddy porn,” and, by its makers, “coming of age all over the place” ( Another of the show’s writers described it as “super-dirty.” But because they’re using cartoons instead of live actors–the average age of the kids providing the voices for the cartoons, by the way, is eleven years old: paid at the age of 11 for talking super-dirty–they evade legal restrictions on their content.

Planned Parenthood, you won’t be surprised to learn, is a big booster of this show; and the show’s a big booster of Planned Parenthood. Raising up a new crop of PP customers, don’t you know.

The question is, Why would anyone ever produce a thing like this?

Be not deceived: None of this stuff happens without the support and the protection of the Democrat Party.

This is “progressivism” applied to our entire way of life. If left untreated, it will destroy us. Kill the culture, and it will kill you back.

O Lord! If you’re even thinking about letting these people win–! Smite them, O God.

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  1. May God arise and His enemies be scattered. If they are not ashamed of themselves, we are certainly ashamed of them. May this filth be destroyed in the mighty name of Yeshua/Jesus.

  2. It’s hard to believe there is much of an audience for this kind of rot. Netflix may be like CNN – they produce this crap even though they lose money on it. I can just see the gleam in the demons eyes when this program hits the live-streaming venue.

  3. How can this possibly evade laws against child pornography and/or child abuse, especially if actual minors are speaking the filth?

    1. I don’t understand it. They say it’s for an adult audience, but then they brag about how many young teens watch it.
      It would be good for our country if Netflix went belly-up.

    2. Phoebe, I was about to reply to your next comment when suddenly this yellow box sprang up and your comment disappeared–something about some arcane problem with Firefox. I have no idea what happened.

    3. It may be that my comment — on the post about supposed mocking of a certain religion — was shadow-banned because it addressed the subject of what constitutes “mockery” in Muslim sharia law. (Not let’s see whether THIS comment gets erased.)

    4. I couldn’t get it to open as an email, either, so it probably wasn’t some censor at work, but just a computer glitch.
      All of your comments have come in loud and clear today, so far.

  4. “O Lord! If you’re even thinking about letting these people win–! Smite them, O God.” AMEN. I can’t formulate any non-dirty words for this travesty right now…

  5. This is absolutely sickening. I’ve known persons whom had been the victims of sexual abuse during their childhood and the effect is profound. One particular person lost their life, because of the medications required to control the emotional effects this abuse caused.

    It’s not a laughing matter in any sense of the word. Some victims suffer emotional hardship and guilt, some become sex addicts and are unable to live a monogamous life. Victims of childhood sexual abuse don’t look back at this early-age sexual activity with fondness or as some sort of adventure. In every instance I’ve been aware of, it’s been a painful source of shame and/or guilt.

    Netflix has disgusted me to no end, of late. I had Netflix on demand for a number of years, but these days, I don’t have any use for them. In the era of the three major networks, content had to be palatable to a large market and something that advertisers would be willing to attach their reputations to. Now, in the area of paying the content providers directly, they are free to create content without regard for advertiser’s sensitivities. Things are being produced which would have been soundly rejected a few decades ago.

    I will never do business with a company that produces such material, but a lot of people just don’t care anymore. That may be the worst aspect of this; the fact that it is tolerated by so many people. When things like this are tolerated, the collective tolerance of society for such things ratchets further away from the direction of goodness.

    Sexual activity relating to children is no joking matter.

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