A Chip Off the Old Block

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Good grief. I just caught myself duplicating one of my mother’s mannerisms–and I mean to a T.

Ma was very hep to politics and culture, and had absolutely no patience with Cherished Minorities and their sponsors–especially when they tried to come over all precious and sweet. Reading their comments from a newspaper article, or repeating something she’d heard in a nooze broadcast, Ma ascribed to these characters a high-pitched, heavily lisping, garbled delivery.

I just realized I do that. Yup, was doing it just now. Just the way she did it.

Well, Ma, I’m carrying on your work as best I can. I really don’t mind being a chip off your old block.

7 comments on “A Chip Off the Old Block

  1. Unfortunately, I think I’ve inherited all my mother’s bad traits and none of her good ones. 🙁

  2. That was so sweet, chip.

    My mother was wrong about me about everything and I always felt she didn’t know me. So many times I was accused of things I didn’t do and she always took the side of the false accusers. Other times, I thought I’d gotten away with something, but years later she would tell me about it and I would say: “How did you know?” Now, in my later years, I find in many ways, she was right about me. She passed away before I could tell her.

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