Not Getting There Is Half the Fun

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Well, we spent 90 minutes looking for the doctor’s office today and never found it, so the whole thing has to be rescheduled.

Have you noticed almost everybody lies about traveling time and distance? It’s ten minutes from here, the doctor said. Is he mad? It takes ten minutes just to go around the block. When it comes to how far away a destination is, nobody tells the truth.

Mapquest sent us left instead of right, and our doom was assured. We finally found this street that Mapquest said to look for. It was about 50 feet long with a couple of the-worse-for-wear houses on it, opposite a somewhat nasty-looking vacant lot. Not the kind of place I would choose, to set up a doctor’s office.

Now, driving in New Jersey any time, even when you know exactly where you’re going, is something less than a picnic. When you’re trying to find some wretched place by looking at street numbers, everybody else on the road succumbs to hornomania. They would like to kill you.

The air inside and outside the car begins to turn blue with profanity…

Try again next week. Meanwhile, everybody, thank you for your prayers.

3 comments on “Not Getting There Is Half the Fun

  1. Nothing is more stressful than being in a car looking for a street address in traffic with people honking at you (and maybe some verbal abuse and sign language if you know what I mean). Hopefully the doctor didn’t charge you for not showing up – mine do.

  2. I notice they are hiding a lot of places. Maybe they are having fun sitting back and laughing at us as we drive round and round, looking for them, I don’t know, but it is sure time and fuel consuming and no fun for us who are searching and trying to keep other drivers from running into us.

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