And We Have a Winner!

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I had a feeling the comment contest would be won today, and next thing I knew, Erlene had won it: Comment No. 35,000. Time to celebrate!

Regrettably, I am unable to award the Eiffel Tower to the winner; so, Erlene, you’ll have to be contest with an autographed copy of one of my books, your choice (but do try not to pick Bell Mountain, because I’m temporarily out of those). Send me an email to give me your mailing address–oh, and be sure to say which book you want.

Next, starting the day after Thanksgiving, will be our first Christmas Carol Contest. I hope it’ll prove to be a big success and something we can enjoy every year, God willing.

To all of you whose comments made the contest fun, there will be another one by and by. So keep those comments coming!

7 comments on “And We Have a Winner!

  1. Wow! I am surprised and excited!!!! Never thought it would be me, but I
    am sure happy. Thank you, Lee, and thank you, Elijah. I will have to think about my choice a bit, and make sure it is not one I already have.

  2. Congratulations Erlene. As a two-time winner, I can assure you that this will become a cherished possession. And thanks to Lee, as well.

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