My Predictions for Tomorrow

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It’s hard to make predictions when you don’t have reliable information, and that’s exactly what I don’t have. “Journalists” don’t provide it anymore, and we’re certainly not going to get it from our political parties. So all I can go by is what I see:

*Both parties are acting like they’re terrified of losing and think there’s a damned good chance of it. So they oversell everything.

*Both parties seem to be preparing assorted excuses for losing.

*Both parties clearly are trying to scare their voters into going to the polls, shelling out money, etc. I am already scared of Democrats and don’t need prodding. What I do need is facts. But you can’t even buy facts anymore.

Muddying the waters further, the Democrats have gone from proposing bad public policy to offering policy recommendations that are downright outre. Fantastic. “Open borders”–really? Repeal the tax cuts–what? Do they really think those bizarre ideas appeal to anyone who’s halfway normal?

But every time I go to check the nooze, it’s Blue Wave, we’re sunk, they’re gonna win, and get rid of the president, and then it gets really nasty…

So I don’t know what to predict. In June of 2016, right here on this blog, I predicted Donald Trump would be our next president. I think I might’ve been the only one. But that’s what the information I had was telling me.

For tomorrow’s election, I have no information.

6 comments on “My Predictions for Tomorrow

  1. I predict the republicans will win the same way Trump won. I predict the democrats will lose the same way hillary lost. Cheers and tears, interminably. So have faith – the migrants won’t be here in time to vote. Enjoy the hysterical theater of the democrats, as they display their deceitful, lying, insane selves for all the world to see. We’ll be dancing naked in the streets, like David, after all.

  2. The GOP keeps the Senate with mild gains, but the House is up for grabs. The polls are fake, and true investigative journalism is America has died. We need a Christian wave of young God-fearing journalists to be reaised up who do not fear man and get out into the world to learn the truth about what is really going on.

    1. Once upon a time, reporters used to try to write stories that were true. I know: I was there. Us guys ‘n’ gals at the press table would have severely mocked anyone who bent, spindled, and mutilated the news like almost all of them do now.

  3. I predict there will be no blue wave, the GOP will do well, we will keep the senate, and might even keep the house.

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