‘How to Write a Politically Correct Fantasy’ (2015)

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Posting this on Monday for publication today, while we rattle around in New Jersey Traffic, looking for the cunningly concealed doctor’s office. So as I write this, I don’t know what the results of the election will be.

But you don’t need a crystal ball to see what kind of world the Democrats mean to engineer for us. Here is one of its many tedious aspects:


Just remember, if it turned out badly yesterday: we had the chance to crush the Political Correctness party, and we didn’t do it.

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  1. But DID we have a chance? Even this early, the massive election fraud ranging from countless thousands voting who either didn’t exist, were dead, had voted more than once, were felons or illegals etc., added to the Democrat tally. Then we have the obvious fraud at the polling places — voters being told to leave and “we’ll get back to you” or being intimidated and God knows how many votes just “vanished” when the digital ballots were changed by the machines (and we KNOW that happened!). When the ENTIRE ESTABLISHMENT — and especially the Deep State wants a particular outcome, it will GET that outcome! The DS learned in 2016 not to turn its back on the American people or the result could be something it didn’t want. This election they didn’t make the same mistake and neither do I believe they will make it ever again. The “Great Experiment” is OVER, folks.

    1. No. The expected assault on Trump has already begun. Sessions has resigned. One by one they will resign or know that they will be in the cross-hairs of the Deep State.

    2. I hadn’t heard about Jess Sessions resigning, but let’s not jump the gun. Sessions’ having recused himself from the ridiculous “Russian collusion investigation” was a major obstacle to putting a stop to it. It’s not that he was such a bad attorney general in other respects, but his recusal was a problem.

    3. It is my belief that had there been a “red wave” as was predicted by the demographics (the REAL ones, not the fake!), Sessions would have stayed in place and waited to be fired. But when the GOP lost the House, he got out. Timing is everything.

    4. Oddly enough, all the Republican candidates who told President Trump to keep his distance, they didn’t want him… lost. Some of those were races that the GOP could have won, had the candidate not turned on the president. Their behavior did not please Republican voters.

  2. On the morning after, we see the Senate strengthened, and the House lost to Pelosi. Nightmare on Elm St. I’m sure it will be nothing but fight, fight, fight. I’m so sick of it all.

  3. “…we had the chance to crush the Political Correctness party, and we didn’t do it.” Maybe we did – the democrats told us in their own words that they would cheat. I suspect they did – voter fraud, illegals illegally voting, dead votes, felon votes, machines switching votes, ballot fraud, etc. Although we may expect some recounts, i’m worried we might not have the energy or fight in us to fight it. Went I went to vote at the polling station i’ve been voting at for over 30 years, for the first time ever, another polling station opened up across the streets, and there were lines to the corners and around the corners. A large majority of the voters were millennials! I stuck around awhile and notice that many voters spent a scant few seconds in the booth, most likely voting straight ticket. So a neighbor and I did some exit polling for a short while and the margin was 8 votes for republicans to 1 vote for democrats. In my democratically entrench cesspool of a city this has never, ever happened before. Another first time ever was seeing a couple of blacks wearing a “Vote for [republican candidate for governor] t-shirts, handing out republican brochures,

    1. Then you need to find out if the “exit poll” was reliably reflected in the votes. In that these computer generated voting machines can (and do) change votes, if all those millennials voted Republican, DOES THE VOTE IN THE POLLING PLACE REFLECT THAT or does it show that they all voted Democrat? That’s what I mean . . . the electoral process is no longer safe or viable.

    2. I don’t know that yet. Polls in my city are open until 8 pm and I haven’t heard anything yet. I heard from 2 people who conducted similar exit polls, in another part of the city and got results similar to mine, but they have nothing to report yet. I recently learned that in another part of the city, a sanctuary neighborhood for illegals, that the majority of voters didn’t speak English and were loud and rude when asked whom they voted for. However, I expect there to be some voter/election fraud in a democrat-controlled city. My city was visited by both Bush and obama many, many times throughout their “reign.” Bush to swing the governor and obama to steal votes.

    3. Unknowable, it seems to me that republicans in this election would not have split their vote; and neither would the democrats’ base of illegals, and the dead. So how could we have legitimately gotten a split congress? Time, recounts, and more time will tell…

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