More on (Moron) ‘Open Borders’

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There are now a lot of Democrats in the House of Representatives who believe in what it says on that banner, above; so consider it well. No Borders. No Nations. Consider it while Central Americans from a “caravan” are invading us across the border at San Diego.

Have you ever–really, ever–heard any liberal explain how “no borders, no nations” would actually work? If there were “no nations”–and if there are no borders, there can be no nations–how would laws be enforced? Who would decide what the law was, or wasn’t? Mexican drug gangs? How would public policy be administered, and by whom? Most importantly, who would write the welfare checks? And collect the taxes to pay for all the welfare?

The answer to all of the above would be “the most skilled at amassing power for themselves, the most ruthless, the most violent, the best liars, and the biggest sinners.”

We could totally forget about the Constitution, or the republican form of government in general. No republican government could possibly survive the stresses of “no borders.” You’d have to have a government that was bigger, stronger, and meaner than any national government (with the possible exceptions of Mao’s Red China, Stalin’s Russia, and Hitler’s Germany–the three great humanist triumphs of the accursed 20th century). Globalists who wish to rule the world understand this very well. We don’t need no stinkin’ Bill of Rights. The only freedom that counts is the freedom to fornicate, anyway.

Make no mistake about it: “open borders” can only result in the destruction of nations, including our own, and their replacement by a “government” more vast and monstrous than anything humanity has ever seen.

The Democrat Party, which sponsors “open borders” in America, must be thoroughly and for all time destroyed.

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  1. Most likely the former nation would break down into rival warlord territories. And then there’d be a breakdown of infrastructure followed by the usual famine, pestilence, death, etc. It’s happened before.

  2. Basically they want to go back to a time before nation statues where everyone was part of some tribe that all fought against each other. And they call themselves Progressives.

  3. The rhetoric coming out of the Nancy Pelosi types is for the purpose of exciting the emotions of the great unwashed. The Left has spent countless decades preparing a young generation to swallow the socialism bait. If they only knew the “switch” is everyone is equally poor and powerless except the Pelosi demagogues.

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