My Newswithviews Column, Nov. 15 (‘What We Voted For’)

It is inexplicable to me how anyone but a rock-solid Far Left dunderhead could have voted for any Democrat, anywhere. But they did, and the ensuing mischief is off to a roaring start.

Look for things to get very much worse before they get better.

If they ever get better.

7 comments on “My Newswithviews Column, Nov. 15 (‘What We Voted For’)

  1. Not all women vote that way, I assure you. Both men and women vote as they do for various reasons, and I find that most are confused and deceived by various things. In the old days, I knew women who just voted as their husbands told them to, probably not true these days.

  2. Unfortunately, many people are swayed by ads and rhetoric. One of the biggest problems with elections is that so many voters are uninformed. People need to demand more.

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