The Joy of Paper Bags (if you’re a cat)

It was famously reported that Thrasywhatsit asked Socrates, “So, Socrates–which do cats love more, cardboard boxes or paper bags?” Unable to reach a conclusion, Socrates fell down with pink foam bubbling from his ears and had to take a long weekend off.

The cats in this video leave no doubt as to the entertainment value of paper bags.

Too bad they don’t make them big enough for us humans.

2 comments on “The Joy of Paper Bags (if you’re a cat)

  1. If there’s one th7 g more intriguing to a cat than a paper bag, it would be a paper bag with another cat in it. They sure know how to have fun.

  2. Reduce, reuse, and recycle!
    These cats who play with paper bags
    Play to reuse and recycle,
    Reduce not their tails’ countless wags!

    Well, not much of a poem is it? Sounds sort of strange…

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