More Doctoring, More Confusion

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Well, we spent the whole morning at the doctor’s office, and don’t know much more now than we knew yesterday. At least I don’t.

Patty has some kind of problem with her circulation. That’s bad. Other aspects of her health are pretty much okay. Don’t expect a detailed medical report from me. I don’t understand enough to give you one.

The immediate business at hand seems to be dietary modification. My wife is averse to taking a bunch of medicines she never heard of, so that’s off the table, at least for now.

All I really know is to ask for your continued prayers. God’s healing comes without dangerous side effects. I ask for it, many times a day, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

6 comments on “More Doctoring, More Confusion

  1. Yes, prayers continue, and yes, I agree about the medications. There are natural remedies that usually do more than RX’s. A little research should
    give valuable advice. For instance, I have taken garlic caps for years and have kept my blood pressure under control.

  2. Standing with you & Patty every day in my prayers. The marriage bond is a holy one reflecting Christ’s love for the Church.

    In that vein: Today my wife Linda & I have been married 41 blessed years!!

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