So Who’s the ‘Tribal Bronze Age Mythology’ Guy?

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Baal in bronze

Last night some yoik on my chess page described our religious beliefs as “tribal Bronze Age mythology.” It’s obvious he had no idea what he was talking about–but hey, atheists are always the brightest bulb on the tree, and we ought to consider it an honor to be insulted by them.

“Tribal Bronze Age mythology…” Well, now–that would be, I think, creating something with your own hands, like that bronze statue of Baal in the picture, and then bowing down to it, worshiping it, and thinking it can somehow save you. The Bible describes this in many places. For instance, in Jeremiah 2:27, “Saying to a stock [of wood], Thou art my father; and to a stone, Thou hast brought me forth… Arise, and save us.” Those who worship things carved out of wood are as wooden-headed as their idols.

So, let’s see… worshiping your own creation… Now, who does that? Christians?

Oh, wait! It’s not Christians! Like, what are the biggest man-made idols around, nowadays? That would be Science and the State, right? And who worships these creations, Science and the State? I mean, really–who actually believes in Global Warming, and that Government will save us if only we can make it big and powerful enough?

How about that? Those are secular humanist beliefs, not Christian! All those people who say they’re not superstitious, they’re the ones whose heads are still in the Bronze Age, still worshiping idols.

Idolatry has been around forever. Worshiping that which is created, instead of the Creator. Professing themselves to be wise–and boy, do they ever profess themselves to be wise!–they become fools. (“Yeah, but our idols have microchips! Our idols are smart!” Pathetic, really.)

Welcome to the Dark Ages.

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  1. I’ve been reading The Book That Made Your World and, even 10% into the text, it’s obvious that the Bible has improved the lives of people anywhere it is published. I believe virtually none of what I read in the media, these days, because it is the philosophies and wisdom of men, which are mere foolishness to our God.

  2. I’m sure

    I bet he supports abortion. Well, in the bronze age they would sacrifice their children to Baal. Today they sacrifice them to Planned Parenthood and the god of convenience.

    He is not as different from those people as he thinks. Today they have exchanged bronze age mythologies with modern mythologies, and worshipping wooden idols with worshipping the self.

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