Love Endures

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It feels so strange, not to be going to a family gathering for Thanksgiving for the first time in my life.

A few years ago, Aunt Joan and I tried to figure out what was the largest number of people we ever had at her house for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Depending on assorted variables, it came out to seventeen or eighteen. I’m not quite sure how we all fit into the living room, let alone around the table. But we did.

Now, most of us are either dead or else have moved too far away to get together. This was our family, people who loved each other. And the thing about it is, that love is still there: I still feel it. Maybe even more intensely than I did when we were all still there and could take each other for granted, sort of: an ordinary human failing. But the love endures.

As a tribute, let me publish our list: my mother and father, sister and brother, and Patty and me; Aunt Joan, Aunt Millie, Aunt Gertie; Aunt Florence and my cousins, Joanne and Christopher, and Chris’ wife, Marlene; Grammie, Uncle Bernie, and John; Barbara, a forever family friend; and my brother-in-law, Ray. In a sense that’s very hard to describe, they’re all still here, still loving, still loved. Because love endures. I think I love them even more today.

In Christ’s Kingdom we will gather again; and that will be a merry meeting.

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  1. Wonderful. I, too, remember the many large family gatherings. In my dad’s family, there were around 20 with all the generations, and my mother’s almost as many. We had great times.

  2. “…they’re all still here, still loving, still loved.” Awesome! So God made you special, eh? That’s okay, He gave me great health, at my age (but not before I was born again), and despite ice cream, potato chips, and chocolate being my main diet for my entire life. This Thanksgiving I spent with my family – son, daughter-in-law, 3 grandsons, 3 grandchildren – on the phone. I couldn’t get the darn Skype to work! They live in another state. I’m waiting for my next door neighbors to knock and invite me over, for a second round of turkey!

    Growing up, I spent Thanksgiving, Easter, and Christmas with my Italian grandparents, aunts, uncles, great aunts & uncles, cousins. I used to spend 2 of the Feasts with my Jewish grandparents in New York. Thanks for sharing your list, and that picture of someone else’s happy family – lol.

    1. I do have photos of some of our Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, but I don’t know how to make them digital so I can post them.

    2. You didn’t have to. You are what you are, live with it. I know i’m not the only one who thinks you’re a special person. Just ask us – lol

    3. LOL!!! Don’t you have something more important to do? Oh that’s right, get back to work. We need the fruits (of your labor)

  3. I was born into a small family, but had a large extended family. IIRC, I had 19 cousins, 8 aunts, 8 uncles and 3 surviving grandparents at the time of my birth. Almost all of them are gone now and I’ve come to appreciate just how much of a gift family is. I so miss family gatherings.

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