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‘Can Fools Create Wise Computers?’ (2014)

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In a word, No–fools cannot create wise computers. In fact, “wisdom” is not something that can be imparted to any computer, by anyone.


Even so, we have “scientists” warning us that someday the computers are going to be way smarter than us and they’re gonna take over and OMG we’re all gonna die, die, die–!

Well, they’d better do it fast, because we’ve only got 11 years now before Climbit Change does us in.

‘Judging God’ (2015)

Image result for images of human sacrifice to moloch

So is this how it works? In a book which you say is mostly myths and legends, mostly not true, a Person whom you say does not exist took actions which you say never happened–and you hate Him passionately for it?


Why are liberals so much more upset about Canaanites getting iced in the Old Testament than babies getting aborted by the millions virtually before their eyes?

Chill out, sunshine. It was only Canaanite tissue being removed for Israelite women’s health.


‘Survey That Says Christianity is Failing Gets Failing Grade from Critics’

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Lent is just around the corner, and then Easter; and we can expect our fat-head nooze media to come out with their annual announcement that Christianity is just about finished in America.

Here’s how they tried it back in 2009.


This is a “survey” which Dr. Rodney Stark at Baylor University described succinctly as “Baloney!” The nooze media, though, elbowed each other for room on the bandwagon.

Also covered herein is the exercise in shabby liberalism known as the 2009 National Pastors Conference. “The truth is that almost everybody believes in God,” says Dr. Stark. But libs within the church are trying hard to steer that belief away from the true God of the Bible toward some kind of wifty-pifty idol they’ve invented.

There’s no doubt at all that the usual suspects will be up to their usual tricks again this Easter.

And this is our opportunity to speak up loud and clear, for all the world to hear: Jesus Christ is Lord of lords and King of kings, now and forever, and the one and only Savior. Get ready, take a deep breath… and let ‘er rip.

So Who’s the ‘Tribal Bronze Age Mythology’ Guy?

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Baal in bronze

Last night some yoik on my chess page described our religious beliefs as “tribal Bronze Age mythology.” It’s obvious he had no idea what he was talking about–but hey, atheists are always the brightest bulb on the tree, and we ought to consider it an honor to be insulted by them.

“Tribal Bronze Age mythology…” Well, now–that would be, I think, creating something with your own hands, like that bronze statue of Baal in the picture, and then bowing down to it, worshiping it, and thinking it can somehow save you. The Bible describes this in many places. For instance, in Jeremiah 2:27, “Saying to a stock [of wood], Thou art my father; and to a stone, Thou hast brought me forth… Arise, and save us.” Those who worship things carved out of wood are as wooden-headed as their idols.

So, let’s see… worshiping your own creation… Now, who does that? Christians?

Oh, wait! It’s not Christians! Like, what are the biggest man-made idols around, nowadays? That would be Science and the State, right? And who worships these creations, Science and the State? I mean, really–who actually believes in Global Warming, and that Government will save us if only we can make it big and powerful enough?

How about that? Those are secular humanist beliefs, not Christian! All those people who say they’re not superstitious, they’re the ones whose heads are still in the Bronze Age, still worshiping idols.

Idolatry has been around forever. Worshiping that which is created, instead of the Creator. Professing themselves to be wise–and boy, do they ever profess themselves to be wise!–they become fools. (“Yeah, but our idols have microchips! Our idols are smart!” Pathetic, really.)

Welcome to the Dark Ages.

‘The Biggest Ninny in the Bible’ (2015)

This ninny didn’t even have WordPress to make him look like a ninny.


‘A Problem for Atheists’ (2014)

I was kind of hoping this post would grow less relevant as time went by, but that doesn’t seem to be happening.


Judging God

So God is wrong because He won’t share His glory with idols? Ask a liberal!

A perpetual pastime of liberals and other worldly types is judging God–judging Him by the standards of this fallen world, and usually finding Him guilty.

Libs, who don’t even blink at 50 million abortions in America alone–who, indeed, some of them, hail Planned Parenthood as “doing God’s work”–express all sorts of outrage against God for commanding Israel to wipe out the Amorites, dispossessing them from the Promised Land. These events, which happened thousands of years ago, and are recorded in a book which they say is mostly full of fables and fish stories, get them frightfully upset.

We learn from the Bible that God destroyed the Amorites because of certain things they did: human sacrifice, especially of children (sound familiar?), idol worship, and sodomy. He waited patiently, for centuries, for them to stop doing those things, but they only did them all the more.

And He warned Israel that, if they followed the example of the Amorites, He would cause the land to spew them out, too.

We are told by libs that God, in destroying the Amorites, was unrighteous and unjust, not to mention murderous and cruel.

All right, we understand, when that’s coming from an atheist. But I mostly hear it from liberal Christians, who profess to worship and love this same God.

Know this, you who show off to win the applause of this fallen world:

In judging God, you not only expose yourselves as fools, and leave yourselves with no one fit to worship; you also imperil your immortal souls. To set yourselves up as more righteous than God would be comical, if it didn’t have eternal consequences.

He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh; the Lord shall have them in derision (Psalm 2).

You’d better stop judging before He stops laughing.

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