The Biggest Predatory Mammal Ever

I didn’t mean to hit you with a prehistoric critter today, but this video caught my eye and I just can’t help sharing it with you.

Andrewsarchus, from Mongolia, is kind of hard to study because there’s only its yard-long skull that’s been preserved–and only one of those. But if you’ve ever stood in front of that skull, on display at the American Museum of Natural History, as I have, you will stand in awe. I mean, this beast had jaw-muscles as thick as a strong man’s upper arms. It could probably eat your car. In fact, that’s what I think it did eat–cars. With the people still in them.

God’s creative energy–there’s just no reining it in!

10 comments on “The Biggest Predatory Mammal Ever

  1. Wow! The Andrewsarchus must have a sight to behold! (It’s sad that many people believe that the earth is billions of years old even though God created the universe about 6,000 years ago.)

  2. “Prehistoric”? Millions of years ago? Praphrase: And the earth was dark and void of light…and God parted the lands and filled the earth with …and made the stars and the moon…” 6 days = 6,000 years. And God rested = 1,000 years. 2000, almost 6000 years in Jewish calendar. That’s 13,000 years. ???

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