The Doctrine of Despair

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The first thing that greeted me this morning was an email from a Newswithviews reader–one of those emails carrying the cheerful message of “We’re doomed, we’re cooked, the bad guys totally win, the ones you thought were good guys, they’re the bad guys, too,” and so on.

I get a lot of messages like that, embracing–and, it would seem, trying hard to pass it on to the next poor guy–a doctrine of despair. “Game over, man! And it never was a game in the first place, we lost before it even started!” Woe is us.

And he goes on to tell me that everything and anything we try to do is futile because every single thing that happens in the world is totally planned and micro-managed for the benefit of [anti-semitic adjective deleted] “bankers” and the like–all-knowing, ubiquitous, all-powerful… and yet curiously unable to conceal their subtle machinations from Joe Blow on the Internet.

It’s true that there’s always some gavone, or group of gavones, trying to rule the world–or at least as big a chunk of it as they can grab. That’s a dynamic of history. Once upon a time it was the likes of Caesar, Genghis Khan, or Hitler. They tried to do it by force of arms: mostly someone kills them before their career is quite over. Nowadays it’s dorks in suits who want to set up a world government with themselves in charge, and think they can do it with Science instead of armies. Give us absolute power over every minute aspect of your lives, and we’ll save you from Climbit Change.

Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing? The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord and against His anointed, saying, Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us.

He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision. (Psalm 2:1-4)

God is laughing at these globalist big shots! They are, in His eyes, less than a bucketful of tadpoles.

True, it’s not so funny for us, when some wannabe master of the world starts a war or a famine, and a lot of us die. But there is no conqueror who ever stood alone. A crowd has to march behind him if he’s going to get anywhere. And they all have crowds of supporters–until the crowd turns against the leader and starts pulling down his statues.

To ascribe total power, omniscience, and omni-competence to people whom God is laughing at seems to me both unwise and impious. They do not know everything, they do not control everything, their plans are as full of holes as Swiss cheese, and God always smacks them down before they can finish their work. That these individuals and their pals are rich, powerful, and evil is true. That their fate is to be cast into Hell is also true.

The only right to world government belongs to Jesus Christ: and God the Father is jealous of His right.

By sitting around moping, giving up, throwing in the towel, giving way to despair, we only help the villains do more harm than they could have done if they’d been vigorously opposed from the beginning. I mean, really–look at them! The best they can do is Hillary Clinton? George Soros? Crazy Joe Biden?

Why aren’t you laughing?

It’s true that wicked leaders in the West have, in our own lifetime, managed to debase and corrupt their countries more than any of us would have thought possible. Those things were accomplished by very small minorities working fanatically, tirelessly, single-mindedly to get what they wanted. They weren’t more intelligent than us; they just worked harder.

Learn the lesson. And let’s prove we’ve learned it by annihilating Democrats in the next elections.

12 comments on “The Doctrine of Despair

  1. I can understand how people feel. Every victory is followed by fifteen defeats and thus becomes nullified. Trump was a great victory over the Deep State, but many thought Trump would be a president as other presidents. No way. The Deep State has been fighting back in every way including the massive voter fraud in the last elections (the DS recognized that they got Trump because they had been overconfident that Clinton would win! They won’t do THAT again!) and all the rest.

    Yes, despair and despondency are understandable but that is only if you believe that this world is the ONLY reality. Believing Christians do not. We recognize that the world has gone through periods of great suffering whether because of nature or man, and will do so again until Our Lord’s return. Remember, THE WAR IS ALREADY WON, we merely have to fight the battles to the best of our ability to be faithful to what Christ has asked of us, His children.

    We must never despair; that is the Enemy’s tool. However, frankly, I can understand the occasional bad word and dark thought. It really is so VERY annoying when these idiots gain a victory through lies, deceit and violence. One of those stress thingys that you squeeze sometimes helps; also a nice hot fudge sundae or, in the alternative, a tall a bloody Mary.

  2. Absent the guidance and hope of the Bible, people revert to despair and fall into line with the Buddhist conclusion that life is suffering. It’s Satan’s lie, repeated infinitely. God has already paid the price of redemption by sending Christ to die for our sins. Why wouldn’t He act to save mankind?

  3. The bad news is eventually the globalists do win. There will be a final world empire headed by the antichrist. The good news is it will be short lived. It will end in destruction and the return of Christ. Of course that doesn’t mean we should sit on our hands and do nothing until then.

    On a side note, I see antisemitism on the rise again. Just like in times past conspiracy theories and antisemitism go hand in hand. It seems we never learn from history.

    1. Win or lose, we must fight the good fight. Yes, God wins in the end, but He has asked us to do our part as His believers.

  4. “To ascribe total power…” made me feel a wave of sanity washing over me like a light gentle wind of reality. Thank you.

    1. I hear you. Many times when I want someone to feel better, I quote you. Please don’t “blush” – lol

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