Screaming Fish–Really?

Mr. Nature here–and today our safari takes us to tropical shores around the world.

These small fish, mudskippers, have intrigued me ever since I first encountered them, as a little boy, in Bertha Morris Parker’s Natural History–and in the Sunday color comics, Mark Trail.

But I never knew, until I found this video today, that they could, well, scream.

Mudskippers live in intertidal zones and when the tide goes out, they emerge from their burrows and wander around on the mud, feed, mate, court, and fight over territory. They can breathe air through their skin, like frogs: which means they don’t dare dry out or they can’t breathe; but as long as they can stay moist, they can live out of water. And roll their eyes independently of one another. Like chameleons.

As for the screaming, suffice it to say I have doubts as to the reliability of this assertion. But even without the screaming–they can make other sounds as well–it makes for pretty cool video.

God’s stuff–just when you think you’ve figured it out, you run into mudskippers.

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5 responses to “Screaming Fish–Really?

  • Unknowable

    That is an amazing creature. It simply ignores the rules of taxonomy and does as it sees fit. It can do this, because it is created and created for a purpose. I have heard that opinion that these fish are proof of evolution, but I see them as proof of Purposeful Design.

  • Erlene Talbott

    Purposeful design, no doubt about it. I feel sorry for the fools who still try to believe in the lie of evolution. It is because they WANT to believe.

    • leeduigon

      Now, now–be fair. I grew up believing in evolution. Because everybody else did, no one ever questioned it, no one ever criticized it, etc. Its truth was a given. It never occurred to me to doubt it until I was in my late 40s.

  • Unknowable

    I always believed in God as a creator, but had some influence from evolutionary thinking in my understanding of how the stars and planets formed. After a time, I came to realize that the arguments of astrophysics were not so pat as they claimed to be and changed my thinking on the matter.

    No one knows just how it was actually created. The theories regarding how gravitation works and how it affects the rotation of galaxies, etc, has left them in a position where they need to have “dark matter” and “dark energy” in order to make their theories reconcile with observations. The fact that they cannot describe either of these things seems to bother them not at all, although at least one scientist has stated that they shouldn’t invoke the tooth fairy more than once.

    I like his point. We’ve observed and learned a lot about the Universe, but claiming to have it all figured out is a bit over the top. The laws of physics have a source, and that is our God.


    God’s creation continues to mystify!

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