Snow Puppies

No, they’re not related to mud puppies. These are fuzzier, and don’t have gills.

Dogs and puppies love snow–well, the ones in this video do. Reminds me of how deliriously happy it used to make me when it snowed a lot and school was called off for the day.

3 comments on “Snow Puppies

  1. Almost all the kids were thrilled when school was called off- not me, though, I loved school. I was the odd ball.

  2. It’s fun to watch young critters discovering something new like that. The little fell about 20 seconds in was sure cute. This tells us something about God; He made his creations in such a way so as to be able to enjoy life.

  3. Nice video of cute dogs!

    A few days ago, my brother, Jay, and I went on an adventure: we climbed a mountain, Mt. Rai, by ourselves for the first time! We now know a little of what Jack and Ellayne went through on their adventures! Hiking up Mt. Rai was quite an adventure. I’ll probably write a little more in detail in a future blog post. (P.S. – Some things didn’t go well though…)

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