‘Silent Night’–in Japanese

I asked Joshua if he could find us any Christmas hymns in Japanese, and he came up with this: Silent Night (“Kiyoshi, Kono Yoru”), sung by Ashley Serena. Thanks, brother!

“A house of prayer for all nations…” If wonder if any of the apostles during Pentacost, when they spoke in tongues (Acts 2), spoke in Japanese. Betcha someone did.

16 comments on “‘Silent Night’–in Japanese

  1. Wonderful – thank you Joshua! I watched “The Traditions of Christmas” on OAN today. So many cultures have different versions of the Spirit of Christmas. In Japan it is a woman; same in Italy. We become myopic when we think it’s Santa Claus all over the world (even though he’s the best one 🙂 ).

  2. Awesome! Through the phonetic translation, I can learn more than ichi, ni, san…and hai! When I hear hymns in a foreign language, it makes me feel close to other Christians around the world. The body of Christ. The best restaurant in Japan I believe is Norisawa [sp]. Kanichiwa [sp], Joshua, and Lee.

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