(For Openers) The Sussex Carol

No Christmas hymns submitted for the contest this morning–where did everybody go? So let me see if I can start the ball rolling with this, one of my favorites: The Sussex Carol, performed by Maddy Priot and the Carnival Band, the old-fashioned way. Is that somebody playing a sackbut in the background? Wow!

5 comments on “(For Openers) The Sussex Carol

  1. Hello, Mr. Lee Duigon! I’m Jeremy, Joshua’s younger brother, and this will be my first comment on your blog. I decided to make a request, which is ‘O Holy Night’ by Il Divo. Thank you! 🙂

  2. Can’t get enough of this kind of music. Seems more Christmasy than most of what passes for Christmas music. For instance, what does “Baby, It’s Cold Out There” have to do with Christmas?

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