Satan at the State House

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Would you buy a used car from these people?

If you don’t think we need extra-strength prayer at Christmas–to say nothing of the rest of the year–you need to take another look at the nooze. For instance:

This year they’re celebrating Christmas at the Illinois State House by setting up next to the Christmas tree a sculpture donated by the Chicago branch of The Temple of Satan–if that’s not a tautology (

State officials say the First Amendment forces them to give equal time to Satan-worship–an interpretation of the Constitution that would have surely astounded its authors.

The sculpture is a black cube, out of which arises a hand holding an apple, with a snake wrapped around the forearm, and the motto, “Knowledge is the greatest gift.” Uh-uh–like the ungodly actually know anything. (“Whaddaya mean? We listen to NPR!”)

Meanwhile, the world now has something it’s been breathlessly waiting for–the first sex robot for women!

Do I want to link to that? Naaah….

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