‘Principal to Parent: “Shut Up”‘ (2013)

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Remember this? Remember asking, “Who the devil do these people think they are,” and getting no answer?


Just because President Trump’s administration has throttled way back on Common Core–that was the Obama project of having the federal government micro-manage all the public schools in America–doesn’t mean it’s gone away. It’s only waiting for the next Democrat president to come roaring back.

Sort of like an unexploded bomb ticking away in the cellar…

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  1. I work in public education and Common Core has changed education completely! The teachers absolutely hate it! it has completely taken away their creativity and caused them to basically become robots. They have to follow one path and cannot stray because they are “graded” on their performance based on how they teach from the Common Core guidelines. Ridiculous! They truly do not get paid nearly enough for what they do. Believe me! I see it every day. Not only do they have to deal with Common Core, but they also have to deal with the break down of basic family values. These kids are completely disrespectful to adults and each other. They don’t even respect themselves. There is no discipline in the home anymore and people have long since forgotten that Christ is a very important part of a child’s upbringing. Very sad state of affairs all the way around. It’s very difficult to observe and not be able to do anything about it. Let’s get back to basics, shall we??

    1. I thought they’d throttled back on Common Core, although of course I know it hasn’t been repealed.
      The schools have contributed heavily to the decay or our social institutions. A hundred years ago, it was the teachers’ unions that opposed the bizarre schemes of “educators.” But not anymore.
      The recent Supreme Court decision, that unions can no longer automatically remove money from members’ paychecks to donate to political parties, may eventually do much good–if we can hold out that long.

    2. Unfortunately, they have not throttled back on Common Core. At least not in New York State. And the Districts are scored based on the students’ performance on the Regents Exams which are based on Common Core. There is a lot of pressure on the administrators and teachers thanks to “big government.” They are told what to do and have no choice to do it if they want to remain employed. These are the people that “we” keep voting in! It’s the Cuomo’s of the the country and the rest of the evil ones. Nothing will change until people wake up and starting fishing from the right side of the boat! That’s the real answer. Get the bad guys out of office. The ones that want to make our children robots. Not everyone can afford to send their children to private schools, so pulling all children out of public education may be a solution, but it’s not a feasible one. The best answer is to revamp the public education system and bring it back to what it used to be. Let teachers teach and be creative so that children can become truly educated in ways that will be meaningful. Things that they will need to remember throughout their lives and not fill their minds with unnecessary, meaningless information.

    3. I don’t believe it’s possible to fix the public schools. The biggest problem is the teachers’ unions, which are totally Far Left Crazy regardless of how some of their individual (and unwilling!) members might feel.
      Kill public education, and organized liberalism dies.

    4. That is very true also! The teachers’ unions are totally Far Left Crazy. Maybe they should just remove unions all together and that issue would just go away.

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