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‘Principal to Parent: “Shut Up”‘ (2013)

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Remember this? Remember asking, “Who the devil do these people think they are,” and getting no answer?


Just because President Trump’s administration has throttled way back on Common Core–that was the Obama project of having the federal government micro-manage all the public schools in America–doesn’t mean it’s gone away. It’s only waiting for the next Democrat president to come roaring back.

Sort of like an unexploded bomb ticking away in the cellar…

‘So, Kiddies, You Get Drunk and Have Sex…’ (2015)

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Common Core has been toned down a bit since *Batteries Not Included left office, but don’t think stuff like this isn’t going on anymore in our public schools. And you don’t have to be inside a classroom to see it going on in our pop culture.


There is a presupposition among liberals that teenagers will naturally get drunk, take drugs, and have sex whenever and wherever they possibly can. For some this has become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

It does make me wonder why liberals ever consent to have children in the first place. It seems at odds with their never-ending campaign to abolish the human race.

‘Common Core Teaches Only “Science” is True’ (2015)

For those who claim they still can’t see what I’m getting at when I say liberals have been debauching and debasing our culture, creating the moral vacuum in which “school shootings” can occur, get a load of this. In 2015, the federal government of the United States–I defy you to find a Constitutional warrant for it–was declaring, via Common Core, that there are no moral facts and that only “scientific facts” are true.

Under President Trump, Common Core is mostly dead. But as Miracle Max says in The Princess Bride, “Mostly dead is a little bit alive.”

That job needs to be finished. Hammer, stake, and garlic, please.


‘So, Kiddies, You Get Drunk and Have Sex…’

Ready for another inspiring example of our wonderful public schools at work?

As part of a language arts lesson, kids at a New Jersey elementary school were required to write an essay dealing with a hypothetical situation which begins with the student going to a party and getting drunk or drugged. ( http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2015/11/05/eighth-graders-asked-to-write-about-booze-herpes-and-one-night-stands.html )

“You end up having sex with this person… A week later you find out that you have contracted herpes… and that this is a disease that you will have all your life and never known when an outbreak will occur.”

“Never known?” That’s some language arts, eh?

The lesson is from [trumpet fanfare] Common Core, the federal government’s inept and costly show of micromanaging all the public schools in America.

Aside from being a very poor example of the application of the language arts, whatever they are, this little scenario makes several assumptions. 1) Teens and pre-teens will go to parties where no adult is present, because no parent  cares enough to be bothered. 2) The children at these parties will consume drugs and alcohol, and no parents will ever find out and put a stop to it. 3) Once they’re properly liquored up, children will have sex with whoever comes along and probably wind up with a sexually transmitted disease.

At that point they have demonstrated their readiness to be registered as Democrat voters.

Common Core and your child’s public school classroom teacher take those three assumptions for granted–hey, that’s just how it is, being a 13-year-old these days. Every parent ought to know that.

Please do not leave your children in those schools.

It’s not healthy for them.

Common Core: 5+5+5 Does NOT=15

In the stupid world of Common Core, third grade math, 5+5+5=15 is a wrong answer ( http://www.businessinsider.com/why-55515-is-wrong-under-the-common-core-2015-10 ).

We who have not had our brains baked by Common Core know that the equation is correct. But Common Core is trying to teach multiplication via a “repeated addition strategy,” which requires the kiddies to rephrase 5 X 3 as 3+3+3+3+3=15 instead of 5+5+5=15.

What’s the difference?

The use of the repeated addition strategy, 3+3+3+3+3–get this!–is supposed to come in handy when the kiddies are in high school learning multivariable calculus.

Multivariable calculus? Are you for real? We’re talking about kids who can barely write their own names, think Switzerland is an island in the Pacific Ocean, and are not quite sure that Star Wars isn’t real. Has anybody who has anything to do with designing Common Core ever been inside a classroom?

One is led to wonder whether anyone at all involved in the higher strata of public education is a total blithering idiot.

We used to memorize the multiplication tables. The question of why 5X3=15 is of no practical use to anyone and need not be considered.

Public schooling: making America a little dumber every day.

Some Things Trump Can’t Be Blamed For

Donald Trump–whatever else you say about him, he’s not them.

Living as I do in the New York media market, Donald Trump has been annoying me for decades.

If the 2016 presidential election were held tomorrow, I’d vote for him.

Here are some of the things that can be said for Donald Trump.

He has not sought to erase our country’s borders.

He has not participated in the radical redefinition of marriage.

He did not promise to stop Obama, win the ensuing election hands-down, and then turn around and cave in to Obama every chance he got.

He has not cut any sweetheart deals with Iran or any other enemy of America.

He has not handed over public money to Planned Parenthood.

He has not driven the United States $18 trillion into the hole.

He has not sought a federal takeover of America’s schools, and wasted public money on the project.

In short, he has not been an accomplice of our current gang of leaders on any of their wicked, frivolous, wasteful, misbegotten projects. And I don’t think there’s any way they can coerce or con him into joining them. He can tell the Chamber of Commerce, the big donors, La Raza, and Organized Sodomy to take long walks off short piers.

As far as I’m concerned, it’s Trump by default.

Common Core Teaches Only “Science” is True

If you read nothing else today, read the New York Times article by philosophy professor Justin McBrayer, “Why Our Children Don’t Think There Are Moral Facts” ( http://opinionator.blogs.nytimes.com/2015/03/02/why-our-children-dont-think-there-are-moral-facts/ ).

Professor McBrayer discovered that, as part of Common Core–control of public education curriculum, nationwide, by the federal government–children are being taught that something is either a Fact or an Opinion. A fact, said a poster in his son’s second-grade classroom is something that is true about a subject and can be proven. An opinion is what someone thinks, feels, or believes.

So what’s wrong with that?

First, says the professor, the teaching is that “truth” and “proof” are the same thing–when, of course, they aren’t. “It’s a mistake to confuse truth (a feature of the world) with proof (a feature of our mental lives).”

Second, he explains, the teaching is that any claim is either a fact or an opinion–never both. “Value claims,” therefore–claims that an act is right or wrong, good or evil, “are not facts.”

Yup, everything but mainline “science” is just a fantasy in someone’s individual mind, and can only be ignored.  So there’s no such thing as “truth”: it’s either “your truth” or “my truth.” Thank you, Pontius Pilate.

The professor is right on target, as far as he goes. But his article does not explain why the same moral illiterates who teach children that the only claims that are “true” are those “facts” established by Science, fly into a frenzy at the slightest suggestion that, for instance, marriage consists of a man and a woman. There is no “scientific proof” that it does. There is no “scientific proof” that it doesn’t. But just say the magic words, and that whole “your truth, my truth” thing goes out the window and the Diversity crowd wants to destroy you.

Prof. McBrayer does suggest that there is a certain element of Doublethink involved in this whole enterprise. That’s putting it mildly.

So what do you get when you have “scientific truth” without any concept of moral truth?

You get Frankenstein. Every single time.

Education Nabob Rails Against ‘White Suburban Moms’

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, who used to preside over the circus of overpriced failure that is the Chicago public school system, has blamed “white suburban moms” for problems with “Common Core”–the scheme to have the federal government micro-manage all the nation’s public schools ( http://news.investors.com/ibd-editorials-obama-care/111813-679647-duncan-blames-white-suburban-moms-against-common-core.htm ).

Common Core uses grammar, math, science, and history lessons to indoctrinate children into a state of left-wing Kool-Aid drinking–with lessons like, for instance, “The people must obey all the commands of government officials.” Sit. Heel. Beg. Roll over. Because the program is so enormous, unwieldy, and messianically ambitious, the feds have had a lot of problems with it.

I have interviewed Arne Duncan. What he wants for public education, down the road, is for children to be in school 12 hours a day for at least six, and maybe seven, days a week, all year round–no summer vacation, no time off for good behavior. This is because he believes families are incapable and irresponsible, fathers don’t really exist, and only the government has what it takes to raise children.

But it’s all the soccer moms‘ fault that Common Core isn’t a roaring success–them and their naughty pushback.

Then again, soccer moms voted for the Big Golem in the White House who made Arne the Grand Sultan of Education, so maybe it is their fault, after all.

You want leaders who will “take care of you”?

Sit. Stay. Play dead.

More Crap from Common Core

Remember how you learned the use of possessive nouns, like “mine” and “yours” and “Bozo’s,” when you were in school?

Well, here’s a lesson on how to use possessive nouns. The lesson is part of the glorious educational extravaganza of Common Core–that is, lesson content provided by the federal government. (Source: http://weaselzippers.us/2013/10/31/more-common-core-indoctrination-the-people-must-obey-the-governments-commands/ )

Ready? Good. Rewrite these sentences using possessive nouns.

The commands of government officials must be obeyed by all.

(Answer: The government’s commands must be obeyed by all.)

The wants of an individual are less important that the well-being of the nation.

(Answer: The individual’s wants are less important that the nation’s well-being.)

Can you imagine George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, or Patrick Henry writing this bilge? Can you imagine them even having to read it?

Yes, folks, keep on sending your children to those wonderful public schools. “Send us a human being, and we’ll send you back a robot”–National Education Association motto.

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