‘Common Core Teaches Only “Science” Is True’ (2015)

This is the real science that 'inspired' the gruesome story of Frankenstein's monster

Repeat after me: “Only Science is true… only Science is true…”

You don’t hear much about Common Core anymore. It was a scheme to bring “education,” content and all, under the strict control of the federal government. Perhaps it has done what damage it was going to do, planted the seeds of more, and then went quietly on its way.

But it has left its mark. It made great strides toward achieving moral illiteracy on a national scale.

Common Core Teaches Only “Science” is True

Yup, no moral facts! Only Science is true! And we all know how true that is, don’t we? Excuse me while I laugh until I puke.

Yeah–let’s entrust our future to Fauci & Co. See how fast that can drive us to extinction.

Kids Need Rescue–from Public Schools

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Exodus Mandate has been a leading critic of Common Core and other “educational” malpractice.

You don’t have to have children or grandchildren in school to be distressed by what the public schools are doing. Racial paranoia, racial strife, transgender propaganda, grooming kids for sex–the news makes your flesh crawl… but what can you do?

There are many things that can be done, and here’s one of them.

Contribute to the Exodus Mandate (exodusmandate.org). Or contact them to see if there’s a Christian school project in your area that could use your help.

Exodus is celebrating its 25th year in ministry. They’re currently helping the Illinois Family Institute and Public School Exit start up Christian schools across the state of Illinois. Exodus Mandate lends a hand to such projects throughout the country.

Actually, there really is a nationwide movement to get kids out of the teachers’ unions’ Far Left Crazy public schools–“Broken beyond repair,” as Exodus Mandate says. But that’s no exaggeration, and Exodus does important work liaising with and encouraging local grassroots efforts.

Exodus President E. Ray Moore had been working very hard, making the rounds of Christian media, fielding phone calls and emails from all over the country. I’ve interviewed him several times, over the years. This man doesn’t give up easily.

For more information, phone the Exodus Mandate at 803-714-1744. You might find out there’s a Christian school project in your own neighborhood–and maybe you can help.

One thing I’m sure of:

Put an end to public schooling, and the Far Left dies.

Is the Vatican Losing Its Mind?

It’s been some fourteen years since I published my series of articles on paganism in the Church–that is, the Church that is the body of Christ, the brotherhood of all believers.

Paganism has not been purged from the churches. In fact, it’s been invited into the Vatican.

This year, at a Christmas concert at the Vatican, Catholic cardinals crossed their arms over their chests to “feel the heart of Mother Earth,” aka the pagan goddess from the Amazon, Pachamama (https://www.churchmilitant.com/news/article/pachamama-pops-up-at-vatican-christmas-concert). Look at the picture. You can see them doing it.

The show was hosted by a priest.

Uh, guys… maybe you need to go back to the Bible, huh? There is no “Mother Earth” or “Pachamama” goddess. The earth, you see, is a creation: the work of God the Father’s hands. There’s this little essay in the Bible–that’s the book that says “Holy Bible” on the cover, for those of you who haven’t seen it before–called Romans Chapter 1, and you should brush up on it. Really.

Meanwhile the pope himself rapped the “rigidity” of “traditionalists” in the Church–those are the ones he thinks are the bad guys, who stubbornly refuse to understand that “All of us,” as he says, “are called to build a global village of education,” yatta-yatta. You think Common Core was bad? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

Don’t get cocky, Protestants. This stuff goes on in a lot of your churches, too.

“Who is on the Lord’s side?” Moses cried. “Let him come to me!”

You can’t serve a “goddess” and the Lord. It is inexplicable that this pope does not seem to understand that.

‘Common Core Teaches Only “Science” is True’ (2015)

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“Yes, master… Science is always true…”

Walk into any public school or college classroom where they teach, “There is no truth, there’s only your truth and my truth,” and watch what happens if you let it out that your truth is that marriage consists only of a man and a woman. Rig for collision!

Common Core Teaches Only “Science” is True

We like to think that Common Core is mostly dead; but, as Miracle Max once said, mostly dead means a little bit alive. For the most part, all they did was change the terminology and rewrite some pieces of it.

All this culture-killing poison comes oozing out of what we call “education.”

And if we don’t stop it, it will stop us.

‘So, Kiddies, You Get Drunk and Have Sex…’ (2015)

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Sometimes it just paralyzes the mind, to think that our government–that we pay for, that’s supposed to represent us–gets up to wicked mischief like this.

‘So, Kiddies, You Get Drunk and Have Sex…’

This “lesson” was for eighth graders, 13-year-olds. It was perpetrated by the government, under the guise of Common Core–the federal government’s scheme for to micromanaging every public school classroom in America.

Why don’t we hear much about Common Core anymore?

Mostly because Common Core got real unpopular–so the states that had it stopped using the name and “rewrote” a lot of it. So a lot of states still have it. The Trump administration isn’t pushing it, but hasn’t been able to get rid of it entirely, either.

If we ever elect another Democrat president, Common Core will come roaring back in all its awfulness.

‘Common Core: 5 + 5+ 5 Does NOT = 15’ (2015)

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Hey! Let’s have the federal government micromanage every public school classroom in America!

The result of that brainstorm was “Common Core,” and suddenly 5 + 5+ 5 doesn’t equal 15.

Common Core: 5+5+5 Does NOT=15

Common Core soon wore out its welcome and, one by one, states have been repealing it. You don’t hear much about it anymore.

But don’t be fooled. Mostly what they did was change the names and plug in a few rewrites. Public school still sucks.

‘More Crap from Common Core’ (2013)

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If you missed this the first time around, well, I think it bears repeating now and then. Because nothing captures the fat-headed hubris of the last presidential administration better than this so-called “language arts lesson” from Common Core.

More Crap from Common Core

And the comment by “Jessicafischerqueen” is worth the price of admission.

The government exists to serve the people–not the other way around!

‘How Common Core Will Make Your Kids Smart’ (2014)

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I’ve just realized this headline can be read in two ways, equally true. Like, careful studying can make you smart; and a bee-sting will make you smart in another way. Isn’t English a cool language?

How Common Core Will Make Your Kids Smart

Meanwhile, five years later, the educational self-satire that is Common Core remains active in a lot of Red states, still damaging children, still wasting the people’s hard-earned tax dollars, still making a festival of ignorance.

School Tax Potlatch: $1 Billion Up in Smoke

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Long ago, big shots among certain Pacific Northwest nations had a custom called the potlatch, in which the giver demonstrated his wealth, power, and prestige by giving away fantastic quantities of, like, everything–or even simply burning up stuff so everyone could see that he had stuff to burn.

We don’t have the potlatch anymore, but we do have school budgets, which are almost the same thing.

I missed this the first time around, four years ago, but Michelle Malkin revisited it today in her column: the time the Los Angeles school district potlatched $1 billion–yeah, we said “a billion dollars”–to buy iPads for the kiddies (https://townhall.com/columnists/michellemalkin/2018/12/26/beware-silicon-valley-santas-in-the-schools-n2538037). The iPads came pre-loaded with Common Core crapola and “an onslaught of online ads.”

Did the kids get a billion dollars’ worth of smarter? In a word, no. They did get kind of tired of having their faces glued to a screen every waking moment.

But “educators” haven’t learned their lesson, Malkin says, and Big Tech is taking full advantage of educators’ wooden-headedness, showering public schools with a mass of shiny hi-tech toys–this at a time when at least some researchers are beginning to wonder if it’s really, truly such a good thing to have kids staring at a computer screen all day instead of playing, running around, and being normal.

A billion bucks–hot dog! The people of Los Angeles had to work for that money. It was their money. They earned it. Then the government–in this case the city educational authorities–took it and pissed a billion dollars of it into a fan.

Let me leave you with this thought: Kill public education, and leftism dies.

‘More Crap from Common Core’

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Love that government!

Until Common Core is actually repealed–and that’s never going to happen, with Democrats owning the House of Representatives–we will never be safe from “When the government speaks, the people must obey!”


In case you had any doubts that we are living in a fallen world.

And y’know what’s the scariest part? That our country, these United States–we are the Rolls-Royce, the gold standard, the Faberge Easter Egg of human dignity and liberty in this so badly fallen world. No other country even comes close, except for maybe Costa Rica, although I’m not so sure about them lately.

Freedom is not natural in a fallen world. Tyranny is. Rending each other is.

For as long as we stand under God, we stand.

Out from under God… we fall like the rest of ’em.