Sign This Petition–If You Can

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Your home: you only thought you owned it.

Sharon and Jerry Puckett have lived in their house, in Yorktown, Indiana, for more than 50 years. Now the town wants to kick them out and tear down their home to make way for some B.S. “games” facility ( If the town can’t force the Pucketts to sell, they’ll invoke “eminent domain” to rob them outright.

Is this the kind of thing that should ever happen in America? Ever?

Like bloody hell it is.

It’s difficult to find words for how low, mean, contemptible, and high-handed it is for the powers that be, in some stupid town, to crush a couple of harmless ordinary people under their hobnailed boots. You’d think they’d be ashamed! But don’t hold your breath waiting for these tinpot tyrants to feel shame.

Anyway, there’s a petition up to save the Pucketts and their home, and supposedly you can find it on the website (click “Browse,” and then “Don’t Bulldoze My Home,” and good luck to you) and hopefully sign it there. They have almost 60,000 signatures, and are shooting for 75,000.

Maybe one or more of you with more computer savvy than I have–that would be almost every living creature on the planet–can find a sure-fire way to gain access to the petition and sign it. If you can, please let me know and I’ll add it to this post.

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