We Prottest Wite Chrismist!!!

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The Collidge Quire,, i didnt “know” we “had” one, thay singed a Chrismist Consert lasst nihght() i didn know “we” hadd one of Those ether,, but we got a Preotest togetther and we maid themb Stop!!! In facked nowh thay “are” apollogyzing for singing I Amb Dreembing Of a Whyte Crismiss!! We “shuld Not” has beeen So Incentsive,, thatt Is “waht” thare Saying Now and The Stodent Soviet whe has centinced themb to Riggerous Re-Education it wil taik Three yeers!

I meen haow stopid can yiu Get, singing abote A Wyte Crismist?? Yiu cant be aloud “to” sing abote Anny Thing that Is Whyte!! or say anny thing is wyte,, thare is not Nothingg that is wite thatt yiu shuld be “aloud To” say,^ thare Can Bee No Socile Jutstus Unless Thare Isnt Nothing Whyte No Moar!!!!! i cannat say that Strungly enuhgh!!

Some Hater he tryed to saiy “wyte chrismist” it is Only Abote Snohw and snowh it is Wyte it is awlyaws wite wel i Dont “care” it is jist Hat Speach!! and so we fowned his byke and slatched the tyres!! wee was goingto beet himb Up butt thare was only Fore of Us so we decydid Not To!!

Neckst Semestur wee “are” going to get Rid “of” al Whyte Paiper and only has Paiper Of Cullor whe wil Not “stop” untill thare isnt nothing wite no moar!!!!


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  1. I was going to ask “What about the whites of your eyes, Joe?” but then I realized they’re probably so bloodshot as not to show any white at all.

  2. That would be a fate for someone of Joe’s mindset, try to live without white blood cells. 🙂

  3. Lefties hate Western civilization, and white Europeans by association, simply because they have been more successful than everyone else. Not only does it if offend their Marxist notions of equality, but they figure it must have been accomplished at the expense of non-Westerners. Never mind the possibility that the West simply had better ideas. There’s a reason why science arose only in the West. From the Greeks to Christianity all played a part in shaping Western culture. They have done a lot to damage Western civilization with their anti-Western ideas, and it is to the determent of them and the rest of the world. They will only accomplish in making the West as morally bankrupt, destitute, and mediocre as they rest of the world. It’s the Marxist way.

    1. Of course, Marx was himself a white European male, so by the leftists’ own pronouncements (I won’t call them “principles”), they should reject Marxism. But then again, logic is also a white male construct, so it can’t be used — although rejecting logic on logical grounds should also be forbidden, shouldn’t it? Oh well. (And the music goes round and round, woo-hoo woo-hoo, and it comes out … where?)

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