Bonus Video: Squirrel as Snow Plow

I’ll show this bonus video if you guys promise to provide some entries to the Christmas Carol Contest tomorrow morning. Okay?

Look at this gorgeous snowscape. And watch the squirrel clear the snow off his favorite high-tension wire. I wish they’d stay off those wires, but they don’t care. Anyway, this is an industrious little fellow; and I would always rather watch someone else shovel snow than do it myself.

9 comments on “Bonus Video: Squirrel as Snow Plow

  1. That is amazing. It’s just a phone cable, no high voltage involved, but it’s a little known fact that the Phone Company hires squirrels to clean snow from their cables. It seems extravagant, but squirrels will work for peanuts. 🙂

    1. I’ve found a couple of totally fried squirrels on the ground, under the thick wires between phone poles. Not nice. I wish they’d stay off the wires.

    2. That would be sad, indeed. Unfortunately, primary voltages on electrical distribution systems are very high, lethal in many cases. I wish there was a way to prevent it, but there isn’t any practical way to make them safe. If it’s any solace, the animal didn’t suffer any conscious pain.

  2. Ha, that is cute. Our cats do something like this on the top rail of the deck,
    but they are not that patient and efficient.

  3. Nice little squirrel! I find this video satsfying!
    Is it ok if I request another Christmas song? I’d like to request “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel” sung by GLAD.
    I don’t mind if you post it tomorrow since I already requested one today.

  4. I live on a residential street and have large trees all around my house, some 90 feet tall. Anyway, there are always squirrels scampering around the yards and flying from tree to tree. They are so entertaining!! I feed the squirrels corn and sunflower seeds every morning without fail. So sad when I see them as road kill when driving around town.

  5. My grandfather loved to feed the Squirrels where he lived in Highgate, London. They would come right up to him and even climb on him. Sadly his generation died out and people there no longer feed the squirrels so their tameness has gone and interest in humans has. Keep feeding!

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