‘Liam Neeson, Abortion-Loving Idiot’ (2015)

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Unborn babies, beware–he’s coming for you.

So the guy they had to host the Oscars this year is suddenly disqualified because he once told a couple of homo jokes and now he’s got to finish “evolving”–into what, I dunno–and suddenly they don’t have anybody to host the Oscars.

Yo, Hollywood, I’ll do it! “Welcome to this year’s left-wing jidrool extravaganza, complete with movies that normal people wouldn’t watch if you threw in free popcorn…”

But has anybody asked if Liam Neeson is available? Last heard from denouncing Christianity and praising abortion, he’d be right up their street.


Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever watched the Oscars in my life. How about you?


8 comments on “‘Liam Neeson, Abortion-Loving Idiot’ (2015)

  1. Haven’t watched the Oscars since Bob Hop was the MC.

    I find it sad how people like Liam Neeson get the parts in pictures like “Schindler’s List” and “Silence” and others where he portrays righteous men.

  2. I find it amazing, just how loudly people are willing to go on record against decency. It won’t end well for them.

    1. In considering the value of the things that the morons on the left say are good and desirable, always ask, “What would happen if everybody did it?” Whether it’s abortion, sex-change, homosexuality, assisted suicide, the answer’s always the same: if everybody does it, we go extinct.

    2. Great point. At the root of it all, these notions all go against the command to fill the earth.

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